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Kai recoiled slightly from the enthusiasm. He was... a bit intense, and probably looking for more than she was willing to give, but she couldn't fault him for trying. Admittedly, they had only just met, but here she was asking him to potentially father her children, which was a hell of a larger commitment than whatever Happy was looking for.

"You seem nice," she said, slowly, and despite the air of reluctance in her tone the words were genuine. "You kind of... come on strong, but-... who am I to judge?"

She laughed nervously. To her eavesdropping trainer, it just sounded like a bunch of guttural barks.

"I think you're looking for love in all the wrong places, but-... I'm the one asking strangers for kids, huh? Jeez... It's not like anyone was around to teach me the finer points of this nonsense. Am I supposed to fall in love first? I don't want to fall in love, I mean-... not with a mate, you know-?"

She began pacing, ranting more to herself than to Happy at this point. "Surrounded by a bunch of children and... you... And this is what my trainer thinks is an appropriate pool of suitors? I thought it would be simple -- I want eggs, males want to mate, just 1-2-3 and I could get on with my life and focus on raising my children but it isn't that easy is it?!"

Every fin on her body stood rigid when she turned back to Happy, thick and muscular tail swishing erratically.

"You seem like a perfectly upstanding male!" She yelled. Why was she yelling? She wasn't sure. She took a breath and steeled her nerves before they ran away with her. "It's not like I have many options, is it...? You're the only one here whose balls have actually dropped, I think."

She laughed. Less nervous, more contrived, and flopped down on the floor, sprawling out in exhaustion. She'd worked herself up pretty tightly. Her tail thumped the wood. Happy claimed to care about her, and in a way she cared about him, in as much as she cared about all Eeveelutions, with whom she felt a common bond of hardship -- their versality rendered them a novelty to humans and they were so often stripped of a quality of life in an effort to full fill that novelty; bred and sold like trinkets in shop windows.

"I would rather my children know where they come from. If you're willing to be a father to them, I'm willing to be a friend to you. I don't know that I can give you whatever it is you're looking for, but-... if nothing else, I can help you with the females. You're earnest; someone's bound to find that cute. You sort of remind me of an Eevee I knew once... He was cute, in an... Excitable way. He helped me evolve. The world needs earnest Pokémon like you. It offsets the ones like me."

She chuckled, genuinely this time. She didn't have many friends; making one, even a would-be Lothario like Happy, was quite nice.
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