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Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
Lil'twick: With the line out into the water, you feel comfortable enough to just relax. After all, it’s not hard to. The water out here is peaceful. The sky is bright and blue. Sure, maybe your current conditions aren’t ideal, with a dubiously crafted boat and all that, but something about it definitely seemed homely. The rickety steel and the well worn wood adds character and risk of drowning. And as you listen to the two men behind you in their low hum of discussion, talking about their families, their golden days, the times like this where they get to do what they love… The location might not matter as much as you thought.

Suddenly, though, you hear the two men cheer a bit. “Hey! I got one, I think!” One of them says, pulling tight on their line. The other drops his pole and helps the other man pull up on his line, but… the two of them together can’t seem to get it. Both of them tug as much as they can, and eventually, Captain Joe steps out of the little roof for himself. As soon as he pulls up on it, in one swift flick, a white blur flies through the air and lands onto the ship’s dock, right in between you and the other groups. You see a small white Pokemon, with a little, mermaid like tail and a little horn on their head.

Yuke in particular is excited to see this new friend, feeling a particular kinship with the Pokemon - a Seel! The Seel looks around the boat at all of their new friends, and claps at the air. The two men laugh. “Look at the little one! She’s a natural around here!” The Seel slides around in a circle a little bit, and waves in particular to Yuke, smiling at her fellow seals.

Captain Joe looks to both sides. “Well, is either of youze gonna keep the little gal? Seems like a good companion, happy-go-lucky and all.” He says, walking over and kneeling down to the Seel. He gives her a few little scratches on his head. One of the two men shrug.

“We’ve got no need for a Pokemon unless she’s getting passed along to one of our kids, and we’ll gladly be around here for a bit longer, so. If you’re interested, go ahead.” The same one says. The choice is presented to you - What will you do?
Austin observed as one of the older man hooked a Pokemon. A young, lively Seel. She seemed happy to find a sort of kinship with Yuke, and the two pinnipeds seemed to enjoy the other's company. Yet, this didn't sit well with him. He came out here to get a prize of his own. Something he caught with his bare hands. While he knew his Spheal would be sad, his pride would be only more damaged if he opted for the Seel himself. He did feel bad for the poor girl, however. She seemed like a vibrant and happy type. One day she would become someone's Pokemon. Today just wasn't that day...

"Sorry sir, but I rather catch what I fish up on my own. If you are willing to capture it for one of your kids... that would be great. I can tell she's a good Pokemon." He gave the Seel a head rub. Her fur was surprisingly soft and not as damp as he expected it to be. "Just... not for me."

With a nod he returned to watching his fishing pool. He felt a patting on his shoulder, and saw Wisp looking at him with a smile. He returned one to the Litwick, knowing his starter was simply just trying to comfort him. He knew Yuke would be sad for as bit, but the laid-back, jovial blubber ball never was sad for too long. He'd let the Pokemon play with the wild Seel for a bit, at least. The teen was stubborn, not cruel. Not to his Pokemon at least. Something was there for him in these waters, he could feel it. The key to a good catch was patience, after all.

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