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Atalanta awoke alone in the hollow of a large oak tree, the events of the previous night still a blur. She recalled meeting up with the handsome looking Honchkrow, he had taken her under his wing and made her feel safe as they roamed the streets. Suddenly she remembered what else had transpired, they had spent the night together, but there was no sign of him now. She looked around the hollow until her eyes locked onto a lone egg, its white surface was marked with a small green bowtie, what had she done......... Jayson surely wouldn't be accepting of her promiscuity, to him she was innocent. Trying not to look back, Atalanta flies out of the tree, leaving behind the egg born of her promiscuous revelry.

(OOC: Picking up Atalanta the Dartrix and Deo will be arriving in a week to pick up the abandoned egg but the breeding slot will count as mine. Thanks Raves for lending your Honchkrow, hope he had a good time hahaha)

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