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Crystal Grove.

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: With the Starmie's words taken to heart, you and your group begin to enter the underground ruins on high alert, as you detail your plan of action to the group. With Andromeda taking into account Amanda's physical situation of the moment, the starfish hangs back, ready to help her out when necessary, and indeed, the exercising of her psychic abilities seems to have helped Andromeda out as she gains 2 levels from scrying and analysing the grounds. As you step onto the mossy bricks, you seem to feel the age of the ruins themselves as you begin to follow the road down to the first of the buildings.

Looking forward, you find the road you're on seems to be a main road, as you opt to remain hidden and follow the back roads, figuring that the entity within would likely follow those paths more. The trek through the alleyways is tense, the sound of your footsteps putting you on edge. Once or twice, you pause, heart beating as a stray Golett plods by in eternal patrol, sometimes turning head towards you and raising hand in friendly salute, as your group theorises that people used to live here and the clay pokemon are imprinted upon humans as allies.

Eventually you come to a fork in the road, and with some conferring send Marvolo and Meowth ahead to scout for a safe path. A few seconds after they depart, a hand on your shoulder almost makes your quarter-Gastly into a half-Gastly as Amanda beckons for you.

"...I hate to admit...but I have a horrible feeling about this..." she whispers, just as another boom grabs your attention, the woman tumbling forward into your arms as you manage to keep yourself from falling over, giving a glance at your Starmie on why she didn't catch either of you. She remains silent, but looking at her gem, you can tell she's stone cold silent, as though trying not to make any sudden movements. As the sky darkens above you, you look up to find a Sigilyph, glaring at the right, where Marvolo ventured.

What happens next takes both you and Amanda's breaths away. The Avianoid pokemon launches a blast of air forward at something, only for an intense chill to fill the air as an incredible blast of frigid energy slams forth into the pokemon, the psychic pokemon's swaying movement slowing drastically and stopping as its body is frozen from within and outwith, an almost alien wail emanating from the creature, forming a crystalline tomb of ice, before shattering into countless fragments and raining across a wide area. Not just ice, however, as the pokemon itself, deep frozen, disintegrates too, small chunks of the Sigilyph dropping onto you and Amanda, both of you trembling. The image of death may not be as harsh as before, but the impact most certainly is. Before, the Rattata were merely out to survive, but whatever caused this must have done so out of malice. After a few tense seconds, Meowth and Marvolo return, as the pair give you feedback.

Meowth's side of the story tells you that the left path seems clear, though it does get rather narrow as the buildings were built closer than usual, but seems safe, as he seems curious at the sound he heard. Marvolo's news is that the right path is wider and he could spot some tunnels further ahead a short distance away, but that he also discovered something much more sinister, by confirming that he found the source of Andromeda's concern, though is reluctant to explain in detail. After a little coercion, he swallows before whispering gravely: A Claydol, a little larger than usual, hate etched into every one of those eyes, and body embedded with irregular gemstones of all sorts of colour, which glowed with menace before it released an incredible ray of frost, no mere ice beam, at something. He had ducked back in after spotting it, as he admits gazing upon it gave him a feeling of dread.

Your choices are clear as it dawns on you the Starmie's silence was to prevent the psychic pokemon from detecting her and your group by extension. Still holding onto Amanda, you feel your cheeks redden a little as you help yourself and her to your feet, before considering your decision on the best path to take. Narrow and safer, or shorter, but potentially reveaing yourselves to the Claydol with unknown agenda?
Slowly they made their way through the subterranean city. They started off on a main road, which Keith was very quick to change- after all, the whole idea was to make it past as inconspicuously as possible. Parading down the main road, that would definitely draw attention to themselves, possibly up to and including the decidedly unwanted attention of whatever malevolent entity Andromeda they were to run away from as fast as possible, should they have the tremendous misfortune of coming across it. With that in mind, they kept to the back streets, the narrow alleys, the dark, shady, yet refreshingly inconspicuous narrow pathways that took them throughout the city.

Keith paused at one point, for a Pokémon made from blue clay could be seen wandering around. He dug out his Pokédex, though was sure to put it on mute before scanning the creature.

"Golett, the Automaton Pokémon. A Ground and Ghost-type," came the words scrolling across the Pokédex screen. "Golett was fashioned from clay by ancient science thousands of years ago. Nobody has yet identified the mysterious energy within it that enables it to move."

The Golett, however, merely saluted Keith before continuing moving. "Phew," Meowth sighed. "Perhaps dey're just used ta tinkin' o' humans as allies or sometin'?"

"Could be, yeah," Keith nodded, pocketing his Pokédex. "I mean, it's likely people used to live here, after all..." They continued walking, until the path split up ahead. "Alright," stated Keith. "Meowth, Marv, you each pick a path and check things out up ahead, OK?"

