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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
War of the Roses

The stage was set for the final round of the water balloon war. Only two Pokemon remained as the rest had been gradually knocked out one by one. Representing Team Tsareena was Chroma’s Inkay, Elenchos, while Alex’s Aipom, Harpe, represented Team Lilligant. As the contestants prepared for sudden death, the individuals gathered in their respective domains near the border of Tsareena’s and Lilligant’s territories.

Hidden by the maze-like walls of hedges in Lilligant’s territory, Alex instructed Harpe to venture into Tsareena’s territory, using the treetops as cover while goading Elenchos into attacking her while playing hard-to-get with guerilla tactics. Meanwhile, Chroma and Elenchos gathered behind a cluster of fruit trees in Tsareena’s orchard as the Inkay was given instruction to disorient his opponent with a light display and wait for the right moment to strike.


As the two Pokemon were ready with their commands and their water balloons, the sudden death was ready to begin. Elenchos lay in wait in the fruit orchard as Harpe entered from the north. The agile monkey leapt from branch to branch, using the cover of leave to conceal her appearance. Elenchos was ready, however, as the sound of rustling leaves alerted him to Harpe’s entrance. The psychic squid’s body began to glow softly, a sort of bioluminescence kicking in as his pigmentation began to distort and pulse.

Harpe was mesmerized by the display of lights, but didn’t allow herself to come out of hiding just yet. She began spouting an array of insults at the floating squid, Taunting him in a Pokemon language that was best left untranslated (although it was something along the lines of calling Elenchos a dork). Offended by Harpe’s insults, Elenchos aborted his defensive strategy and went on the assault. Not wanting to relinquish his ammo just yet, Elenchos used his Psywave to fire a couple of psychic rings at a nearby fruit tree and dislodge some apples and telekinetically fling them in Harpe’s direction.

As the apples collided with the branch she sat on, Harpe leapt out of the tree and onto the ground before Elenchos, her cover finally blown. Harpe used this opportunity to change her own tactics, turning from a cold and condescending tone to a gentler approach to appeal to Elenchos in an Attractive manner. Blushing and batting her eyelashes, Harpe played the ultimate tsundere as she said in Pokemon language something along the lines of, “I only called you a dork because my trainer told me to, idiot!”

Elenchos wasn’t sure what to think at this point, unsure if he should be angry or bashful by Harpe’s confusing hot-and-cold approach. With little else to consider, his answer was simple; the Inkay raised up his tentacle-like arm and flung his water balloon at the Aipom. Unfortunately for Elenchos, Harpe was ready for this. She quickly pulled up an energy barrier, Protecting herself from the splash, and as the shield faded, she flung her own balloon back at Elenchos, splashing the squid in the process.

The audience roared as the old gardener Poppy stepped forward with a microphone in hand. “There you have it, folks! Elenchos is out! Only Team Lilligant remains! Let’s hear it for Alex and Harpe!” The audience cheered once more as Harpe was handed another water balloon. Begrudgingly, Tsareena stepped forward as well, her head held high as to not disgrace herself with poor sportsmanship. “Now that only one team is left, it’s up to Harpe to do the honor of knocking Tsareena out officially!” With a big grin on her face, Harpe held the balloon in her tail-hand and cocked it back, taking aim at the flower queen. With a strong toss, she threw the balloon at Tsareena, hitting her square in the face as it popped her with a burst of water. Taking her medicine like a champ, Tsareena wiped her face and nodded, conceding victory to Lilligant.


“With that, Tsareena is out! That concludes the first round of the contest! Let’s hear it for Alex and Harpe as well as Chroma and Elenchos, who fought valiantly! Let us now take a short intermission and reconvene at the gazebo in the center of the garden,” Poppy announced as all of the contestants made their way back to the middle of the Rose Garden. As the individual and team points were tallied, they were shortly posted on a board for all to see.

