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A Land of New Beginnings

Originally Posted by Flashback (Adoption Center, December 2012)
Pushing through the doors of the Adoption Center, a thirteen year old Jake entered the building. He had only one mission in mind, to add another member to his slowly expanding team. But looking around, Jake couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed.
The only Pokemon that met his gaze was a Corphish, a Pokemon Jake had just recently obtained himself. Spotting the clerk behind the counter, Jake approached them, hoping they could help solve the dilemma.

"Excuse me." Jake called. "Is this all the selection you have here?"

"Huh? Oh umm....possibly." The man murmured, before glancing away.
"You seem like a new trainer though, s-so I'd recommend the Corphish."

"What do you mean "maybe"?" Jake questioned. "Is there more or not?"

"Well you see....there is one more." The man whispered. "But it's a very wild and dangerous we've locked it in the back."

"Wild and dangerous?" Jake murmured. He was tempted to leave then and there, for he had no need for such a temperament on his team.

"C-can I see it?" Jake asked, his curiosity overtaking his judgement.

"If you insist....follow me." The man said, before guiding the young trainer to the back door.

"Now very careful. And don't say I didn't warn you." The attendant added, before swinging open the door.

Entering the room, the young trainer immediately spotted what appeared to be a sleeping Abra in the center of the room.
This is the wild Pokemon? It looks so calm. Jake thought as he approached the psi Pokemon.

"Hello." A voice rang in Jake's head, startling the teen and causing him to jump back slightly.

"Have you come to adopt me? Or the much more likely outcome, pass me by in favor of someone better?" The voice questioned.

Confused by the voice for a moment, it suddenly dawned on Jake where it was coming from. It must have been from the Abra!
"What, n-no I'm not going to pass you by!" Jake replied.

"Are you sure? It's highly likely there's another Pokemon here, one deserving of love, one deserving of a home, one who deserves it far more then me." The Abra chimed.

"No...don't say that. You deserve those things to, w-which is why I want to adopt you. I-If you'll let me, that is." Jake said.

"You.....really mean it?" The Abra questioned.

"Of course I do. I have three other Pokemon, and I care for them with all my heart, and I think you'll fit right in." Jake replied.

"Thank you." The Abra chimed, a smile forming on his face.

"Alright now let's get those papers filled out.....Telpo." Jake replied.

"Telpo? I like that name, master." Telpo responded.

"Huh, master? You don't have to call me that you know." Jake chuckled.

"I know I don't have to, but I want to. It shows that I'm willing to serve you, and even give my life for you if it comes down to it." The Abra explained.

"But...why would you do that for me?" The young trainer questioned.

"Because, your gratitude has given my life's my way of repaying you." Telpo chimed.

"Well ok. But you don't have to worry about sacrificing your life for me. That's never going to be a concern."
Jake's eyes suddenly fluttered awake, giving him the view of a white ceiling. His whole body was aching, and his vision was more then a little hazy. He had been dreaming about Telpo... It wasn't odd for Jake to have a dream about one of his Pokemon, but the timing of said dream was enough to make Jake feel like vomiting. could it have ever have come to this. He thought. wasn't the time for this! He could mourn the Abra later, for now he had to figure out where he was. But before Jake could even begin his search, a voice called out to him, bring his attention it.

"Oh it's good to see you're awake." A nurse said upon entering the room.
"Some of us thought you'd never wake up! You've given our little village quite the talking point."

"W-where am I?" Jake questioned. As his voice left his mouth, Jake's eyes widened. Unless his mind was playing tricks, he could have sworn his voice sounded higher then it had been before.

"Where are you? This is Tabunne Clinic, in Isshin Village." The nurse explained.
"I'm Nurse Joy, you were found collapsed on the beach, alongside a Jolteon. You've been unresponsive for the past two days....some of the villagers thought you'd never awaken."

"I see..." Jake replied. His voice was definitely higher.

"But enough about that. Can you tell me what happened? What's your name?" Joy questioned.

"It's umm...Jake." He replied.

"Huh? I said your name." The nurse replied, before tilting her head. "Are you sure you're ok? Do you want me to get you something?"

That was odd, did the nurse not believe him? But while she was asking, something came to Jake's mind.

"Could I have a mirror?" Jake asked.
Back in the strange realm, Dusknoir had said that Jake would need to take on a new form, or else he would perish upon returning to the world of the living. And considering he felt very much alive, it stood to reason that he looked a bit different. In which case, Jake wanted to check just what had happened.

"A...mirror? Umm...ok. I should have one around here, hold on one moment." Nurse Joy replied, sounding as confused as ever as she searched the room. Finally, she pulled out a small hand mirror out of a drawer, before returning to Jake's bedside.

"Here you are." The nurse said, handing the mirror to Jake. Before she could say anything else though, a ringing sound could be heard, drawing the nurse's attention.

"Sorry, I just have to answer that." She apologized, before exiting the room.

With mirror in hand, Jake raised it to his face, where he just about fainted on the spot!

Though he still sported dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes, it was now obvious to the young trainer why the nurse had seemed so confused by their previous answer.

They could easily be mistaken for a young woman. Or rather, that was the form they had taken!

But how had they not noticed earlier? Chocking it up to their dulled senses, they turned their attention back to the mirror. Something was definitely familiar about their face, the young trainer realized.
But before they could figure out just why it seemed so familiar, Nurse Joy reentered the room, this time with another guest. She seemed to be around eighteen years old, and was wearing a brown sunhat.

"Oh, you're awake, I'm so glad!" The girl exclaimed as she rushed over.
"When I found you on the beach, I was so worried, but I'm really glad you're doing ok." She smiled. "I'm Anna by the way, what's your name?"

"Anna, calm down, you're probably scaring her." The nurse scolded. "Besides I'm not sure she knows her name, do you?"

With the attention now all on them, the young trainer spat out the first name that came to mind.

"Robin.....i-it's Robin...Robin Eclair."

"Robin, that's a nice name." Anna smiled. "It's nice to meet you."

"Hmm....well then, do you know how you managed to wash up on shore?" Nurse Joy asked.