"Ehhhh," Meowth groaned, but hopped down off of Marvolo and trudged down the left path nonetheless, looking all around warily for any sign of anything suspicious. Rolling his eyes, Marvolo slithered down the right path, similarly staying alert. Keith kept his eye on both pathways, hoping that the paths ahead were clear, and- SUDDEN HAND ON SHOULDER! Keith nearly jumped a foot in the air, before remembering that Amanda was there. He nodded as she confided that she had a horrible feeling about the whole thing-

BOOM! The whole place shook from the thunderous boom, ending up with Amanda tumbling forward into Keith's arms, Keith himself doing his best to remain in his full and upright position in the wake of this literally earth-shaking sound. He turned to look at Andromeda, opened his mouth to demand an explanation as to why she did nothing to stop either of them from falling, only to close said mouth moments later- her gem had gone dull, very dull indeed. Complete and total silence, telepathic or otherwise. Keith realized- Andromeda was making no sudden movements, whether physical or mental, so as to not draw the attention of whatever it was she sensed. Keith gave a nod to the Starmie to silently convey his understanding and approval of this course of action... and then looked up, for the sky above had suddenly darkened.

A lone Sigilyph flew overhead, glaring in the direction Marvolo had ventured. Keith hoped that the Sigilyph wasn't misconstruing Marvolo as a hostile intruder- the Seviper did tend to be hostile sometimes, after all- but he very quickly realized that not only was Marvolo decidedly not what drew this Sigilyph's attention and ire, but that even if it was him, the point was now moot. An intense chill filled the air, followed by an unbelievable blast of icy energy aimed straight at the Sigilyph. To call it super effective would be an understatement- not only did it freeze the Sigilyph solid, but when the ice broke apart into chunks... so too did the Sigilyph.

Keith cried out- he couldn't help it. One tended to cry out when rained upon by frigid chunks of dead Sigilyph, after all. Not that one was likely to be rained upon by frigid chunks of dead Sigilyph, of course, but on the rare occasion that it happened, one couldn't help but cry out. He and Amanda were both trembling as the sad, sad remnants of the Sigilyph fell all around them. One frozen feather even hit Keith in the shoulder. Keith had initially took the frigid blast to be an Ice Beam, but this... this was something far beyond that move. Or perhaps, what used it was far beyond the usual capabilities of those who would use Ice Beam.

Moments later, Meowth and Marvolo returned. "Alright, we- wat da...?" Meowth asked, looking at the frigid chunks of ice and Sigilyph pieces that lay all around.

"D-don't ask," Keith shook his head. "So... the paths ahead, what of them?" he persisted.

"Right," nodded Meowth. "Left path's pretty clear. It gets kinda narrow, but it seems safe ta me. Dunno wat dat big boom was, though," he added thoughtfully.

"The right path is quite wide and spacious, and it leads to some tunnels," Marvolo reported. "But I would not recommend it. I... believe I've found what Andromeda was warning us about."

Keith's eyes widened. "You did?" he murmured. "Marv says he thinks he found what Andromeda was warning us about," he added, translating for Amanda's benefit, figuring that it was more likely she didn't understand Seviper language.

"...Can I not?" Marvolo asked, uncharacteristically unnerved by whatever it was he'd encountered.

"Ordinarily I'd go with that," Keith said gently. "But we need to know what we're dealing with here. Or in this case, what we're looking to avoid."

"...Right," Marvolo nodded. "It was a Claydol. Not like any Claydol I've ever seen before, though- much larger. The look in its eyes, I've seen looks like that from every blasted Zangoose I've ever laid eyes on- a hateful look. Its body was embedded with gemstones of various colors, and the gemstones glowed with menace, just before it unleashed this... I don't know what to make of it. It was like an Ice Beam, except..."

"...way stronger?" Keith finished.

"...You saw it," stated Marvolo. "What-" He stopped, however, finally noticing the frozen Sigilyph chunks all around him. "...I see," he murmured. "Keith... this thing scares me," he hissed quietly. To actively admit to fear was something big for Marvolo.

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Marv," Keith nodded, after having translated the Seviper's description of the culprit for Amanda. "Scares all of us, and according to Andromeda, rightly so. So... yeah, left path. No question," he stated. standing up, and helping Amanda up as well. "I'll take the path that doesn't include the murderous, hateful Claydol, thank you."

"Well said," Marvolo nodded.

"I can get on board wit dat notion," Meowth added.

Keith nodded. Andromeda, of course, was remaining silent, the better to not draw the Claydol's attention. With all this, Keith led the way down the left path, and his Pokémon all made to follow him, though they all kept an eye on Amanda- with Andromeda opting to run silent for the time being, it was conceivable that Meowth or Marvolo might have to step (or slither) up and assist her if the need arose.

*Andromeda grew to level 26!*

*Andromeda grew to level 27!*

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