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As Spartacus returned to your side, Oliver lifted Trixie off of the ground and hoisted her over his shoulder, kicking the gun across the ground and into a pile of rubble. He looked at her sheepishly, seemingly trying to hide the fact that felt somewhat sorry for the way he reacted. “It… would be best that we have collateral in case we need it,” he said softly. He turned toward the dark corridor that led underneath of the park, took a few steps forward, and then stopped. “We’re going to need to stick together. In fact, we’re going to take it a step further,” he said. “You two are going to be my prisoners.”

“Interesting,” Ehrmantraut smirked. “I like where you’re going with this, you bastard. You already have the trust of the Ribs at this outpost, so if you bring us in as the party responsible for the base collapse…”

“... then it would be the most efficient way to infiltrate the base, yes,” Oliver finished. “The cherry on top is that I put Trixie’s current state on you, which is bound to make the situation even more interesting.”

He paused and took a more serious tone. “I know why you’re here, Roland,” he said. “Have you told him everything?”

Ehrmantraut stared at Oliver, remaining silent and stoic as ever. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Oliver. We’re here to break up Rib operations in the park, and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said quietly. Oliver squinted. “Ah... is that so…”

Suddenly a loud banging sound emanated from the dark end of the corridor, and shouting got closer. Oliver retrieved his Pawniard to its Pokeball, and Ehrmantraut’s Druddigon to his. The large trainer removed a gun from his pocket, emptied the clip of ammunition into his side pack, and pressed the barrel against the back of Ehrmantraut’s head. “Follow my lead. Just start walking, and let me do all the talking,” Oliver said quietly.

The group of you began walking down the tunnel at a normal pace, pretending to be Oliver’s prisoners. After several minutes of walking through dim, flickering lights and past large chunks of fallen concrete, a group of about fifteen Ribs suddenly manifested out of the darkness.

“What the hell, bro?” One said upon seeing Oliver. “The fuck happened to Trixie?”

Oliver stepped back and then set her on the ground, leaning her against a large boulder that had fallen from the ceiling. “These assholes happened, is what,” Oliver replied, waving his gun at the two of you. “And not just Trixie… this guy right here,” he said, pointing at you, “ is the entire reason we’re in this mess.”

“Really? So you’re the fuckstick who did all this shit, hm?” the unknown Rib said, walking up to you slowly until he was almost face to face with you. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done? Hm?” He said quietly. He smiled and chuckled slightly. “I mean, haha, how the fuck does some asshole like you do all this?” He smiled, putting both of his arms out and looking around questioningly. Suddenly, his facial expression changed to one of disgust, and he headbutted you on the forehead and spat on the ground.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” He said in disgust before turning around and walking back to his group. “We’ll escort you back into the base, Oliver. I’m sure there are a few of our friends who are going to want to exchange words with these assholes,” he said. The Rib looked to one of the others in their group and punched him lightly in the chest. “You. Down the corridor to the left. Look for more survivors. I want a damage report within a half hour.” The Rib saluted and ran down the tunnel and disappeared into the darkness. Oliver lifted Trixie back up over his head and began to walk. “Don’t try anything funny, kid, or I’ll blow his brains out,” he said to you, winking.

The group of Ribs was large, but had their backs turned to you. If you wanted to get into the base on your own terms, and before they could bring you in and truly outnumber you, perhaps trying something funny would be your best bet; or, alternatively, maybe continuing to keep up the guise of Oliver’s prisoners would be the stealthier option…
As they made their way into the tunnels, Oliver outlines his intended plan. Jayson and Ehrmantraut were to be Oliver's prisoners, the Ribs would bring them into the base and then they would break their cover, it seemed simple enough. Jayson was almost willing to follow the plan until it was revealed that Ehrmantraut was hiding something from him, he had put his life on the line and the marshal still didn't trust him enough? That wasn't fair. Jayson recalled Atalanta for now, the Dartrix was likely more tired than she appeared, she had been through a lot. He then ordered Spartacus to follow them from a distance, if needed the Scyther could spring from the shadows to help him.

Oliver led them through the tunnels, his gun firmly pressed against the back of Ehrmantraut's head. Soon the group ran into a group of fifteen Ribs grunts, who were quite shocked to find out that Jayson was responsible for the disaster that collapsed the tunnels. One of the grunts went so far as to come up and headbutt him, it took all of his willpower not to snap his neck right there. The grunts were going to lead him into the base, but who knew what awaited them inside. He couldn't trust Ehrmantraut if the marshal didn't trust him and by extension he had no real reason to put his trust in Oliver. For all he knew, Oliver could be playing both sides, once a crook, always a crook. The grunts had turned their backs on him and left themselves exposed, Jayson was going to take care of them himself.

His hand dropped to his belt and he reached for Candace's Pokeball, the Passimian could charge straight through the group like they were bowling pins, then Spartacus could come in to help finish them off. However during the fight with the Darmanitan, the pokeballs on his belt had gotten messed up, so when Jayson tossed the Pokeball forward, the Pokemon that appeared was not what he planned. Jormungand the Magikarp flopped on the ground, the noise caught the attention of the grunt who had headbutted him. "Fuck", swore Jayson as he grabbed the Magikarp by the tail and slung it towards the grunt, "Outrage Jormungand!" The Magikarp began to shake and flop with anger, slamming into the grunt and knocking him onto his back. The rest of the Ribs turned to face him, their cover was blown and they were now outnumbered. Suddenly Jormungand began to glow and in a burst of light his body began to grow. Jayson, Ehrmantraut and Oliver are forced to stumble back as Jormungand's body elongates, stretching out into a serpentine body. A deafening roar fills the tunnel as the newly evolved Gyarados stares down the grunts who stood in its way.

"About time Jormungand!" Jayson had been training the Magikarp in hopes of getting it to evolve, turns out it just needed the right amount of motivation. "Continue your Outrage Jormungand, tear them apart!" Jayson drew his sword and rushed up alongside the Gyarados, not willing to let it face the grunts alone. "Spartacus!" Jayson shouted for the Scyther, who quickly dashed out of the shadows to his side, "help me out here bud, take out as many of them as you can, Dual Chop. I'm sick of these mother fucking Ribs in these mother fucking tunnels!" Jayson was at his wits end, it was time for carnage.

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