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Gary seemed pretty excited at the idea of a Lapras, and it wasn't hard to see why. "Yeah, Nami's really great at carrying me on water, 'specially when I just want to relax and let her take me wherever she wants to be!"

As Hyrem was led inside, his eyes lit up when he saw what looked to be an aquarium to the left that seemed to take up the entire wall as well as a fountain in front of it. "Whoa, this is so huge!" he praised in awe. "And a fountain too! The fish tank I have barely fits my Eelektross, and he just uses it like a bathtub. (Good thing my base has a whole underwater cave system to swim around in.) No wonder you want a Lapras, watching one swim around in there would be great."

At that moment, a small poke at his leg brought him back to reality, and he turned to see a Pawniard whom Gary referred to as Akame. "Well hi there! Wait...Katarina? Is that you?" he asked, starting to recognize her as the Pawniard he traded away.

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