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War of the Roses

Meanwhile, the two aerial combatants of the game launched their strike on Lilligant’s area in the northeast. Ace the Pidgey struck first, targeting Munchlax who had kept his nose to the ground with an Odor Sleuth. Munchlax was taken out with swift precision, but as Ace had swooped in low for the strike, her backside had been left open to Flechling’s own aerial strike from above. With the Pidgey now grounded, Flechling turned to make a tactical retreat, but unfortunately for her, Harpe the Aipom had used her Agility to dart ahead to head the bird off. A carefully aimed throw connected with Fletchling, leaving Lilligant safe for now.
Fletchling flew down to perch on Melissa's arm, looking kind of wry. She fluffed up her feathers and shook, head to tail, to try to get as much water off as possible.

"So...unsuccessful?" Melissa asked, glancing around the field as though she could see the layout through the garden. Fletchling twittered, tilting her head to one side, and Melissa raised her eyebrows. "Oh? Well, that's not too bad then. Probably would've been a good idea to use some Agility on your getaway, but live and learn, right?" Melissa shrugged with a crooked grin.

Glancing up at the sky, she said, "You know, I think I've finally thought up a proper name for you." Melissa looked at her Fletchling. "How do you like the sound of Zephyr?"

Fletchling turned to look at her own wings and then back up at Melissa with an amused chirp.

"Well, it's appropriate, isn't it?"

Her Fletchling tilted her head to one side, considered, and chirped agreeably.

"Glad you think so." Melissa smiled. "Now, let's see how we do with only Hiero left."

Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
“With that, Tsareena is out! That concludes the first round of the contest! Let’s hear it for Alex and Harpe as well as Chroma and Elenchos, who fought valiantly! Let us now take a short intermission and reconvene at the gazebo in the center of the garden,” Poppy announced as all of the contestants made their way back to the middle of the Rose Garden. As the individual and team points were tallied, they were shortly posted on a board for all to see.

Team Bellossom: lilbluecorsola, deoxys, myahoo
Team Points: 6
Individual Points:
Hiero: 4
Melissa: 1
Jess: 1
As the trainers wait for the next game of this contest, refreshments were passed out to all people and Pokemon in the area. A small troupe of Floettes performed a dance number on the gazebo stage as entertainment while a chorus of Flabébé accompanied them with a song. As the song and dance finished, the audience let out a cheer. Stepping up to the microphone, Petunia addressed the crowd, “Thank you all for your patience. The next event will be starting momentarily! As we speak, our volunteers are currently setting it up so it will be a few more minutes!” She smiled and bowed as a Nuzleaf and an Exeggcute took the stage, where the Nuzleaf promptly began to juggle all of the Exeggcute heads.

For all of their hard work in the first round, the following Pokemon appear to have become a little stronger:
Gaining 2 Levels: Melissa’s Fletchling
Please wait patiently as the next phase of the event is being written up and will be posted soon!
"Eh, we didn't do too bad," Melissa said, as the final tally was displayed. "Decent showing, even if we weren't one of the last two teams." Zephyr whistled as a troupe of tiny flower Pokémon paraded onto the stage and began dancing and singing.

Zephyr grew from level 22 to 24.

The Pokémon troupe left the gazebo to cheers and one of the other gardeners stepped up to the microphone to announce that the next event would be starting momentarily. Melissa returned Zephyr and settled in to watch the entertainment.

Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Team Bellossom

Peony approaches Team Cute and gives you all a little curtsy then reaches into her designer coach purse pulling out three pink envelopes with a pretty ribbon wrapped around them to hold them together. As she undoes the ribbon she looks up at the three of you with a cute smile. “You all did great out there! I can’t wait to see how you all do this round!” After separating them she hands each of you your own individual envelope, now that they are in your hands you can smell the scent of strawberries emanating from them. “Alright, so this is round two and I’m supposed to explain what it is you’re supposed to be doing! This round is a scavenger hunt where all of you cuties are going to be exploring Queen Bellossom’s domain in order to find… Well, you’ll find out! I skipped movie night with my friends in order to set this up last night but I think it’s going to be worth it when I get to watch all of you enjoy yourselves! Just remember, have fun above everything else! Those envelopes have your first clues inside of them so you can all go ahead and open them whenever you want and head on in! You can each bring one Pokemon along with you too. Good luck!” She gives you all a wink and flips her hair as she turns around and walks away.

Left with nothing but each other’s company and the strawberry scented pink envelopes in your hands you each decide to go ahead and open up your individual clues.