"....No sorry." Robin lied. It'd be best not to tell them just what had transpired before her arrival, she figured.

"That is troubling then...." The nurse murmured. "I'll back in a moment."
With Nurse Joy taking her exit, Anna turned her attention back to Robin.

"So, that Jolteon is yours right? So you're a Pokemon trainer?" Anna questioned.

"Umm...yeah." Robin replied, still getting used to her new voice.

"I knew it, I knew it! You've gotta help me out then!" Anna exclaimed.

"Huh? Help you with what?" Robin questioned.

"Well you see, I've always wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, and explore the entire region, but my dad says I'm not experienced enough to leave the village." Anna explained.
"And our village, it holds this festival every year, and today is when it's being held this year! To celebrate, my father is awarding me and some others a Pokemon of our own. So I was thinking, once I get a Pokemon, maybe you could help me train it, so I can leave the village."

"That...seems kind of complicated. Can't you just ask your dad to help?" Robin asked.

"Yeah well...he's usually pretty busy. Besides, he's rarely left the village either...I want a real adventurer to help me!" Anna exclaimed.

"Umm..ok, sure. I'll do it." Robin smiled.

"Really? Oh thank you! This going to be awesome!" Anna cheered.

No sooner had Anna finished her cheer, did Nurse Joy enter the room, clutching various papers in her arms.

"Sorry about that, just had to grab some stuff." The nurse explained.

"So, is Robin free to leave?" Anna questioned. "I want to show her around!"

"I'm not so sure...I think she may need to stay another night..just in case." Nurse Joy replied.

"But she's just fine. You are fine right Robin? Come on, show her!" Anna pleaded. "Just, stand up or something"

Though Robin wasn't one hundred percent sure she was as fine as Anna was insisting, she had noticed that she was feeling a little better. For one, her vision had cleared up, and the aching she had felt earlier had begun to subside.

Pushing the blankets she had been provided for her, Robin slowly eased her way off the bed, before placing her feet on the ground. As she started to stand though, the young trainer nearly fell over. It seemed it was going to take a bit to adjust to her new frame.

"See look, perfectly fine." Anna smiled, ignoring what had actually happened.

"....You're not going to quit until I let her go, are you Anna?" Nurse Joy questioned.

"That's right. She seems perfectly well to me." Anna replied.

"...I guess she can go, on a few conditions." Joy conceded, before turning to Robin.
"One, please stay with Anna for the time being, I don't need you getting lost or hurt. Two, no straining physical activities for the time being. And finally, please sign this." Nurse Joy finished, before thrusting a pen and paper in front of Robin.

Grabbing the paper, Robin placed it on the nearest wall, before filling in everything she needed to. Upon reaching the part where they needed her signature, she froze up. The name she had given them wouldn't pop up on records, according to the government, she didn't even exist.
But she didn't have time to deal with that, not now anyway. She'd cross that bridge when the time came. For now, she signed the paper with her new name, before handing it back to Nurse Joy.

"Thank you." Joy said as she accepted the paper. "Now, I'm assuming you don't have any clothes...and you can't just leave wearing those robes..."

"Don't worry, I'll let her borrow some of mine." Anna replied. Uhh...if that's ok.."

Blushing slightly, Robin gave the girl a brief nod, confirming that she was ok with the idea.

"Perfect, I'll go grab them, you stay put." Anna said, before exiting the room.

"Sorry about her." Nurse Joy apologized. "She's a bit of a handful at times..."

"Don't worry about it, it's fine." Robin replied. "But said you found me with a Jolteon? D-do you know where he is? Along with the rest of my Pokemon?"

"Rest of your Pokemon? I'm sorry to say, but all we found with you was your Jolteon, it's Pokeball and your bag." Nurse Joy explained. "Come to think of it, your bag did have a few empty Pokeballs, maybe they escaped? Regardless, you can find them over in that room." Joy said, pointing to a room directly to her right.

"Thanks." Robin replied, before making her towards the door, trying her best not to trip.
Once inside, she immediately spotted Hazel, lying on a small cot. Beside it, a tattered bag she could only barely recognize as her own.

"Hazel, I'm here, we're free to go." Robin called out, causing the Jolteon to turn his attention to her with a confused look.

Of course, Hazel doesn't recognize me anymore.

"Hazel's me..your trainer. I know that might be hard to believe, but it's true."

To this, Hazel's look changed from confused to skeptical.
"H-how can I believe you? You're probably j-just trying to deceive me." Hazel replied, not looking one bit trusting of Robin.

"I'm trying to deceive you really is me. For one, how many people do you know that can understand you like this?" Robin questioned.

"And two....I remember us hiking up that the strangle realm to get home. You and me, w-we'd be the only two to know about that. D-Dusknoir said this could happen."

"Oh...I umm...." Hazel murmured. "S-sorry for doubting's just a little weird. I're a girl now?"

"Uh..y-yeah." Robin murmured, her face glowing a soft red.

"And you seem oddly ok with that?" Hazel questioned.

"Y-yeah. I-it's....a long story." She muttered, her face turning an even brighter shade of red.

"S-sorry, I-I didn't mean to..." Hazel murmured.

"No, it's fine. I get it. I-It might take awhile for you to get used to it." Robin replied.

Before more could be said, rapid knocking could be heard on the door, drawing the pairs attention.

"Alright I'm back, and I brought you some stuff." Anna said as she swung open the door.

"Now hurry, the festival's going to start soon! We wouldn't want to be late." She added, handing Robin a small bag of clothes. "There should be change rooms across from here."

"Right...well Hazel let's get going." Robin said as she slowly made her way to her old bag. Retrieving Hazel's Pokeball from it, Robin tapped the Jolteon on the head, absorbing him inside the ball. She then grabbed her old bag, before making her way out of the room.
Isshin Village
As Robin exited the hospital, the first thing she noticed was the warm breeze that flew throughout the area. That was odd. Last she remembered, it had been late January, but it was way too warm for it to be so now, so just how long had she been sleeping?

"Uh..this might sound a bit stupid...but what day is it?" Robin asked.

"August 17th, why?" Anna questioned.

August 17th? How was that even possible? Had it really been almost seven months since she had set foot on Kairyu island?

