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ABL Note: Apologies for the wait here Mask! OTL Your patience is appreciated.

A rather quiet young gentleman steps through the Hatchery's doors. As per usual, the lobby seems to be distinctly understaffed. But this trainer is exceedingly polite, and doesn't make a fuss despite being made to wait for some time. His patience becomes outweighed by curiosity when he hears a cheerful voice echoing down the hallway.

Upon investigating further, he finds the absent-minded Miss Lulu. Today, she's fully immersed in a game of pat-a-cake. The round pink Pokémon she's playing with has such tiny hands, the nursemaid is only using two fingers to "pat" with. It's hard to say which of the two is smiling more. The happy creature sways from side to side as the game continues, as something like a curled ponytail bobs atop her head. Within the pocket on her belly, there appears to be... another egg? No, it's too small. Surely it couldn't be a real specimen. But the object is definitely a creamy colour with muted green spots, the kind so often depicted in trainer's guides and textbooks.

The gentleman lightly raps on the doorway with his knuckles. Miss Lulu whirls her head around to see who the visitor is, while the Pokémon dashes to hide behind the girl's skirt. With a soothing hand on the timid baby, the nursery attendant welcomes Rorik in.

"Hello there!" she says warmly. "Uh, I do apologise for getting caught up with our fun there, I know I lose track of time here and there..."

Very gently, the girl guides the new hatchling around herself to stand in front of her. "Your new Pokémon is in perfect health," Miss Lulu coos proudly. Then she seems to remember something. "Ah, of course! Perhaps you already know this, but this species does like to carry small items in their pouches," she explains, gesturing downwards to the object the creature is holding onto. "And so I had this to give her.'s hand-painted, you see," she adds, somewhat bashfully.

"Take good care of her now, won't you?"

Rorik has hatched a lv. 1 female Happiny! Your Pokémon knows the Egg Move Last Resort.
Despite claiming to be an expert in bonds, Rorik Pine Holstadt was still, in truth, quite oblivious to most of their mysteries. This, of course, was something he would never openly admit - but a fact so deeply rooted into the heart of his myriad insecurities that he found himself actively refraining from recruiting new companions to his ranks. Arceus knew Munchlax and Staryu were proving hard enough to figure out.

And yet...

The precious little hatchling stumbled around the counter, holding on to its tiny makeshift egg made of lifeless stone like it was the most precious treasure in the world. Its eyes were filled with hope and kindness and a need to care, innate virtues that not even Rorik could ignore - virtues that, despite his better judgment telling him otherwise, made the Professor want to believe that he wouldn't mess this one up. Because how could him? Already the Happiny looked at him with an abundance of love in its starry eyes - how could he possibly fail to establish a bond with such a critter?

With open arms he welcomed the newborn, he too filled with a need to tend to the frail little thing. Whereas Munchlax and Staryu were quirky, finicky each in their own way, something told Rorik he'd have a much easier time connecting with this little bundle of joy. And perhaps it was just what the down-trodden man of science needed to recover his lost confidence.

And indeed, unbeknownst to Rorik, he'd just hatched a priceless gem, whose full splendor would become apparent in due time.


Claiming Lv 1 Female Happiny and placing her inside a Luxury Ball.
Thank you very much for this lovely little surprise! ^^
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