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myahoo – After assessing the situation, you decide that putting out that fire before it spreads is the most important thing to focus on right now. You release your Chinchou who is completely clueless about the situation at first until you point at the fire in front of you and tell him to put it out. Once he looks over and sees the fire he becomes alarmed and can instantly see the seriousness of the current situation. Although he is a little nervous he doesn’t let that stop him and releases a powerful Water Gun that quickly begins to douse the flames. He aims it all over and only pauses in order to change his position so that he can have better angles at different spots. Once the fire is completely out, the Spinarak takes that opportunity to climb all the way down onto the ground using its webbing. After it lands it just runs over to another tree and climbs up that one. A Spearow then flies out of the Spinarak’s new tree and takes off somewhere. Seems like this forest is full of wild Pokemon.

You look back at the boy, he is now on the ground rolling around while attempting to pull the Poochyena off of his pant leg. “Scyther!! Get over here and get this thing off of me!!” The boy yells for his Scyther who comes back and Quick Attacks the Poochyena which causes it to finally lose its grip on the boy’s pant leg. “Good job! Now keep it distracted with Fury Cutter!” The boy stands up and brushes himself off before finally looking over at you and then to the tree that was supposed to be on fire but no longer is. “You have got to be kidding me! That was my last match!” He’s frustrated now, it seems that the matches you found on the ground earlier were probably the majority of what he had. That’s when the boy punches a tree and then turns around and takes off running, making another attempt to get away again, this time you have your eye on him but he is getting further away with each passing moment. The Scyther readies his blades and dives toward the Poochyena, ready to go through with the attack he was told to do. What will you do?
Signal managed to put the fire out, though he did have to change position a few times to get all of the fire. When he couldn't see any more flames, he glanced back at Melissa, his antennae blinking 'success?'

"I think so," she told him, as she watched the Spinarak relocate and scare a Spearow out of the tree. Turning around, she spotted the boy responsible for at least two of the fires rolling around on the ground, attempting to pull the Poochyena off his pant leg.

"Scyther! Get over here and get this thing off me!"

Melissa scowled at his choice of words and didn't react fast enough to prevent the Scyther from attacking the Poochyena, knocking the canine loose.

"Good job! Now keep it distracted with Fury Cutter!" The kid stood up and brushed himself off, looking over at Melissa and then the tree that had been on fire. "You have got to be kidding me! That was my last match!"

Melissa couldn't help feeling satisfied at the frustration in his voice, though it was good to know that the matches she'd found were probably his. The boy then punched a tree, turned around, and took off running, once again trying to get away, while the Scyther prepared for battle.

Melissa lowered Wildfire to the forest floor. "Wanna Pursue him? Make sure he doesn't start anything else? Try to be gentle, if you can." Melissa smiled wryly at her starter. "If you lose him, don't worry about it; just come back, okay?" Wildfire nodded and darted after the kid.

Turning back to the battle, she nodded at the Scyther. "You wanna give battle a shot, Signal? Shouldn't be too bad, even if the Poochyena decides to go after the kid when we give it an opening."

Signal blinked up at her, looked at the Scyther, and his antennae blinked 'uncertain'.

"I can always call someone else out, if you need some backup."

Signal took a deep breath, nodded, and padded forward, electricity sparking from his antennae.

"Start off with Thunder Wave and follow up with Charge Beam. Try not to hit the Poochyena, though."

Melissa didn't expect the battle to take too long, considering the type advantage, but she couldn't exactly account for what the Poochyena would do. Hopefully, it would go straight for the boy or, at least, wouldn't end up between Signal and the Scyther.
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