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Patches: After having the painting swipe at you, you take a rather spectacular tumble --- the painting still in your grasp as you plummet to the ground. Your confusion only begins to get worse as you feel the room distort and shape itself around you, the hissing and growling still ever present as the lights flicker out and the door forcibly slams itself shut. Once everything seemed to have come to an abrupt stop, you find yourself sitting on the floor, staring directly into the bright gem eyes of the painting. The room is eerily quiet, the only noise the sound of Kiku's laughter. You find yourself feeling particularly angry and ruffled at this painting, you let out a loud huff and return to your feet. It was extremely rude of the painting to attack you! Didn't it have any manners?

You're prepared to give the painting a much needed talking to, until your eyes notice a light darting through the floorboards. Was that a trapdoor? Not that that was exactly important right now, you had unfinished business with this terrible piece of art. You turn to it and begin to give it a proper scolding with the most serious face you could muster, “Did you cause that door to slam and the lights to go out..?! Actually! That’s not what matters here. You swiped your claw at my face and that wasn’t very nice. You could have hurt me!”. You're rather upset at this inanimate object, it most certainly owes you an apology, but that apology never comes. You think the painting needs a time out, give it time to think about exactly what it did and hopefully form some sort of apology. Satisfied that you sorted out your initial problem, you begin to crawl around and try and find that darn trap door again. You know that whatever lies beyond it may in fact be the festival that you've been itching to get to since you arrived.

Your hands meet a seemingly loose piece of floor and you give it a good yank, revealing what looks to be a ladder leading into a dimly lit tunnel. You glance downwards, that chilly air was coming from down here, almost as if it lead back to the outside of the manor. However, you knew that this was the most likely candidate for the festival's location --- so you worked your way down. Once back on the ground of the passageway, you can swear you hear voices; perhaps those belong to the happy festivals participants? You begin to take a running start, ending up in what looks to be an almost dungeon-like area. The walls are a smooth grey concrete, nothing special about them in any way. However, there is something that strikes you almost immediately about this room... actually, there are several things.

A single table rests in the far back of the room, it's one of those cheap folding tables that you would often see being used for a party. The second is the pumpkin resting upon the table, it looks particularly fresh and undisturbed. The third is the two empty paintings that rest next to the table, they're seemingly just frames with nothing but blackness within them. The fourth is the banner... pink in color with crudely written letters spanning it's surface.


It almost looks as though a child had written it... do you dare go further into this room? What do you do?
After pulling away a loose piece of the floor, it exposed a ladder leading into a dimly lit tunnel underground. Patches looked down through the hole and felt chilly air hit her face. “Well, it looks like we’ve found our way to the festival you two!” She says to Mio and Kiku. Mio was on her shoulder but she hadn’t seen Kiku so she turned around to look and still didn’t see him. Once she turned her head back toward the hole in the floor she makes eye contact with Kiku who had already found his way down there. “Well someone’s excited!” She smiles at her fluffy Eevee and begins to climb down the ladder to join him with her Pikachu along for the ride. Once she finally reaches the bottom she begins to hear strange voices for a moment. “Oh! We really did find the festival!!” She begins to run down the tunnel a bit and then stops once she reaches the open area that seems to resemble a dungeon.

“There’s nobody here…” She begins to look around the room and notices that it seems pretty empty except for the table with a random collection of things in the back. Feeling a bit confused she walks closer to the table in order to get a better look. The thing that stands out to her the most is the pink banner with letters written across it saying "WeLCUM PaTCHeS", this really catches her off guard. “This is clearly my handwriting…” She silently stares at it really hard as if she is trying to figure something out before finally being distracted with the next thing that catches her eye. “Wait! That table is clearly from a party of some sort! Which means… We are too late. Those voices I heard earlier must have been the last of the guests leaving! Now what are we going to do…” She is incredibly disappointed but isn’t going to let something like that get her down for long. She takes a moment and looks back and forth from the pumpkin to the empty paintings for a few seconds before deciding what to do next. “I left your friend in timeout back in that room that’s at the top of the ladder.” She says to the two empty paintings just in case they are alive too. She doesn’t want to pick either of them up to find out for sure after having her face swiped at before so she just decides to assume they are. “Alright Kiku, let’s explore a bit since the festival is over, you can lead the way! I’ll be right behind you after I grab that pumpkin! It’s the only thing left over from the festival so I’m going to take it with us as a souvenir!” She begins to walk closer to the table in order to grab the pumpkin but hesitates once her eyes land on that banner again. “…That is definitely my handwriting but I don’t remember ever making that banner… Oh well! No time to waste!” And with that, she walks up to grab the pumpkin so that she can bring it with her and add it to her collection of souvenirs back home.

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