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The last time Hyrem dropped off two Pokemon to produce offspring, he knew better than to bother the new Arbok parents early. This time, however, felt a lot safer, but as he asked Dr. Grossman's assistant about Sera and Ulysses he was told they were both fine but only Ulysses was available. "Okay, well, can I see him, at least?" he asked, to which they obliged, though they warned him that there was something different about him, which he only found out about once Ulysses popped through the doorway.

He was expecting a Frillish. What he saw instead was much bigger than a Frillish and actually towered above him in height even when he wasn't floating about a foot in the air. Most of this size seemed to be in his enormous head, his face sporting what looked to be the most impressive mustache Hyrem had ever seen, though his tentacles seemed to have developed as well. "Ulysses? Is that you?" he asked the creature.
"Um, yes, it is me," he replied, with a lower sounding voice than Hyrem was used to. "If you're wondering about my new body, that happened while Sera and I were...well, you know."
"Heh, you must've had a really good time with Sera if you evolved from it!" he chuckled. "Lemme just check Dexelle to see what you are now."
"Of course," said Ulysses with a bow, allowing the Pokedex to scan him:

Jellicent, the Floating Pokemon, and the evolved form of Frillish. Their bodies are almost entirely comprised of seawater and are able to absorb it with ease as well as expel it in order to move around in the ocean. Individual Jellicent have been known to sink small boats, while groups of varying numbers are capable of sinking anything from large ships to entire cruise liners, all of which leave the humans on board vulnerable to being drained of their life force by these Pokemon. Jellicent territories are therefore well known due to the sheer number of wrecked ships found on the seafloor.

"Well, that's scary," Hyrem remarked. "This might be what your sister's gonna turn into, are you ready for that?"
"Yes, I did realize that Ariel might be what I have become as well. If I've had enough time to evolve, then so did she. I just hope I'm strong enough when the time comes."
"Anyway, enough about that! How's Sera and the egg?"
"Ah, yes, they're both fine! However, Sera asks that she stay with the egg until it hatches so she has time to bond with our child as well as link her mind to it."
"Not a problem!" said Hyrem. "Besides, you'd be plenty to show off while we wait for the egg!"
"Ah, well, I'm not one off that much. Though, I was wondering if you would be willing to try something?"
"What are you thinking about?
"Perhaps...I can carry you around on my head?"
Hyrem beamed as soon as he figured it out. "Sure, why not!?" he said with enthusiasm. He then waited for Ulysses to float down to him in order to clamber onto the top of his head. No small feat, mind you, the Jellicent's slippery body made it quite difficult indeed, but he was able to at least grasp onto the back of his head as well as use the back of his "mustache" as a foothold. "Hold on tight," Ulysses warned before floating out the door. It wasn't quick by any means, nor was he floating more than a few feet off the ground at any time, but imagine holding onto one of those plastic pool toys as it moved you about and kept you afloat, and that's the kind of experience Hyrem was having. Eventually, he was too tired to hang on and let go, but after that he said, "Okay, that was pretty fun! I bet you'll be great for the kids to play with too!"
"I would be happy to ferry any small children that wish to ride me for a bit," Ulysses said with what appeared to be a happy expression, though any smile would have been hidden by the "mustache" on his face.
"Anyway, let's go for now, Ulysses! We'll be back in just a week, don't you worry!"
"Of course," said the newly evolved jellyfish, floating alongside his trainer; although worried as a new father is wont to do, he knew Sera was perfectly capable of taking care of things all by herself, and he shared in his trainer's excitement at wanting to see what the baby would be like.


{Just picking up my Frillish Jellicent at this time! Sera's going to stay to make sure the baby's going to hatch, so take good care of them both! =D}
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