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OkikuMew: Confirmed
CyberBlastoise: Confirmed
Missingno. Master: Confirmed
Gemini Spark: Confirmed
mespiritchaser: Your final adventure link for Meditite is broken and your Bond would add up to 28, not 27. The rest are Confirmed.
Median Dia: Confirmed
Naruxami: Confirmed
Raves: Aipom’s Bond should be 2, not 0. The rest are Confirmed.
Meetan: Please state your previous Bond when increasing it. Vulpix gained 2 IQ in the old Birthday post, not 3, so her Bond should be 7 instead of 8. You already linked to Pichu’s Birthday IQ in your last post, so her Bond should be 39, not 42. You also linked to Sableye’s birthday in your previous post, so his Bond remains at 32. Geodude’s IQ is only 2 in your link, so her Bond is 2, not 3. The rest are Confirmed.
EpicSquirtle: Confirmed
Sandaa: Confirmed
TheKnightsFury: Confirmed
134: Please link back to your previous Bond next time! Confirmed
Rotom310: Please link to your Gummis next time! Confirmed
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