"Are you ok? You kind of look like your spacing out." Anna said, waving a hand in front of Robin.

"Huh? Oh, I-I'm fine...I was just thinking." She murmured.

"If you say so." Anna replied, before rushing towards the edge of the large hill the trio stood upon.

"See that right there? That's the town square." Anna explained, pointing to the rather modest area.

"It looks beautiful from up here." Robin said, upon reaching Anna's side.

"You're just saying that." Anna replied, shaking her head slightly. "You said you were an adventurer, so you've probably seen way better then our little village."

"N-no....I mean it. It looks great from up here...isn't that right Hazel?" Robin questioned, turning her attention to the Jolteon.

"Right." Hazel responded with a nod.

Despite not understanding the Jolteon, Anna seemed to get the message, a warm smile forming on her face.

"Thank you...that means a lot to me." Anna replied.
"Now let's get going, we need to make it to the opening ceremony! I'm sure everyone will be excited to meet you!" Anna exclaimed, before running off towards the square, leaving Robin and Hazel behind.

"I-I'm a bit nervous truth be told..." Robin murmured as she watched Anna continue towards the village square.

"I'm'll be ok." Hazel replied. "I's just a small festival, right?"

"I...guess you're right." Robin conceded.
"Let's get going then." She added, before following the path down the large hill, Hazel following right behind her.
Upon reaching the foot of the hill, Robin was greeted with a better look of the village square. From what she could see, the square contained two small fountains, and several stalls for the upcoming festival. In the center of the area, a raised platform stood.

"Oh, it's about time you made it!" Anna called out, waving Robin and Jolteon towards her.

"Sorry for leaving you back's just...I'm so excited! I'm actually going to get my first Pokemon!" Anna exclaimed as she slowly led the pair to their destination.

"I guess it can be pretty exciting." Robin replied. " you know what Pokemon you're getting?"

"Yeah! My dad managed to get three super rare Pokemon. Apparently these Pokemon can be chosen by starting trainers in the Hoenn region. At least..that's what my friend said." Anna explained.

"I see..." Robin murmured as they entered Isshin square. Already a small crowd had started to form. Was she being paranoid, or were the people talking about her? No..this definitely wasn't her mind paying tricks. Robin could only watch as various people began to steal glances at her, before turning to whisper to someone.

"Anna, you're late." A voice called out, drawing Robin's attention to the source.
Approaching them was a man with dark brown hair. If Robin had to guess, he seemed to be about Anna's age.

"Yes well I'm sorry, I had to check Tabunne I already told you, Lukas." Anna replied.

"I can see you're the girl Anna found on the beach." Lukas said, turning to face Robin. "What's your name?"

"Oh umm...Robin..." She murmured.

"Alright. I guess I'm obligated to introduce myself now. I'm Lukas, Anna's older brother." Lukas replied.

"You are not!" Anna exclaimed. "We're twins, you can't be older!"

"Am too, by five minutes, that counts." Lukas retorted.

"No it doesn't!" Anna barked.

"Yes it does!" Lukas exclaimed.

"Just what did we get ourselves into..." Robin murmured as she watched the two continue to fight.

"I....don't know." Hazel replied.

After what seemed like forever, the pair eventually ceased their argument, allowing Robin to speak up.

"Lukas, didn't you say Anna was late?" She questioned.

"Oh, that's right! I'll inform Chloe that we're ready to start." Lukas said, before walking towards the raised platform.

"Chloe?" Robin questioned.

"She's the vice mayor. Since my father's out, she's taking over running the festival." Anna explained.

"Huh? So that means, your father's the mayor?" Robin questioned.

"I didn't tell you? Yeah he is." Anna nodded.

Well that certainly explains some things... Robin mused, before turning her attention to the raised platform in front of her.

On the platform rested three small boxes, in front of them stood Lukas, and who Robin assumed to be Chloe.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention." Chloe called out, causing the sound of the crowd to die down.
"As you know, our mayor will unfortunately be absent for the start of our wonderful festival, and so I'll be taking over his duties for the time being. But rest assured, for he shall return before long." Chloe continued.
"But before we begin, I'd like to start things off by welcoming Anna and Owen onto the stage."

At the sound of her name, Anna gave her new friend a small wave, before making her way up onto the stage. At the same time, Robin noticed a boy she assumed to be Owen approach the stage. He had blond hair, and was wearing
black glasses. Once he had reached his destination, the boy stood in front of one of the three boxes, with Anna and Lukas taking the other two.

" is a very special day for these three. Thanks to our mayors generous support, these three are about to receive their very first Pokemon! Let's take a look." Chloe said, before approaching the box Lukas stood behind. With a slight tug, the box opened up, and a Treecko emerged.
Giving the small crowd a quick glance, the wood gecko then crossed it's arms, showing the crowd it's shoulder.

As the crowd began to cheer, Chloe took the time to approach the box Owen had picked. As the vice mayor pulled the box open, inside was revealed to be a Mudkip, who seemed highly unamused at his shelter being destroyed.

With the crowd giving another hearty cheer, Chloe walked towards the third box on the stage. But before she could open it, the Torchic inside burst out all on it's own! Glancing around for a moment, the chick Pokemon began to bounce around, before circling Anna's feet.

"Aww, hi there little one...I'm going to be your trainer...what do you?" Anna asked as she kneeled down to face the Torchic.

"Chic?" Torchic questioned, giving Anna a skeptical look.

"Now then, with each of their Pokemon revealed, it's now time for-" Chloe began, but was cut off as a loud roar filled the sky.

Looking up, Robin spotted what appeared to be a giant Salamence flying towards everyone!

As the dragon Pokemon descended upon the crowd, screams of terror could be heard, and everyone began to disperse. Robin was transfixed on the Salamence though. Something was definitely familiar about it, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it...

Once the giant Salamence had landed, a women leaped off of it's back and onto the floor. She was wearing all black, and she appeared to be carrying three strange Pokeballs in her hands.

"Salamence, Flamethrower!" The woman barked.

This was enough to send the rest of the villagers into a frenzy, even Anna and the others began to retreat. In the confusion though, they appeared to have left their Pokemon behind!

