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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – Meredith’s mother just rolls her eyes at you and then turns her attention toward Meredith. “This is exactly what I was talking about earlier. You just can’t get anything through to people like her.” She seemed to just ignore your comment once again but Duchess was now looking a bit dispirited after listening to what you had to say about her Pokemon. Then, after getting the final word in and letting Meredith’s mother know just how tacky she is, you compliment Peach for a job well done and then withdrew her to her ball.

Duchess is looking a bit uncomfortable as you release the brightly colored Lotad onto the field. It seems like she is also getting tired of battling and now that this is her third opponent she is beginning to realize that there may be no end in sight and becomes even more disheartened. However, she knows that she has a duty to listen to her master so she sighs before charging into battle mode once again and starting things off with a Sand Attack perfectly aimed at Lorin’s face. While attempting to shake the sand away Lorin releases an Icy Wind, the wind covers enough area that Lorin, fortunately, didn’t need to really see where he was aiming anyway because it was pretty hard to avoid. Duchess takes the hit, the wind is so cold that her wet fur hat is now frozen, fortunately for her, that’s the only thing that’s frozen and she can still move but now her movement is going to be a bit slower. Lorin is able to get his second attack off before Duchess has the chance to do anything and she begins to get bombarded with a Seed Bomb attack causing her to get repeatedly pelted in the face with the seeds despite Lorin’s lowered accuracy. While that is happening, the teacher and Simon both return and are both drenched head to toe with water. Simon is crying and the teacher looks worn down and her clothes are even torn in several places. You don’t see the Wishiwashi with them at all so there is no telling what happened out there.

Duchess is starting to feel worn down and her lowered confidence isn’t helping her any. Lorin finally manages to shake most of the sand out of his eyes and the first thing he does is look right at Duchess who then winks at him. A heart circles Lorin before it pops and now he is finding himself very Attracted to Duchess all of a sudden. This attraction causes him to hesitate on his next move which gives Duchess the chance to charge up and slam into him with Frustration which does a surprising amount of damage. Lorin tumbles a few times and once he regains his bearings he is upset at his love for causing him such harm and this time doesn’t hesitate at all to suck the life out of her with Giga Drain. (Lorin gains 1 level) He recovers a good chunk of the health he had lost and Duchess is now clearly barely standing at this point. As usual, Meredith’s mother doesn’t seem to notice the state her Furfrou is in but if she does, there is a good chance she will be using another Full Restore. What will you do?
Alice rolled her eyes, getting increasingly more aggravated. By now, it was as much for Dutchess as it was for herself and the situation in general. The Pokemon had been battling on her own, without encouragement or gratitude, and was looking pretty messed up. Sure, that was her own doing but she had done it expecting her trainer to give a shit. The fact that she didn't was heartbreaking.

"You deserve better, Dutchess. You honestly do. I'm so sorry. You're more than your trainer or her dumbass child could ever hope to be." Alice said to the Pokemon, and she hesitated. She could take out the Furfrou, but it would be easy, not satisfying. That woman would scream blue murder either way, and she quite frankly didn't need to sell Mimi regardless of the outcome. It spoke volumes how much damage that 'frustration' had done before, and it was the only time she had seen that attack used to such great effect.

There were kids here. They didn't need to see this, but they had. Now was the perfect time to make an example of her. "You know what? No. We're done now. Lorin, you did really good. Come here, boy." The dual-type hesitated, immobilised by love, but his trainer crouched and cooed and eventually the derpy thing waddled over into open arms. "You were a really great opponent, Dutchess. I'm so sorry for messing up your fur. Here--" Alice dug through her bag. She procured a hairbrush, probably of a lesser standard than the Furfrou was used to, and a pouch stuffed to the brim with various pokeblocks and poffin which the blonde unzipped.

"I'm not selling Mimi. You were the one who fought the battle and I don't know what you'd do with a baby mimic anyway." Alice teased the Pokemon, "Why don't you have some of these? Help yourself. We have plenty and they might help that fur stay in shape. Plus they're made with love! You wanna know what that tastes like?"
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