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Lil' Bluey

The quacks are back!

First ep impressions:

It's very cute. There's definitely a lot of fun, high-paced energy. I smiled/laughed at a lot of the nephews' antics trying to get to know their great-uncle, and all the little references to the original series.

Spoiler: show
"Do children still like marbles?" lol. Also the lamp and "gold sun" coin in the garage. \o/

I wasn't expecting the premiere to be a two-parter, so it was cool we got to see the gang go on their first expedition to Atlantis. It's funny since I remember when they visited Atlantis in the original during a story arc that also involved a competition between Scrooge and Glomgold.

Spoiler: show
No fishpeople/helpful dolphins here though. (Although it definitely gave a lot of "Finding Nemo" vibes towards the end. XP)

My biggest complaint so far would be Donald's voice, since it's so hard to make out what he's saying. I know he's supposed to be that way, but the first few minutes were frustrating for being utterly incomprehensible. Him being a doting dad is adorable though. <3

I meant to mention earlier: I adore Mrs. Beakley's voice. I wasn't sure about her becoming a buff "tough love" type/taking over Duckworth's role from design alone, but hearing her dry delivery in the new trailer sold me. It's got that strictness/sarcasm, but also a motherly warmth to it. I love that she doesn't take shit from her employer either.

Spoiler: show
When he handed her the pen and paper and told her to start making a list, I was wondering why she wasn't writing at first and thought it was just lazy animation. But then she just says she's not his secretary and fires the pen straight back at him like a dart. Holy shit.

Launchpad is still a lovable goofball and definitely has some of the best comedic timing. I felt really bad for him when they reached the temple though. ^^; Even for slapstick, that's pretty harsh.

Webby does feel a bit over-the-top, although I like the explanation that she's been so sheltered her whole life she's pretty much adopted this wild, imaginative personality in order to find ways to amuse herself. It's interesting that the boys are actually a little afraid of her at first rather than going "ew girl", but do quickly become "best friends" with her and want to teach her the ways of getting into trouble instead of ignoring/excluding her.

David Tennant as Scrooge is great. 'Nuff said. (Even though I don't know anything about the guy/Doctor Who, but he seems to be filling Alan Young's flipper... sock... sandal things pretty well. Edit- According to this they're called "spats". The more you know.)

P.S. Dat GF-esque reveal at the end. Could see it coming a mile away, but still nice to have an overarching mystery to look forward to unraveling.

Also the intro gave me a weird Wind Waker feel.

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