In the resulting chaos, the strange woman began to walk towards the center stage, before chucking a Pokeball at Treecko!

This was enough to snap Robin out of her shock. She needed to stop the pair!

"Come on Hazel." Robin said, ushering the Jolteon over as she reached the center stage.

"Stop right there!" Robin called out as she scrambled onto the stage, blocking the woman from a very frightened looking Torchic.

"Oh, one of you has the guts to face amusing." The woman said, before giving a small chuckle.
"I think it'd be wise if you join your friends though....otherwise you're just wasting everyone's time."

"N-never! You'll be giving back that Treecko and Mudkip...or else!" Robin exclaimed.
At his trainers words, Hazel let out a growl, informing everyone that he was fully intent on following through with what Robin had said.

"Or else what? Honestly, if you're going to threaten me, at least come up with something better." The woman scoffed.
"Whatever, if you want to fight me so badly, I'll be happy to oblige."

At her words, the previously rampaging Salamence flew towards the stage, causing the entire thing to shake under it's weight!

"Salamence, Dragon Pulse and Crunch!" The strange lady barked.

"Hazel...u-use Thunder Fang, then Thunder!" Robin ordered.

Starting the round off, Hazel sped towards Salamence, his teeth covered in electricity! As he reached the dragon Pokemon, Hazel bit down on it's flesh, dealing a moderate amount of damage to his opponent.

Letting out a deafening roar, Salamence began to prepare it's first attack! Gathering draconic energy in it's mouth, the dragon Pokemon fired a shockwave of the energy out at Hazel, sending the Jolteon flying back!

Upon landing, Hazel seemed to be having a hard time rising to his feet. Of course! Robin hadn't even thought of the condition Hazel was in. With the amount of time since his last battle, it stood to reason that the Jolteon would be more then a little rusty.

With Salamence and it's trainer clearly focused on the battle, Robin took the time to grab hold of the shaking Torchic at her feet, something the Fire type was happy to accept.

For his second attack, Hazel began to gather more electrical energy in his body, before releasing a wicked bolt of it out at Salamence! Upon impact, Salamence let out a small roar, before turning it's attention to the Jolteon in front of it.

Lacing it's fangs in a dark aura, the dragon Pokemon flew towards Hazel at an astonishing rate. As it closed in on the Jolteon, Salamence chomped down on it's opponent, prompting a sharp cry from Hazel. After Salamence had finished attacking, the lightning Pokemon began to wobble.
This wasn't good. At this rate, Hazel wouldn't be able to withstand even a single attack, Robin realized.

But she couldn't give up..not now anyway. The people and Pokemon of Isshin needed her help! With this in mind, Robin began to call out orders to Hazel, but was stopped as a firm hand grabbed her arm.

"What are you doing?! We need to get out of here!" Lukas barked.

"I can't...I've got to stop her! People are in danger!" Robin exclaimed, desperately trying to pull herself out of the man's grasp.

"You and your Jolteon are in no condition to fight! Now let's go!" Lukas shouted, giving the girl another tug.

Though Robin didn't want to admit it, Lukas was right. Hazel was barely standing, and she felt a little lightheaded herself. Giving the strange woman and her Salamence one last look, Robin followed Lukas as he began to escape from the square, Hazel right behind them.

As it watched the group leave, Salamence couldn't help but let out a loud roar!

"'s ok." The strange woman said, giving the dragon Pokemon a pat on it's side.
"We still got two of them. Besides, I have a hunch we'll see them again real soon..."
Mayor's house
When Robin and the others had arrived, they were met with warm greetings from both Anna, and Owen. After the attack on the square, the two had taken refuge in Anna's house. With the safety of the town in question, Lukas volunteered to survey the damages, leaving everyone waiting in anticipation for his return.

"I wonder when Lukas is coming back...he's been out for a long time." Anna murmured.

"Yeah." Robin nodded, though she wasn't really listening. Instead, her attention was on the Torchic pacing around her.
I'm sorry little one, I should have been able to save all of your friends.

"It hasn't been that long..though I think if anything terrible had happened to the village, we would have at least heard back from him by now." Owen replied.

" you think that woman has taken Lukas hostage?!" Anna exclaimed.

"I don't think so...your brother is pretty tough after all." Owen said.

"I-I think Owen is right." Robin added. "I mean...he seemed that way to me. I don't think you need to worry."

No sooner had she finished her sentence, Lukas walked in, causing everyone to let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm so glad you're ok!" Anna exclaimed, giving her brother a hug.

"So, did you find anything? Just what happened?" Owen questioned.

"Everything looks to be in ok condition." Lukas replied as he escaped his sister's embrace. "As for that woman and her Salamence, I saw them heading back towards Isitsubute Cave."

"Isitsubute Cave?" Robin questioned.

"It's a small cave on the beach nearby." Owen explained. "It used to be a great place to hang out, until that woman took it for her own awhile back."

"Wait, so this isn't the first time you've seen her?" Robin asked.

"I'm afraid not." Lukas said, giving his head a small shake. "She's been seen snatching various Pokemon from nearby...but we've been powerless to stop her."

"Yeah." Anna nodded. "My father said that we shouldn't provoke her...but it seems that didn't work..."

"One of the villagers claims they even saw her take a strange Pikachu a few days back." Owen added. "It had like, a black heart on it's tail or something like that. I don't know what she's planning on doing with it though..."

"Come again...a Pikachu with a black heart tail?" Robin questioned.

"Yeah. I've heard those things are extremely rare. Maybe she plans on selling it?" Owen pondered.

It couldn't be Tessa could it? Robin thought.
No that was silly, Tessa wasn't the only Cosplay Pikachu around. And yet, something in her gut told her to check Isitsubute Cave anyway. Even if Tessa wasn't there, the woman inside had done more then enough to deserve being driven out.

"That settles it then. I'm going to Isitsubute Cave and putting a stop to this!" Robin exclaimed.

"Are you stupid? I just saved your ass from her a short while ago, and now you want to storm her turf?!" Lukas exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's definitely a bad idea." Owen nodded. "Your Jolteon seems to be in poor shape, there isn't a chance you could beat her."

