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Just as a note, the Boutique lay-out as has been presented seems good to go.
The only thing that still needs to be decided on is the height/weight independent changes.

Personally, I consider height-weight ratio differences to be a physical deformity. I'm not against having them but I think if a size change is done, the weight should proportionally change with it. If someone wants to change the weight in relation to the size (or length against width, etc.) then they'll have to pay for the deformity to have it. So the way I imagined it:
  • If someone wants to change the size but keep the original weight, they'll have to pay $100 for the size change and $50 for the physical deformity.
  • If someone wants to change the size and have the weight proportionally changed with it then it'll cost $100.
  • If someone wants to keep the original size but change the weight, they'll pay $50 for the physical deformity.

Anyway, this was my original idea when I imagined that size/weight are originally supposed to be linked. In this way, disproportionate weights will only be purchased if there's a genuine interest in having them and not just because they can be freely picked whenever slightly adjusting the size. It's a small thing but one I feel might make a difference.

This should be the last thing that needs hashing out. If people can post a favourite option on how to handle the size/weight changes - even if they're voting blank - then we can pick the majority favourite and roll out The Boutique asap.

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