Team Lilligant: Jerichi, Maskerade, Raves
Team Points: 9
Individual Points:
Alex: 7
Rorik: 1
Lucas: 1
Team Roserade: Kyuu-Tales, Brave Saix, Rotom310
Team Points: 7
Individual Points:
Seiko: 3
Sypher: 2
Drew: 2
Team Bellossom: lilbluecorsola, deoxys, myahoo
Team Points: 6
Individual Points:
Hiero: 4
Melissa: 1
Jess: 1
Team Tsareena: Naruxami, Median Dia, Meetan
Team Points: 3
Individual Points:
Chroma: 2
Alice: 1
Elka: 0
As the trainers wait for the next game of this contest, refreshments were passed out to all people and Pokemon in the area. A small troupe of Floettes performed a dance number on the gazebo stage as entertainment while a chorus of Flabébé accompanied them with a song. As the song and dance finished, the audience let out a cheer. Stepping up to the microphone, Petunia addressed the crowd, “Thank you all for your patience. The next event will be starting momentarily! As we speak, our volunteers are currently setting it up so it will be a few more minutes!” She smiled and bowed as a Nuzleaf and an Exeggcute took the stage, where the Nuzleaf promptly began to juggle all of the Exeggcute heads.

For all of their hard work in the first round, the following Pokemon appear to have become a little stronger:

Gaining 5 Levels: Harpe the Aipom[/indent]
Please wait patiently as the next phase of the event is being written up and will be posted soon!

Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Team Lilligant

Petunia excitedly skips over to Team Elegant while holding three envelopes in her hand. “We’re in the lead!” She chuckles. “Congratulations Alex on getting first place in the first event! Rorik and Lucas, you also did great! It was so much fun watching everyone.” She gives everyone a big smile and begins to hand everyone a single envelope. “Well, it’s time for the next part of the event so I guess I should explain what you’re supposed to do with those envelopes, huh?” She cheerfully says before she begins to explain. “For this round, we will be having a scavenger hunt! As members of Team Elegant you will all be following clues and exploring Queen Lilligant’s domain. I got up extra early this morning in order to set this up so I’m very excited to see how all of you do! All you need to do is open up your envelopes whenever you’re ready and solve the riddle to find your first clue! It should be a piece of cake for you guys since you’re already in first! You can each bring along one Pokemon too.” She begins to walk away with a huge smile on her face while waving. “Oh! It’s a bit of a maze in there so be careful not to get lost!”

Each of you look down at the white envelopes you are now holding in your hands. Deciding that it’s probably best not to waste any more time you all carefully open them and pull out the piece of paper inside. Each of you were given a piece of paper with different riddles written on them:

Alex – I can be blown but I’m not a bubble, I drop but I’m not a tear. What am I?
Lucas – From house to house I go, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide. And whether there’s rain or snow I always stay outside. What am I?
Rorik – I am a purple flower that you might smell in the shower. What am I?

Now that you have all read your hints, you each begin to walk into Queen Liligant’s domain as you attempt to solve your riddles…

At first glance, Queen Lilligant’s area is made up of tall orderly hedges that have lilies of many different colors adorning the branches. There is a section where the hedges part which appears to be welcoming visitors to enter it in order to explore deeper within the domain. Beyond this opening, it becomes clear that this place isn’t as organized as it may have seemed from the outside, although, it is still just as beautiful. Beyond the entrance, the hedges split into several different footpaths and yet there are no signs that state which path goes where; this place is a maze and it’s easy to get lost if one isn’t careful. As visitors maneuver their way through the maze there are several different things that may be spotted along the way depending on which direction is taken.
From the entrance, the walkway that leads to the right has bellflowers that line up on the ground next to the hedges along either side of a grassy path. Visitors who follow along this path will notice that the bellflowers will gradually change to allium and that the allium eventually changes to dwarf iris. This pattern continues with the flowers that line this walkway constantly changing but they all have one thing in common, and that is that they are all purple. This path continues for a while until it eventually winds around and connects to another area with random turns.