Out of everyone's reactions, only Torchic seemed to be on board with the idea.

"Yes, finally someone that understands me!" The chick Pokemon exclaimed as he began to bounce up and down. "We need to save my friends, and everyone else too! So please take me with you!"

"It's times like this that I wish I could understand what a Pokemon is saying." Owen said. "I can't tell if it's happy, or mad at what you just said."

"Torchic says that he wants to go along as well." Robin explained, causing everyone to give her a skeptical look.

"And how would you know that?" Owen questioned.

"Well umm...I can kind of...understand most Pokemon." Robin explained.

"Wait really?! That's so cool!" Anna exclaimed.

"She's pulling your leg Anna, she's probably just guessing what that Torchic said." Lukas scoffed.
"Regardless, that puny Torchic isn't going to help you. I doubt it can harm a Caterpie"

Angered by the man's words, Torchic fired a small Ember at him, causing Lukas to cry out. With the front door still wide open, Torchic dashed outside and towards the beach.

"Torchic!" Robin called out as she ran after the chick Pokemon.

"Idiots...all of them." Lukas mumbled.
Sunabā Beach
Giving chase to the wild Torchic, Robin found herself quite winded, and decided to sit on a nearby log. But this didn't seem to matter to Torchic, who kept on running until he was no longer in Robin's sight. What was she thinking?
Nurse Joy had specifically told her not to anything too strenuous, yet here she was, jumping into dangerous situations like she had done before. No, that had cost her too much already, she had to be more level headed in the future.

"P-please don't do that next time." A voice called out, turning Robin's attention to it.

"Oh Hazel! I-I'm sorry...I forgot about you for a moment." Robin murmured.

"It's ok. I just figured you'd need my help." Hazel replied. "I....know I won't be much help..but I'll try my best."

"That's all I need." Robin said as she rose to her feet, nearly falling over in the process. "Alright then, how about we go save those Pokemon?"
Receiving a nod from the Jolteon, both Robin and Hazel began to follow the Torchic tracks laid out on the sand.
After a few minutes of walking, the pair eventually came across a strange metal door sticking out of the cliffside. To the right of the door was a small pinpad.
Despite this, there was no sight of the chick Pokemon anywhere. That was until Hazel pointed to a small crevice with his snout. It seemed to be quite small..had Torchic managed to squeeze it's way through it?
Robin wasn't certain, but one thing she was certain about, was that Hazel and her stood no chance of getting in that way. Pondering on how they should proceed, a sudden idea sprung to her mind.

"Ok Hazel, I want you to use Thunder on the pinpad!" Robin ordered.

Following his trainer's instructions, Hazel began to gather electrical energy in his body, before releasing a large beam of it at the wall! Upon making contact with the pinpad, the device began to spark, and the door slowly began to slide open. With the door open, the device exploded, causing black smoke to rise into the sky.

"Alright, let's get going." Robin said, before cautiously entering the cave.
Isitsubute Cave
As soon as they entered, Robin and Hazel were greeted to a small room. Inside contained...nothing? The room was completely empty, from what they could see anyway, as the cave had very little light in it at all! Despite the horrid lighting, Robin was all but certain that nothing important was contained inside the small area.
What she did find however, was a small staircase, nestled near the corner of the room.

"Maybe they're deeper inside?" Hazel suggested.

"Probably." Robin nodded.

With nothing to see, the pair headed towards the staircase they had spotted, and began to descend deeper into the cave.
Upon reaching the second floor, Robin and Hazel were relieved to find the small hallway they were in to be much more forgiving in terms of lighting. Looking around, Robin quickly noticed another set of stairs, leading further down into the cave. In front of them, the hallway stretched onwards.

Mine as well check this out while we're here. Robin thought to herself, before making her way down the narrow corridor. With Hazel behind her, the pair soon found a set of twin doors to their right.

Giving the Jolteon beside her a small shrug, Robin pushed through the doors. Inside, the room was decorated with a variety of cages, ranging from tiny to large.

So this is where that lady is keeping the Pokemon. Robin thought as she scanned the room. Catching her eye was a small cage near the center of the room. Well it wasn't actually the cage, but it's inhabitant that managed to grab her attention.

"Tessa!" Robin exclaimed as she rushed to the Cosplay Pikachu's location.
Turning around, Tessa seemed rather confused at the girl who was approaching, instead taking an interest to the Jolteon that accompanied her.

" I know you? You um...seem really familiar." Tessa murmured as she studied the Jolteon. After a few moments, a sudden idea sprung into her mind.

"This uh..might sound silly...but..., you're Hazel, right?" The Cosplay Pikachu questioned.

"That's right." Hazel nodded. "We' to get you out."

"Really? Yay!" Tessa exclaimed. "But umm...who's your friend? I uh, don't recognize her. But umm...maybe I'm just being forgetful...

At Tessa's words, Robin let out a small sigh. Of course, Tessa wouldn't recognize her..or any of her other Pokemon they would eventually find. Which meant, the story of how she had become like this would have to be told over and over again. Just thinking about was enough to give her a headache.

"Umm, Hazel? Mind explaining it this time? I'm...going to try and find a way to get Tessa out." Robin explained.

Giving his trainer a brief nod, Hazel began to launch into the tale, giving Robin ample time to scavenge the room for something, anything that she could use.

After noticing a small cabinet in the corner of the room, Robin wandered over to it, wondering just what it contained. Opening the first and second drawer, the girl sound nothing but dust. Focusing on the last drawer, Robin pulled it open to find a small black case. Inside appeared to be five, Pikachu sized costumes.

I'm sure Tessa is going to be glad I found these. She thought as she tucked the case into her bag. Still, there was no sign of anything to help break the Cosplay Pikachu out. After glancing around a bit more, Robin noticed a small container opposite of where she stood.
Feeling a bit silly for not noticing it early, Robin quickly approached the box, before tearing it open. Inside she noticed a variety of different Pokeballs, though one stood out in particular.

Perfect. Robin thought as she scooped out the golden-plated Pokeball. It certainly wasn't a key, but it would do in a pinch. With Tessa's ball in hand, Robin approached the pair, Hazel having finished the story a few moments prior.

