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Originally Posted by dirkac View Post
Got around to watching it and yeah I am very much a fan. A little bit too fast paced for my liking but what have you.

Spoiler: show
Well that was surprising to say the least. When it gocused on the picutre I figured that the flap would hide something but having Della confirmed to actually be relevant is uh
It's something alright.
Neat to see her in aviation uniform to contrast Donald's. Makes me feel as if it may tie in to the Dutch comic (the only one as far as I know where Della actually ended up having a relevant speaking role) and being space-bound.
I'd read comments regarding this, one saying in the "source material" that it's revealed

Spoiler: show
the boys' mother is an astronaut on a deep space mission expecting to come home to infant sons because she forgot about time dilation

The other one I saw specifically mentioned the "Dutch comics", and speculated that

Spoiler: show
Della is trapped on the moon, given Donald brought up the "Spear of Selene".

I gather these two are probably referring to the same comic which lends credibility to both the theory and the comics canon, though I haven't been able to find a direct source for the latter. Any chance you have a link?

P.S. The pilot thing kinda makes want to

Spoiler: show
Future-ship her with Launchpad. *shot* Imagine if he became the boys' foster father though. XP Then he'd really be part of the family~
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