The left path from the entrance is paved with concrete, it is well maintained with no cracks or weeds growing along the edges. This path leads to a clearing with a small water fountain that is decorated with a Petilil figure in the center. It’s not unusual to find Pokemon playing in the fountain at any given time during the day. From here the path splits two ways, the concrete paving continues to the right which leads to a small area of various different kinds of flowers grouped together decorating the ground. The path that is to the left of the fountain is covered in gravel and leads to a small gathering of trees, each tree has leaves with a different shade of green going from dark to light. The tree with the darkest leaves is in the center while the lighter shades surround it. The bark on the tree with the lightest leaves is a bit fragile and when looked at closely there are sharp pieces of wood sticking out as it chips away.

The path that leads straight from the entrance is carefully paved with stones of all different sizes. This path eventually ends with two paths splitting off to the left and right. The stones continue to be laid out in both directions and posted on the wall is the first sign. “This is the path that leads to Queen Lilligant’s throne” The sign isn’t clear which path that would be since the path splits in two directions and when glancing down either way it is clear that both of these paths lead to even more separate paths but visitors who are lucky enough to choose the right direction will find themselves in the queen’s throne room. The throne room is a very large circular area with a beautiful flowerbed in the center where the queen usually resides. Surrounding that are smaller flower beds where Petilil surround her. However, if a wrong turn is made there are numerous other places visitors may end up.

Please post your reply by August 12th. Please choose one Pokemon to bring with you for this event. After coming up with an answer to the riddle, state the answer in your response and which area you plan to explore.

The conclusion of the first event left Alex's team triumphant with Harpe's small size, swift and agile movement and varied skills and guile giving them both an offensive and defensive advantage, knocking an opponent out each round, including a strike on a Fletchling, certainly not an easy task for most pokemon. The lucky break with Bellossom knocked out a potential competitor, and after defending against the Inkay's offensive, Tsareena took the defeat in grace. As the group reconvened the trainer of the Munchlax, a scientist by the looks of things, approached Alex and Harpe and with inherent difficulty gave congratulations to him and the Aipom on their skills, the bear giving her a thumbs up as the chimp sheepishly held her small hands together embarrassed.

As the entertainment during the break died down, Alex checked the Aipom out, who seemed to have honed her skills to a degree he hadn't anticipated. Opting to give her some rest from the action, the Aipom was grateful for the recall, as Petunia approached the group and gave them envelopes before explaining the next task in the 'war' so to speak: a scavenger hunt. Opening the envelope, he discovered a riddle to solve as the woman explained the answers lay within Lilligant's domain. With the redhead scientist venturing down one path with his Munchlax and the blonde fellow he hadn't had much contact with venturing along another paved path, he looked over his riddle, before making a decision. Reaching for his belt, he sought his Sandshrew's ball, only to dislodge another ball "Whoops."

The orb bounced, enlargened, and bounced again before releasing the occupant, which manifested before him as a silver ovoid with green spines jutting out the metallic body, and two seemingly vacant eyes. The Ferroseed gave a small spin on its axis before rumbling around on his side to a spot of softer soil and sinking into it before twisting round and looking up at Alex.

"...we'll work on movement more, Pridwen. We've got a riddle of sorts to figure out...'can be blown, but not a bubble, can drop, but not a tear'..." he mused, thinking on what the solution could be as eyes gazed around. A metallic grumble from the Thorn Seed caught his attention as the steel pokemon whirled around and launched one of its spikes forward gently, the needle landing near one of the hedges, the tip on a decaying leaf.

"Leaves? Not from a hedge, but tree leaves blow in the wind and drop off in the autumn when it gets colder...and there should be a small thicket of trees down the paved path somewhere, at the far left. You able to move from there, Prid?" Giving a twist, the mostly sessile pokemon rolled out of the small pit he made before slowly trundling behind Alex as he made his way down the lefthand path towards the trees, hoping the solution was indeed a deciduous leaf from one of the trees there.
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