Tapping the button on the special Pokeball, a red beam shot out at Tessa, absorbing the Cosplay Pikachu inside. Robin then tossed the special Pokeball in the air, releasing Tessa on the outside of the cage.

"Yay! I'm free! Thank you!" The Cosplay Pikachu exclaimed, before hugging Robin's leg.

"A-anytime Tessa." Robin murmured.

"I'm umm...sorry I didn't recognize you earlier. It's just, you uh..look so different Jak- umm Robin." Tessa corrected herself.
"But uh..if you're willing to have me, I'd love to continue adventuring with you."

"Of course I would...welcome back Tessa." Robin smiled as she picked up the Pikachu, giving her a small hug.

The moment was cut short however, as the small sound of footsteps approached them.

Fearing for the worst, Hazel ran in front of his trainer, giving the doors a low growl as he mentally prepared himself for whatever would come through.

But instead of a fierce opponent, a Torchic burst through the door.

"Oh! I found you! I found you!" Torchic chirped as he bounced towards Robin.

"Torchic, you're ok." Robin smiled as she slowly put Tessa back on the floor.

"What are you doing here though?" Hazel questioned.

"Oh right! I found my friends! But I couldn't get them out, so I came looking for something to help with that." Torchic explained. "But then I ran into you guys, so it's all ok! Yay, we're going to save everyone!" The chick Pokemon exclaimed as it continued to bounce around.

"Uh, your friends?" Tessa questioned.

"It's a long story." Robin replied, before turning to the bouncing Torchic. "So, where are your friends? Can you lead us to them?"

"Of course! They're on the bottom floor! I'll show you!" Torchic exclaimed, before scurrying out of the room.

Just before the trio left, a sudden thought popped into Robin's head, causing her to pull a black case out of her bag.

"Tessa...if we need to fight, you should probably be at your best, so can you put one of these on?" Robin asked as she handed the Cosplay Pikachu the case.

Giving her trainer a nod, Tessa opened the case, before pondering her choice of apparel. After a moment, the Cosplay Pikachu grabbed a dress and bonnet from the case, before slipping them on. Once she was done, Tessa handed the case back to her trainer, whom placed the case in her bag.
With that sorted out, the group made their way out of the twin doors, and back to the stairs they had previous been at.

Upon reaching the stairs, Robin couldn't help but notice that Torchic was nowhere to be seen.
He must have gone on ahead. She realized. Turning back to see the others were ok, Robin descended further into the cave.

As they reached the third floor, both Robin and Hazel were happy to see that the hallway they had entered was also well lit. In front of them stood the Torchic they had been following.

"There you guys are! Geez you take forever! Let's hurry!" Torchic exclaimed, before running off straight ahead. Glancing around, Robin noticed that the hallway also stretched to the east and west.
Though she was curious where they lead, she knew they didn't have the time to explore. Turning back to the path straight ahead, the group began to follow Torchic into the room ahead.

The first thing Robin noticed as she entered the room was just how big it was. The ceiling stretched so high, even a Steelix could fit inside, Robin realized.

"Here they are, here they are!" Torchic exclaimed as he rushed over to several pedestals to the side of the room. On each of them, a strange Pokeball rested. Instead of the classic red and white, or any other pattern Robin had seen, these were jet black.
Turning her attention away from the strange coloured Pokeballs, Robin glanced at the labels on the various pedestals.
Caterpie, Pikachu, seemed that it wasn't just Tessa and Torchic's friends who had fallen victim to the strange woman and her Salamence. Scanning the rest of the labels, the young trainer eventually found the Pokeballs containing Treecko and Mudkip.
Before Robin could reach for them though, a voice called out to her, freezing her in her tracks.

"Well well well, look who's back." The voice echoed throughout the room, causing Robin to turn around.

Upon noticing the woman from before, Robin couldn't help but let out a small groan. Nothing ever went to plan, did it?

"First you try and stop me from nabbing those Pokemon back at the square, and now you're trying to take back my hard earned work? You really do have a death wish." The poacher said as she continued to approach Robin.

"But I'll give you one last chance. Surrender all of your Pokemon and I'll spare you your life."

"Never. Your days of terrorizing the people and Pokemon of Isshin are over!" Robin exclaimed.

"Fine, if your so eager to die, then I'll grant you your wish. Salamence let's go!" The woman barked as she chucked a jet black Pokeball into the air. From the ball emerged the giant dragon Pokemon. Upon landing, the ground began to shake for a moment, before eventually calming down.

"You know, my Salamence used to be revered as a guardian from where it was from. Do you truly believe you can stand up to that kind of power?" The poacher questioned.

A giant guardian Salamence...the sound of that was awfully familiar. The only time Robin had had experience with such a thing was back in Ryuu town. Back then, Dusty had been the one to stop it's rampage. But now she didn't have such was up to Hazel and Tessa now.

"Alright Hazel, you're up first." Robin said, causing the Jolteon to step forward and face the giant dragon Pokemon once more.

"Start with Double Edge, then Thunder!" Robin ordered.

"Salamence, Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw!" The woman barked.

Starting the round off, Hazel began to run towards his opponent, his own safety completely absent from his mind. Upon reaching the dragon Pokemon, Hazel slammed into it with all his might, dealing a severe amount to the Salamence, but also hurting himself in the process!

For it's first attack, Salamence began to gather draconic energy in it's mouth, before spewing a stream of blue flames across the room, scorching the floor and causing Hazel to let out a pained cry upon impact!

After recovering from his opponent's assault, Hazel started to collect electrical energy into his body, before releasing a large bolt of it out at his opponent.

For it's second attack, Salamence took to the air in a single flap of it's wings. The dragon Pokemon then flew towards Hazel, it's claw surrounding in a draconic aura. As it reached the Jolteon, Salamence swung it's massive claw at him, causing Hazel to be sent flying into the wall!

Upon falling to the ground, Hazel was slow to rise back on his feet. Much like last time, it seemed the Jolteon was in terrible shape. But they had little choice otherwise. If the Pokemon poacher in front of them was to be defeated, Hazel had to push on!

