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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
It was a beautiful morning as Jayson made his entrance into the Cloud Forest. He had wandered into the foothills of Mt. Zephyria a short while before, but he was still relatively new at finding his way around the area. With tales of adventures and trials as his motivation, Jayson was inclined to seek out his own challenge that lay before him as he had plans of scaling the mountainside. But first, some light training would suffice for this morning as his Scyther, Spartacus, along with newly hatched Skorupi Trieu tagged along.

The further the group walked into the forest, the more the overwhelming presence of the gigantic trees around them seemed to envelop them. Plenty of birds were chirping all around the forest and the warm summer breeze gently shook the leaves above. Playing the role of the older brother, Spartacus led the way, to try and show Trieu the ropes of how to become a tough bug Pokemon. The tall mantis proceeded as the vanguard of the group, taking extra time to slice up some bushes that weren’t necessarily in their way all for the sake of showing off his scythes.

As they continued through the forest, a soft chirping sound was heard up ahead hidden behind a bush. It wasn’t the chirping of a bird however; it sounded more like an insect instead. Ready to take control of the situation, Spartacus sliced his scythe through the air with such speed that it created a Vacuum in the air and a Wave shot forward, piercing the bush. As the shockwave hit, the bush practically exploded, leaves and twigs flying everywhere. With the foliage no more, a cowardly Kricketot lay before them, shaking with a large bump forming on its head. It timidly began to Growl at the attackers in an attempt to fend them off.

While he may not have intended to play the role of a bully, Spartacus was in search of a sparring partner to accelerate his growth, so this Kricketot would have to do for now. As he held up his scythes in anticipation of the coming battle, a sudden noise suddenly came from above. “Karra…. BLAST!” A small blue beetle had leapt out of a branch from the trees above, horn pointed straight at Spartacus as it plummeted to earth. The beetle’s horn collided with the mantis, striking him with a super effective Peck. As it landed, the Karrablast angrily Leered at Spartacus and Trieu with an icy glare. It seemed like this scarab possessed a chivalrous spirit and wouldn’t let the Kricketot be ganged up on.
Spartacus had done as asked but instead of luring out one Pokemon for the pair of bugs to battle, he manage to lure out two! It didn't really matter though, it would just make for a better challenge, his two bugs could surely out surely overpower two wild, untrained Bug types. He was no rookie trainer, he had traveled to many a region and encountered a range of different Pokemon, including the pair that stood before him. The chivalrous Karrablast was native to the Unova region and could certainly pack a punch for its size, being able to make good use of its horn. The Kricketot was a Sinnoh native and while most would view it as a non threat, Jayson knew better. While the tiny tot wasn't capable of much it was capable of absorbing attacks and firing them back with even more force, he would have to tread carefully there, perhaps he could find a more indirect way to wear it down.

"Steady yourself Trieu, this is your first real fight, let's take it steady and play it smart. Let's try and poison the Kricketot, give it a Poison Sting, give it another if it doesn't look poisoned, otherwise give it a good old Leer. Spartacus lead from the front as you do best, Dual Chop the Karrablast then blindside it with a Quick Attack before raking it with another Dual Chop. It wasn't the most extravagant plan but the stakes of this battle were far from high and the last thing Jayson wanted was to confuse Trieu in her first battle.

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