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Happy's eyes were toward the floor as he thought about his own life. "I never knew my parents either," he confessed. "I do know I have a sister, but I haven't heard anything about her ever since we were bought by different trainers. I worry about her sometimes, like, is she alright?" There was a pause from Happy as well as he simply tried to gather his thoughts together. Suddenly, he stood up and looked straight into Kai's eyes with determination.

"You know what, Kai? You're right. You deserve a family, a real one. And if you're going to have kids, they deserve more than a mother, they'll need a father too. Pick me, and I'll do what it takes to be a part of your lives. (Besides, my trainer's easy to talk into visiting another trainer's base so we can visit whoever we want!) Even if you go with someone else...if the kids' dad isn't around much, come talk to me, and I'll treat them as if they were my kids! That's how much this means to me, that's how much I care about this...about you." Without even realizing it, his paw took him one step toward the Vaporeon in front of him as he started to speak softly again.

"You know...even though we just met, I still think I relate to you...kinda. I've got a ton of friends, but it always felt like I missed something. The thing is, you knew what you were looking for from the start, and I didn't. When I was younger, I used to tease some of the other Pokemon when they were together with their boyfriends or girlfriends, which got me into a lot of trouble.

"One day, though, I started thinking, 'Why am I making fun of them?' And I couldn't figure it out. Well, now I think I know why: I was jealous of them. I looked at the way they loved each other and wanted to feel that love for someone else and for them to love me too. I've tried with an Espeon on our team, but she kept turning me down, and I wasn't anything other than friends with anyone else, so...anyway, I think I've figured out now what I was missing. And...well...if you want to have someone else be your kids' dad, I get it, but...maybe we can help each other get what we need."

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