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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

With strong, sharp claws, your Drapion created a human-sized hole from the gap in the hedge. As she cleared away the well-trimmed bush, more and more of the path of the Parasect was revealed. The grass was flattened, and bits of dirt and gravel was pulled up to the surface. Petunia and Persimmon grimaced at the damage she had done to the hedge.

“Er…that’s…well…” Persimmon started. He scratched his head, unable to find the right words.

“You see, Roserade is in charge of this area,” Petunia addressed you. “And she likes her garden quite organized. Maybe we can try…. less destruction? At least until we’re out of Roserade’s zone.”

“Yes, quite…” Persimmon adjusts his glasses, which you now notice have several fingerprints on the lenses. He turns to leave, already mumbling to himself about how many grams of this and that he will need for the antidote. He makes it about three or four steps until he remembers something, and turns on his heel. “Saliva! You need its saliva. About twenty milliliters. Best of luck, Alec!” The botanist turns again with a flourish of his lab coat, and scurries off. Petunia wishes you well, and lets you know she’ll make sure her and Persimmon are here waiting for you when you get back. She waves as you begin to follow the Parasect’s trail.

Herex leads the way for you and Glasspine. The Sandshrew carefully studies the ground, picking up small flowers and pebbles in order to find any possible clues. For such an injured Pokemon, the Parasect has gone quite far. You and your Pokemon make your way through a more secluded area of the garden, passing by the occasional cluster of Budew and Roselia. They whisper as you pass. Perhaps they have heard of your recent efforts. You come upon another tall hedge, the drag marks lead into another, Parasect size hole. Heeding Petunia’s words, Herex reaches a long arm into the hole, and pushes away some branches as gently as she can. When she finishes, it is just large enough for both you and the four-foot tall Pokemon to crawl through. Glasspine goes through first, slipping through easily. You follow, avoiding getting your hair or clothes caught on the sharp thorns of the rose bush.

As you reach the other side, you come across a much different sight. This area of the garden is much more overgrown, with flowers of all shapes and colors growing wildly. A pair of Petilil run by, chasing each other and giggling. You notice that the hedges seem to get taller and taller in the distance, becoming more and more maze-like. Ahead of you is a hedge that is partially trimmed, bright red and orange flowers dotting its top. In the bottom, right, you notice another patch of orange and red, though there are distinct white spots mixed among the red. If you weren’t mistaken, these flowers seemed to be moving. Herex, following directions, continues along the path of drag-marks on the ground, which leads away from the orange and red-and-white spotted flowers.
The Drapion took her orders of making a path quite clearly, with her sharp claws tearing at the hedge with ease, revealing the path before them created by the Parasect, but before he could acknowledge her work the two gardeners with them seemed to grimace at the handiwork, as realisation sunk in that their approach was a little blunt to say the least. As Petunia explained this section of the garden was Roserade's domain and she preferred the garden organized, the scorpion scratched the back of her head.

"Sorry, still concerned for my pokemon and finding that Parasect. Be careful with the plants, Herex," Alex returned to the Drapion, who nodded. She knew careful. With that, Petunia and Persimmon left to see to the antidote, until the botanist told Alex exactly what was required from the insect: Saliva, around twenty millilitres of the substance. Nodding as the pair left and he and his team ventured forth, Alex was thankful he kept an empty bottle at hand, usually for filling with drinking water. As it was, the container was empty, as he wondered how to obtain bug drool.

Following the Parasect's trail, with the Sandshrew examining the scratched ground, the human examined the distance they had travelled. For something in such a battered state, it seems to have went quite far, as though it was on some sort of agenda of sorts...passing through, the trainer could note the cluster of Budew and Roselia dotted here and there, whispering. It wouldn't be remiss to assume that news of the Parasect attack had reached them and his skills at thwarting the plans. Further along, another hedge the bug passed through came into sight.

"Careful there, try and push some of those branches away so I can squeeze through." With her toughened exoskeleton, the poison pokemon effortlessly and gently held back enough of a passage that Glasspine could pop through easily and Alex could scramble through. Taking it slowly to avoid the thorns of the rose bush, the other side of the hedge was most certainly in contrast to the previous garden. Overgrown bushes and plants wildly twisting and turning, a pair of playful Petilil in the distance. The hedges towered over them, and seemed to grow into what looked like a mazelike mess, while the hedge before them, speckled with flowers, had some distinct red and orange flowers beneath with white spots, which appeared to be moving.

He couldn't be distracted with them, even if they were pokemon. The drag marks led away from the flowers, and he only had limited time to pursue the mushroom pokemon. However, as he and his pair began to move, he paused. The flowers were surely some sort of pokemon, perhaps they had seen the Parasect, but there was the likelihood said flower pokemon would be hostile. In any case, not investigating could have some serious consequences. If the flowers were indeed pokemon, then it would be prudent they would be grass types, and thus the best case for discussion would be the Drapion.

"Herex, hold on one second. Could you have a closer look at those flowers there and see if they're pokemon? Try not to surprise them too much and confide that you're not here to attack, and ask if they've seen a big mushroom walking around here that looks hurt, and if so where it went. If the flowers are just flowers, we'll carry on following the drag marks carefully."
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