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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Maskerade has hatched a lv.1 male Tynamo!
"Ladies and gentlemen! Please give a warm welcome to the one and only, the incomparable Kalosian Miracle... heeere he is, Luc de Beaufort!!"

The sold-out crowd gathered inside the GyaraDome, thirty thousand-strong, erupted in cheers once the single golden spotlight illuminated the stage, revealing the hero they'd been eagerly anticipating, complete with theme music and a small pyro spectacle.

With a graceful bow and an always-captivating smile, the sharply-dressed, mask-wearing gentleman soaked in every second of the enduring adulation. It was quite a while before the raucous crowd quieted down long enough for the annoucer to finally be able to speak again.

"It's such an honour to have you here with us tonight Luc," he said on the microphone.

"Not at all. The pleasure is all mine," replied the Kalosian Miracle, his voice soft and entrancing beyond explanation. "After all, I was the one who requested this opportunity, which you were kind enough to grant."

"Oh, indeed! It seems you have an announcement to make to the world, isn't that right?"

It was only then that the public finally settled down, hanging on Luc's every gesture, smile and word. And the masked man, of course, knew this.

"Bien sure. You see..." the pause that followed was deliberate, almost theatrical. Luc knew how to play crowds like a fiddle. "I will be taking part in a new journey. This will be the next chapter in my story - a fresh start in a new land, with new companions. I have, after all, conquered every challenge set before me in Kalos..."

Oncemore, the crowd exploded in cheers and screams of approval. A new adventure for Luc de Beaufort meant more opportunities to hear about the hero's exploits, this time in foreign lands! It was TV ratings and magazine sales fuel if there ever was one.

"Oh my! This is most unexpected! So the Champion of Kalos will be going back to his roots? How exciting!"

"I'm mostly doing this for myself," Luc answered with a polite chuckle, "but I am delighted to know that my adventures can entertain and please so many people."

The announcer was all smiles, the inner fan in him equally as thriled by the news as everyone else.

"We will be following every step with the utmost attention, and rooting for you all the way! Who knows? Maybe this will be the chance for you to cross paths with your mother, the legendary Madeleine Chevalier!" The announcer's voice peaked in excitement. "What a clash of titans that would be, wouldn't you say?!"

That crap again?...

Luc's frown lasted but a milisecond, a fraction of a moment of weakness quickly erased by his impeccable public composure. He ran a hand through his black-and-white hair and forced himself to smile elegantly to the camera pointed at him in the darkness.

"Non, my mother's path and my own have diverged a long time ago. Meeting her is... not a priority for me. I simply aim to be as good of a Trainer as I can be, and isn't that what everyone should strive for?"

The deafening cheers increased in intensity as a reply.

"Oh, well said, well said indeed! And please tell us - have you already decided on a partner to begin this new chapter?"

At that, Luc's widening smile was genuine. Retrieving a beautiful black Luxury Ball from the confines of his suit, the Kalosian Miracle tossed the sphere in the air and it snapped open, revealing its contents in a burst of light. Glimmering, with sparks escaping its tiny frame, the Tynamo floated over to Luc and perched itself on the Ace Trainer's shoulder.

"This is my companion," Luc said, addressing the crowd. "Won't you please say hi to Polaris?"

"Ooooh! A splendid choice," raved the announcer. "A Pokémon without weaknesses!"

"C'est vrai. Just like myself, wouldn't you say?"

At that, the crowd went mental with chants of encouragement, clapping and whistling. Luc de Beaufort, Champion of Kalos, was not going on this journey alone - he would be carrying with him the hopes, dreams and adoration of an entire country. And that was what he thrived on.

"Et bien, time to shine!"


Claiming Lv 1 Male Tynamo and placing it inside a Luxury Ball. Thanks Sneaze and EAI!
(And retrieving Gastly!)

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