"Let's end this, Dragon Pulse!" The poacher bellowed.

"Hazel, use Thunder Fang, then Quick Attack!" Robin called to the Jolteon.

Hazel was once again the first to act! Lacing his teeth with electricity, the Jolteon ran towards Salamence as fast as he could, before biting down on it's leg!

Ready for his second attack, Hazel leapt backwards, before charging towards his opponent at an even faster speed then before!

Unfortunately for Hazel, Salamence was fully prepared for the oncoming Jolteon, and sent a shockwave of draconic energy from his mouth! Unable to avoid the blast of energy, Hazel was sent flying back with a sharp cry! This time, the Jolteon made no attempt of getting up...

"Hazel, return!" Robin called out as she withdrew the Jolteon.

"Ok's your turn now." She added, ushering the Cosplay Pikachu onto the battlefield.
"Start with Disarming Voice, then Icicle Crash!"

"Salamence, Flamethrower and Dragon Claw!" The woman barked.

This time it was Salamence who was the first to act! Gathering fire energy in it's mouth, the large dragon Pokemon spewed a stream of orange flames out at Tessa, causing her to fall backwards a bit.

Landing on her feet, the Cosplay Pikachu let out an emotional cry, sending pink soundwaves from her mouth. The soundwaves flew towards towards Salamence, who let out a roar as the attack sent waves of pain throughout it's body.

For it's second attack, the dragon Pokemon once again took flight, before rushing towards Tessa! As it reached the Cosplay Pikachu, Salamence swung it's massive claw at her, causing Tessa to be sent crashing into the nearby wall!

Rising to face her opponent, Tessa began to channel the power of her outfit in order to unleash a special move! The Cosplay Pikachu then unleashed a strange icy mist, which began to float towards Salamence. As it reached the dragon Pokemon, the mist thickened, creating a large icicle, which came crashing down upon Salamence's head!

"Salamence, Crunch and Dragon Pulse!" The Pokemon poacher roared.

"Tessa, go with Iron Tail and Icicle Crash!" Robin called to the Cosplay Pikachu.

Starting things off, Tessa coated her tail in a metalic glow, before rushing towards her opponent. As she got to the Salamence, Tessa leaped into the air, before swing her tail towards it's head!

Thinking fast, Salamence grabbed onto Tessa's tail with it's teeth, rendering the attack useless! With the Cosplay Pikachu now trapped, Salamence sunk it's energy laced fangs into Tessa's tail, causing her to let out a pained cry! Seeing no further use for it's opponent, Salamence threw the Cosplay Pikachu into the wall with a swing of it's head!

But Salamence wasn't finished yet! As Tessa rose to her feet, she was met with a beam of draconic energy, sending her crashing into the wall once again!

This time, Tessa seemed to struggle to find her standing as she rose to face her opponent. If things kept up, Tessa wouldn't be able to battle for much longer!

Focusing on the battle ahead, Tessa began to gather more special energy from her costume, before releasing a icy mist into the air. As it floated over Salamence, the mist thickened, transforming into an icicle! As the icicle made impact with it, the dragon Pokemon let out a pained roar, though managed to pull itself together.

"Let's go with Icicle Crash and Thunder Punch!" Robin exclaimed.

"Salamence, use Flamethrower and Dragon Pulse!" The strange woman ordered.

Starting the round off, Salamence began to collect the last of it's fire energy in it's mouth, before exhaling a wave of orange flames at Tessa! Unable to react in time, the Cosplay Pikachu let out a pained cry, before stumbling back.

Gathering the rest of her costumes special energy, Tessa sent more icy mist flying over her opponents head! Once it reached it's destination, the mist solidified, forming a giant icicle, which came crashing down upon Salamance!

In retaliation, Salamance fired a shockwave of draconic energy at Tessa, sending the Cosplay Pikachu crashing into the back wall! This time though, Tessa showed no signs of getting up.

"Tessa...return." Robin murmured as she withdrew the Cosplay Pikachu.

This was it..she was doomed. The only Pokemon even capable of fighting now was Torchic. But would he listen to her orders? And even if he did...the Torchic wouldn't have the power to stop such a strong foe....would he?

"I'll fight! I'll fight!" Torchic exclaimed, before taking Tessa's place on the battlefield.
"You're..willing to listen to me?" Robin questioned.
"Of course! Anything to save my friends!" The chick Pokemon exclaimed as he began to bounce up and down.

"Well ok then..." Robin murmured as she instinctively went to grab her Pokedex from her bag, only to find nothing. That was right, her Pokedex must have gotten lost on her journey had her Xtransceiver.

"So uh Torchic...what kind of moves do you know?" Robin questioned, already mourning the loss of her Pokedex.

"Oh I know lots of moves! Like Scratch, Growl, Ember, Hidden Power...oh and Bounce!" Torchic exclaimed.

"Alright then, use Hidden Power and Scratch!" Robin ordered.

"Salamence, Dragon Breath and Hydro Pump!" The Pokemon poacher barked.

Gathering draconic energy in it's mouth, the giant Salamence exhaled a wave of blue flames across the room, scorching the ground and causing Torchic to fly back with a pained cry!

Determined to win, Torchic began to tap into a power hidden deep within it, summoning three orbs around itself. The orbs were as blue and vibrant as a lightning bolt, and crackled as they continued to circle the chick Pokemon.
After a few moments, the spheres of energy shot out towards Salamence, though the dragon Pokemon appeared largely unphased by the attack.

For it's second attack, the dragon Pokemon began to collect water energy, before firing a tightly compacted jet of water from it's mouth! With a sharp cry, Torchic was sent flying into the nearby wall, where after he refused to get up.

"Torchic!" Robin cried as she rushed to Torchic's side.

"Aww, all out of Pokemon are we? I told you stood no chance against me." The woman cackled.

"But I'm feeling generous today, so my offer is still on the table. Hand over everything you have, and you're free to go."

Last time the woman's offer was something Robin refused to consider..but now, it was a lot more tempting. If she refused, she would be killed anyway, and the others would still fall into the poacher's hands.

But Robin didn't have to make a choice, for what happened next decided it for her.

