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Oh boy, what a day! We have just opened, and we got a lot of work on our hands... I'm sure my wonderful customers will be understanding though if there's any delays, and I'll be doing my best to deliver everything in a timely manner!

Registration for coloring of Jasper the Sableye, Jina the Geodudette, Spinda and Ekans complete! [~sprites completed~]
Quite the few pink Pokémon we have here! I wonder how you got that knack, too... I do love rose, myself! And thanks for your congratulations~!

Purchase of Pascal's purple service harness confirmed! [~sprites unavailable: $200 refunded~] (Feel free to ask anyone else to do the spriting!)
A service Pokémon? How wonderful! No worries, I know not to pet or interact with it while at work. I actually have a friend of mine who had a Herdier to help her climb hills while on her manual wheelchair. Quite the calm and loyal companion, too.

Purchase of Alolan Geodude's glasses confirmed! [~sprites completed~]
Good old glasses. Practicability and style rolled into one: now that's my kind of fashion! Although being almost as blind as a Zubat, I didn't have much choice in the matter... but I still love them! So does Starlette, she simply adores the pair she uses for her Ph.D costume~

Missingno. Master:
  • Purchase of Millicent's white rock necklace confirmed!
  • Purchase of new P*DA confirmed!
  • Registration for coloring of Sunny complete!
Whoo, that was quite the varied shopping list you had there! I am sure your Timburr will appreciate the simple necklace! And that orange glow on your Ninetales looks great on her~ And thank you for your kind words!

Registration for birthmarks and coloring of Kauka the Vullaby and Pahalo the Mandibuzz complete!
Oh my, what important visitors we have here! I hope their presence have made our boutique's opening blessed by Solgaleo and Lunala! I wonder if my dear Catalina have any affinity to the latter, as I found them at one of Lunala's shrines...

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