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Roxie's Pokemon (Act II)

Name; Roxie Rose
Age; 15
Birthday: January 17th
Gender; Female
Height; 1.65m
Hometown: Ryuu Town
Additional information;

--------------------------------- Pokémon-------------------------------------------

Spoiler: show

Species: Poliwag
Gender: Male
Level: 24
Attacks: Water Sport, Dig, Double Team, Psychic, Rest, Scald, Dive, Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Ice Ball, Round, Water Gun, Hypnosis, Bubble, Double Slap, Rain Dance, Body Slam
Evolution: Poliwag -25- Poilwhirl -Water Stone- Poliwrath
Nature: Bold
Ability: Water Absorb
Held item:
Obtained (Robin): Cable Club
Obtained (Roxie): Ryuu Field
Bond: 0

Most trusted teammates: N/A
Birthday: January 4

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