"Stoutland....Breakneck Blitz!" A man bellowed, drawing all attention to him. Sometime during the battle, he must have entered the room, though neither combatant had noticed till now.

Once a powerful energy had poured into it, the Stoutland began to charge towards Salamence at an astounding rate! With Z-Energy surrounding it, the big-hearted Pokemon slammed into Salamence, prompting a pained roar from the dragon Pokemon as it was flung into a wall, causing the entire room to shake!
Due to all the shaking, many of the pillars began to tip over, sending the jet black Pokeballs flying throughout the room. Upon touching the floor, several of them opened, causing many of the Pokemon the poacher had captured to pop out, including Treecko and Mudkip!

"Salamence return!" The woman called out as she withdrew the dragon Pokemon.

"This isn't over! I'll be back!" She shouted before taking her leave...but not before snatching a very confused Mudkip!

"Mudkip!" Robin cried out as began to give chase to the woman.

"Stop, you can't pursue her!" The man said as he took hold of her arm.

"Let go of me...we can't let her get away!" Robin exclaimed as she started to thrash around.

"No..your in no condition to battle." The man replied.

"Yeah...I thought you'd learned that by now." A familiar voice added.
Looking up, Robin noticed both Anna and Lukas had entered the room, and her demeanor changed, if only slightly.

"Yeah, I'm just glad you're ok! I was really worried!" Anna exclaimed.

"Tell me about it. If I hadn't stopped you, you probably would have gotten yourself killed." Lukas scowled.

"I'm glad to see you both...but we need to save that Mudkip..." Robin murmured.

"Unfortunately we can't. It's sad...but sometimes these things have to happen." The man said.

"I'm sorry but..who are you?" Robin questioned.

"That's our father, and you thank him for saving your life." Lukas explained. "Without him, you probably would have died like a complete idiot."

"Oh..thank you....but, how did you get here? Anna said you were out..." Robin murmured.

"I was, but I got a message from the vice mayor that I was needed urgently. So I rushed back as soon as I could...only to discover you had run off to stop that Pokemon poacher all by yourself." Anna's father explained.
"So I went after you. And it's a good thing I did."

"Oh...I'm sorry for causing trouble." Robin apologized.

"Don't be. In truth, I'm just glad everything turned out ok." The mayor replied. "In fact, with that poacher now gone...I'd say we have an even bigger reason to celebrate."

"Oh yeah the festival!" Anna exclaimed. "So it's still on then?"

"You bet it is! So about we get going then. We can sort everything else later."
Sunabā Beach (Nightfall)
The events of the day were still swirling around in Robin's mind. It had all started by waking up in a hospital bed, and now she was going to be a resident of Isshin Village! She had to admit, that was more then a little surprising to her at first.
Up until the festival, she had had no intentions of staying more then a few days, that was, until the mayor's offer. He had been so grateful for her help back in Isitsubute Cave, that he had gifted the cave for Robin to use as a new base.
That or he just didn't want to be responsible for the clean up, Robin wasn't quite sure. Still, it was more then a little exciting, and also a little nerve racking, to be part of a whole new community.

"You sure you're going to be ok here? My father did offer for you to stay at our place tonight." Anna said as she continued her path along the beach.

"I"ll be fine. Besides, I didn't want to intrude." Robin replied.

"Well ok then if you insist..." Anna murmured.

Before the conversation could continue, the pair had arrived at Isitsubute cave. Though a new wooden door had already been installed, Robin knew the inside wouldn't be quite as welcoming...not yet anyway.

"Ok here you are." Anna said, passing her friend a rolled up sleeping bag.

"Thanks." Robin smiled as she accepted the sleeping bag. "Goodnight."

"Robin wait...I wanted to talk to you about something." Anna said.

"Umm, sure...w-what is it?" Robin asked, a little nervous at Anna's change of tone.

"It's about Torchic." She replied, gazing at the chick Pokemon circling her feet.
"Back at the festival, I accepted Torchic to be my Pokemon..but I'm having my doubts."

"Doubts? You'll be a fine trainer." Robin smiled. "Everyone is more then a little nervous at first."

"It's not that!" Anna exclaimed, giving her head a shake. "It's that...I feel like...maybe he's better off somewhere else."

"Somewhere else?"

"Yes. I think you should have Torchic." Anna replied.

"What? Anna...I can't take Torchic from you." Robin said.
"You said that you wanted a Pokemon so why do you want to give him away?"

"Well...I've noticed that ever since you and Torchic ran off to stop that poacher....he seems much more happy with you." Anna explained. "It's true that I've wanted a Pokemon for awhile...but Torchic deserves to go with who he wants...right Torchic?"

"Right! I want to go with you! Please? Please?" The Torchic asked as he began to circle Robin's leg.

"Fine...if that's what you want...then I'll be happy to have him." Robin smiled.

"Ok...then here's his Pokeball." Anna said as she handed the ball to Robin.

"Look about we go shopping tomorrow? We can grab you some supplies, and then we'll go and get you a Pokemon." The young trainer offered.

"You would do that?!" Anna exclaimed, her eyes practically lighting up.

"Yeah. You deserve it. Besides...I need some new supplies as well." Robin chuckled, glancing at the sorry excuse for her bag.

"Alright then, tomorrow it is!" Anna smiled. "Goodnight Robin...oh and you too Torchic!"

With everyone saying their goodbyes, Anna began to walk back through the sand and towards her home, leaving Torchic and Robin by themselves.

"So now that you're on my about we think of a name for you..." Robin murmured, slowly racking her brain for ideas.

"Oh! How about Cayenne?" Torchic suggested.

"Cayenne? As in Cayenne pepper?" Robin questioned.

"Yeah! It's greatbecauseIlovecookingandpeppersareawesomeand-" Torchic said, talking way to fast for Robin to understand.

"Alright, Cayenne it is then." The young trainer replied. "Now let's get going shall we? We have a big day tomorrow."

"Oh yes, of course!" Cayenne exclaimed, his speech seemingly back to normal.

With that the pair entered the cave, eager to get a good night's rest.

Whatever the future held, Robin couldn't help but feel nervous, but a little bit excited at the same time. After all, this was her second chance.
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