Jessica – Ever changing though the eye can’t measure, concealed within are many treasures. Some find safety beneath its gate, while some may die beneath its weight.
Hiero – I’m yellow but I’m not a banana, I can be over ten feet tall but I’m not a giraffe. What am I?
Melissa – What falls on the water and never gets wet?

Each of you read over your own riddles which have been printed on heart stationary and attempt to solve them as you make your way over to Queen Bellossom’s domain…

Queen Bellossom’s area immediately stands out because of the brightly colored yellow sunflowers that carve out most of the walkways that make up her domain. The sunflowers part at the entrance where there is a cobblestone path that leads straight to a clearing with a couple of benches with small flowering trees that are on either side of them. The benches are on opposites sides from each other facing a very large flowerbed in the center that is filled with various popular flowers of all colors such as tulips, carnations, daisies, etc. It’s a nice place to sit and take a break for those that need rest. Surrounding this area are different walkways that are neatly lined with the sunflowers on either side and all of the paths have the cobblestone to walk on. They all look similar but there is a sign post in front of the central path with arrows pointing toward each of the paths.

Queen Bellossom’s Throne Room Ahead
Rock Garden —>
<— Waterlily Display

As guests make their way down the path to the right toward the rock garden, about half way down there is another clearing only much smaller than the entrance to the domain. This area has a single bench in the center with a small display of flowers along the back of it. The sunflowers that are lining the path are spaced apart a bit more here than they were on other parts of the path. Passing this area, after following the path the rest of the way is the rock garden. The first thing that stands out in this large space is the three-tier rock waterfall fountain that is decorated with purple ice plant blossoms and various shrubbery. To the right of the rock waterfall there is a small area of water surrounded by river rocks with a small bamboo fountain that has a calm and steady stream of water flowing through it, there is also a small Oddish statue next to the bamboo.

From the entrance, if the path to the left is taken it leads straight to the waterlily display. There are clusters of flowerbeds on display as visitors make their way down the path. The area with the display is quite open with several pools of water in the ground that have lily pads, lotus flowers, and prickly waterlilies decorating the water. Occasionally, there will be Pokemon relaxing and floating on top of the lily pads. There are several vases of flowers that are placed on the ground randomly throughout the display in order to add more pops of color. In the back, there is a small gazebo where guests can get out of the sun and sit in the shade while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.

If visitors follow the path straight from the entrance it will lead to Queen Bellossom’s throne room. This space is larger than the others and in the center, is a very large sunflower with a short stem. This sunflower is twice the size of all the other sunflowers in the garden and it is the throne in which Queen Bellossom sits upon. Circling the border of the room are multicolored hydrangea bushes and for every two bushes there is one Gloom standing tall and proud facing the center where their queen resides. The rest of the room surrounding the throne is filled with various flowers everywhere, making this the most colorful place in Queen Bellossom’s entire domain. The only areas that don’t have flowers in this room are the small grassy paths that have been created for guests to walk on and not disturb the flowers.

Please post your reply by August 12th. Please choose one Pokemon to bring with you for this event. After coming up with an answer to the riddle, state the answer in your response and which area you plan to explore.
Peony handed each of them an envelope, explaining that the next stage was a scavenger hunt in Bellossom's domain and the envelope contained their first clues. They were once again restricted to a single Pokémon, but that was no surprise. Glancing at her teammates, Melissa opened the strawberry-scented envelope and pulled out the heart stationary to read her clue.
What falls on the water and never gets wet?
Her first thought was leaves or flower petals, but they would probably still get wet. Technically. So...the riddle-answer would probably be...shadows. Which meant...she should probably look for some kind of pond or water feature.

Melissa followed the sign pointing towards the Waterlily Display, which, if the name was accurate, would mean her next clue could be any number of shadows over there. Pulling a different Pokéball off her belt, she released her Snivy, who shook from head to tail as he materialized. Looking up at her, Vine tilted his head to one side expectantly.

"Scavenger hunt. We got one clue; we gotta look for the rest," Melissa explained, showing him the clue. Vine flicked his tail as he read it and then raised a brow at her. "I think it's a shadow. Or maybe light, now that I think about it, but let's take a look around, huh?"

Vine hummed his agreement and glanced around pointedly.

"Hmm. Split up and look for anything that might be a clue?"

Vine nodded and darted off to begin his search, taking the farther half and leaving Melissa to search the closer half.

"Meet at the gazebo?" she called after him. Vine's tail waved in acknowledgement. Melissa glanced at her surroundings. "Now where would I hide the clue?"
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