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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(*A maggot crawls out of the dead Rattata’s mouth.* Maudlin, your lunch is escaping.)

Fortune Teller’s Tent
You gazed deeper into the bathroom’s mirror. Your childish designs were thinner and paler from both exhaustion and the scare Phantom Isle had given you. The memories had settled nicely back into the back of your mind once more. The frequent disappearance and re-emergence was taking a toll on your body, physically and mentally. It was becoming harder and harder to tell what was real and what wasn’t. And Masaru, Masaru was still nowhere to be found. He should have been here, fitting nicely into the memory of having met him for the first time, but instead an Espurr was surrogating the role. You were about to be sick again…

Back in your room the cat-like Pokémon betrayed one of the first of her personalities, namely that of a curious mind. While you were gone discovering your child stomach’s contents, the Espurr had taken an interest in discovering your room. Your wardrobe was dishevelled, clothes scattered across your childhood room while various toys were brought out in a half-willed attempt to play with them. Nothing was broken, but still. The pounding in your head began again. By now you had an idea of what this meant; your memories were about to readjust themselves once more. The Espurr looked at you worryingly and came to your aid, though there would be little she could do. Your vision started distorting itself again and blackness soon swooped in front of your eyes before a pinprick of light emerged that came through the slit underneath the bed.

Back to an earlier memory you had visited, the one of you and your mother playing hide-and-seek. Last time, you left when your mother was urging you to go under the bed. She put a hand against her lip to be quiet. You heard commotion coming from further away. Shouting? Someone was having an argument. Your feet were abruptly pulled back by the darkness and your body was quickly torn away from the memory once again. A flash of light hits your eyes and rests easily once more.

It was a calm and pleasant day in the forest. Unlike before, your memories had remained intact this time. You recall everything still from Phantom Isle and the bizarre attempts it had made on revisiting your adulterated memories. This one would likely be no different, as you found yourself in the younger body you were in when this memory played out. You recall this instance vividly; the time you were nearly attacked (and/or chased) by a Persian. The forest itself was just like any other and didn’t appear much different than last time. You gaze through the treetops in search of the Pokémon. No sign of the Persian, yet. Aside from that, the only change noticeable so far was that the Espurr had surprisingly travelled with you this time. Sitting in a crash-landing position amongst the fallen foliage lay the little kitten, gazing at you in slight panic of the change in scenery. Her ears perked up – she had picked up on something.

“Purrrrrrsssian,” something purred. There was no indication where the sound came from but you remember in your heart that you were about to be attacked.

It’s younger you, the Espurr and the violent Persian from your memories.

What do you do?[/COLOR]
((Maudlin, that's gross. Sort that shit out, mate.))

Alice could vaguely hear the Espurr raiding her old bedroom, honestly intrigued as to what it found. As it was, she was more occupied by the fact that she thought she was gonna hurl again (nice), and then by the nausea that gripped her again. Her words were slurred, but the child complained about how she was 'tired of this, holy shit' before her feet caved in. Smaller still, Alice didn't feel the impact of landing, but did realise that she was flopped onto her stomach under the bed again. This time, there was arguing, but Alice couldn't think of who else might be present in the house. Her grandparents, one of her uncles, maybe...?

Then, by surprise, the darkness gripped her and the little one screamed. The sound dissipated into whimpered panting, the blonde once again trying to catch her breath. At least this time Alice still remembered who she was, her head pounding. It was so peculiar. She recognised this place. It wasn't the forest behind her old house, but another that held some familiarity, although it wasn't so close to anywhere she might label 'home'. An adult trapped in a teeny tiny vessel, she picked her bruised and scratched body from the floor, peering at Espurr through uneven glasses. That Persian made her remember what illness felt like, and undiluted fear. So, she had been attacked.

Her first instinct was to try and climb a tree. Adult Alice wasn't so great at it, but as childhood memories filled in, she remembered the skill and enthusiasm for the outdoors and adventure. As it was, Persian could probably climb faster, and take off her feet for the mistake. It was time to embrace what growing up had taught her, and that was Pokemon battling.

"Espurr, you're not Masaru, but we're both gonna get wrecked if we don't do this together!" Alice announced, and the sound of her own immature voice spouting such words was really weird. It was like she was in South Park or something. Screw this nightmare, I'm goin' home. "Can you battle? Use light screen, and once that Persian shows up, fling it for miles with confusion! If we can get some distance on it, we might have a shot!"
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