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That can work out, EAI!

While I do understand your thoughts, I do want to ask about one thing: what about if the person wants to change both weight and height, but not in the same proportions? Your examples only talk about if they one to change only one of the two. If I understand correctly, the moment that weight and height are not proportional, the extra fee kicks in. So if someone wants the weight at, say, x1.5 but the height at x2, they pay 150$. If that's the case, then I'm ok with that

All that said, although in all honestly I prefer to just have it that you have to stay proportioned with no height/weight independent changes shenanigans for practical reasons on my side, but seeing how the demand is there and admittedly goes against the Boutique's purpose is to customise Pokémon in the way you want, I'm willing to give height/weight independent changes a go.

But as I mentioned earlier, it'll be a test run. If I see that it gets a little too complicated/tedious/whatever for me to handle, I'll have to discuss with you guys again to find a solution about it!

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