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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Sandaa- With your cover blown you emerge from your hiding place, leaving Chad concealed for now. The grunt gives you a quick once over but doesn't seem to be phased by your reveal. "Oh did you just stumble in here by mistake? A weakling like yourself shouldn't be out after dark, especially in such a dangerous area" He grins as he cracks his knuckles, "Taunt them Murkrow!" Before Buru can paint a screen into existence, the Murkrow begins to cackle, a dark curse falls on the Smeargle causing her to feel much more aggressive. Her aggression prevents her from using such a passive attack, she now wanted to inflict pain upon the Dark type.

Buru's tail begins to crackle with electricity, with a swift stroke of the brush like appendage she sends of wave of electric tendrils towards the Murkrow. The Murkrow screeches in pain as the electricity shocks it into submission, maybe it shouldn't have been taking the Smeargle so lightly. "Time for some Payback Murkrow", a Dark aura surrounds the mischievous bird, growing stronger as it feeds on its pain. Shooting forward like an arrow the Murkrow lunges at Buru, its beak digs into her chest and the power of the attack sends her stumbling backwards, falling back onto her hands. As the Murkrow arcs back around, the incapacitated grunt begins to stir. Soon the grunt is rising back to his feet, his hands rubbing his eyes as he regains his senses.

"What the hell was that", questions the recently woken grunt, "dude what is going on?" The grunt looks around to see that his Scraggy is still sleeping, although it is far from peacefully as he is being plagued by nightmares.

"We got jumped by this rookie", answers the other grunt, "I think I have this handled but if you could wake your Scraggy up and help me deal with them that would be great........"

"Yeah sure thing, just finish this quick, we might get a reward for bringing them in." The grunt picks up his Scraggy and begins slapping it across the face and shaking it violently. "Wake up you little shit, time to fight!" The Scraggy doesn't seem to be waking just yet, but it surely wouldn't be long.

"Wing Attack Murkrow, then follow with another Payback." Things certainly weren't looking in your favour at the moment, but Buru certainly wasn't about to give up.
Gary frowned and grit his teeth as Buru was baited into dropping her strategy and turning to an all-out offensive tactic by the Murkrow’s Taunt. This really didn’t work in her favor, as the majority of the Smeargle’s moves focused heavily on defense and setting up buffs from afar. However, Gary wouldn’t have come this far as a Pokemon trainer if he didn’t know how to adjust and react to a changing strategy on the fly. As he racked his brain for an alternate plan, the enemy grunt roused his sleeping partner from his slumber. As they talked it out, Gary knew it would only be a matter of time until that sleeping Scraggy would wake up as well. He hoped that the Nightmare would at least weaken it some more until then.

Turning his attention back to Buru, Gary watched as his Smeargle silently seethed. This was something really out of character for Buru, who was arguably the most gentle and soft-spoken member of his team. “Don’t worry Buru,” Gary called out, “We’ll get these guys. For now let’s deal with that Murkrow. Hit it with successive Shock Waves and then as it finishes attacking, use your Metronome on it! Additionally, if that Scraggy wakes up, hit it with your Fairy Gummi Bomb!”

Buru nodded quietly, eyes glaring at the Murkrow as Gary called out her orders. Still assessing the situation, Gary knew things could turn hairy if that Scraggy woke up and this became a two vs one. He discretely reached down to the Pokeballs on his belt and grasped the Pokeball holding his Larvitar, Tyrant. If this turned back into a double battle, he resolved to back up Buru with Tyrant’s aid.
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