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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
War of the Roses

The stage was set for the final round of the water balloon war. Only two Pokemon remained as the rest had been gradually knocked out one by one. Representing Team Tsareena was Chroma’s Inkay, Elenchos, while Alex’s Aipom, Harpe, represented Team Lilligant. As the contestants prepared for sudden death, the individuals gathered in their respective domains near the border of Tsareena’s and Lilligant’s territories.

Hidden by the maze-like walls of hedges in Lilligant’s territory, Alex instructed Harpe to venture into Tsareena’s territory, using the treetops as cover while goading Elenchos into attacking her while playing hard-to-get with guerilla tactics. Meanwhile, Chroma and Elenchos gathered behind a cluster of fruit trees in Tsareena’s orchard as the Inkay was given instruction to disorient his opponent with a light display and wait for the right moment to strike.


As the two Pokemon were ready with their commands and their water balloons, the sudden death was ready to begin. Elenchos lay in wait in the fruit orchard as Harpe entered from the north. The agile monkey leapt from branch to branch, using the cover of leave to conceal her appearance. Elenchos was ready, however, as the sound of rustling leaves alerted him to Harpe’s entrance. The psychic squid’s body began to glow softly, a sort of bioluminescence kicking in as his pigmentation began to distort and pulse.

Harpe was mesmerized by the display of lights, but didn’t allow herself to come out of hiding just yet. She began spouting an array of insults at the floating squid, Taunting him in a Pokemon language that was best left untranslated (although it was something along the lines of calling Elenchos a dork). Offended by Harpe’s insults, Elenchos aborted his defensive strategy and went on the assault. Not wanting to relinquish his ammo just yet, Elenchos used his Psywave to fire a couple of psychic rings at a nearby fruit tree and dislodge some apples and telekinetically fling them in Harpe’s direction.

As the apples collided with the branch she sat on, Harpe leapt out of the tree and onto the ground before Elenchos, her cover finally blown. Harpe used this opportunity to change her own tactics, turning from a cold and condescending tone to a gentler approach to appeal to Elenchos in an Attractive manner. Blushing and batting her eyelashes, Harpe played the ultimate tsundere as she said in Pokemon language something along the lines of, “I only called you a dork because my trainer told me to, idiot!”

Elenchos wasn’t sure what to think at this point, unsure if he should be angry or bashful by Harpe’s confusing hot-and-cold approach. With little else to consider, his answer was simple; the Inkay raised up his tentacle-like arm and flung his water balloon at the Aipom. Unfortunately for Elenchos, Harpe was ready for this. She quickly pulled up an energy barrier, Protecting herself from the splash, and as the shield faded, she flung her own balloon back at Elenchos, splashing the squid in the process.

The audience roared as the old gardener Poppy stepped forward with a microphone in hand. “There you have it, folks! Elenchos is out! Only Team Lilligant remains! Let’s hear it for Alex and Harpe!” The audience cheered once more as Harpe was handed another water balloon. Begrudgingly, Tsareena stepped forward as well, her head held high as to not disgrace herself with poor sportsmanship. “Now that only one team is left, it’s up to Harpe to do the honor of knocking Tsareena out officially!” With a big grin on her face, Harpe held the balloon in her tail-hand and cocked it back, taking aim at the flower queen. With a strong toss, she threw the balloon at Tsareena, hitting her square in the face as it popped her with a burst of water. Taking her medicine like a champ, Tsareena wiped her face and nodded, conceding victory to Lilligant.


“With that, Tsareena is out! That concludes the first round of the contest! Let’s hear it for Alex and Harpe as well as Chroma and Elenchos, who fought valiantly! Let us now take a short intermission and reconvene at the gazebo in the center of the garden,” Poppy announced as all of the contestants made their way back to the middle of the Rose Garden. As the individual and team points were tallied, they were shortly posted on a board for all to see.

Team Lilligant: Jerichi, Maskerade, Raves
Team Points: 9
Individual Points:
Alex: 7
Rorik: 1
Lucas: 1
Team Roserade: Kyuu-Tales, Brave Saix, Rotom310
Team Points: 7
Individual Points:
Seiko: 3
Sypher: 2
Drew: 2
Team Bellossom: lilbluecorsola, deoxys, myahoo
Team Points: 6
Individual Points:
Hiero: 4
Melissa: 1
Jess: 1
Team Tsareena: Naruxami, Median Dia, Meetan
Team Points: 3
Individual Points:
Chroma: 2
Alice: 1
Elka: 0
As the trainers wait for the next game of this contest, refreshments were passed out to all people and Pokemon in the area. A small troupe of Floettes performed a dance number on the gazebo stage as entertainment while a chorus of Flabébé accompanied them with a song. As the song and dance finished, the audience let out a cheer. Stepping up to the microphone, Petunia addressed the crowd, “Thank you all for your patience. The next event will be starting momentarily! As we speak, our volunteers are currently setting it up so it will be a few more minutes!” She smiled and bowed as a Nuzleaf and an Exeggcute took the stage, where the Nuzleaf promptly began to juggle all of the Exeggcute heads.

For all of their hard work in the first round, the following Pokemon appear to have become a little stronger:
Gaining 1 Level: Horologie the Girafarig and Eridian the Bagon
Gaining 2 Levels: Rorik’s Munchlax, Julian the Passimian, Ace the Pidgey, Melissa’s Fletchling, and Hoshiko the Chikorita
Gaining 3 Levels: Seiza the Bronzor and Noppera the Mimikyu
Gaining 4 Levels: Elenchos the Inkay
Gaining 5 Levels: Harpe the Aipom
Please wait patiently as the next phase of the event is being written up and will be posted soon!
"Well now, that didn't turn out as I would've liked it," the young woman ran a hand through her hair as she stole the regal Roserade monarch a glance. The Rose Queen was thankfully not regarding her with any sort of admonishment--at least, not at the moment. Quite the contrary: she appeared preoccupied with pulling herself together, drying her sodden bouquets and brow. "She doesn't really have a reason to be cross with us anyway," Seiko mumbled, pose pensive. "We lasted the longest of anyone on the team."

Seiza drifted within its trainer's periphery, its axis tilted almost casually. "Speaking of which you did spectacular, Seiza," Seiko began, presenting a Pokeball before the Bronze Pokemon. "You earned yourself a break."

*Seiza gained 3 Levels! Seiza rose to Level 8!*

Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses
A practiced and well-organized ruler, Roserade kept her area of the garden tidy. A particular Pokemon, she was aware if even a single hedge was trimmed too short, if a treasured rose was out of place, or if any of her loyal subjects was misbehaving. Only Poppy, a gardener with years of experience and an easygoing attitude, had been able to keep up with the Queen’s demands. Team Cool gathered in the center of Roserade’s kingdom for the beginning of the scavenger hunt, directed to search wherever they’d like, but try not to make any messes.

Despite Roserade’s strict plans for her garden, she was more than welcoming to visitors In fact, it was designed with recreation and relaxation in mind. A majority of the area was laid out for the pleasure of guests. A sprawling, well-manicured lawn, was open for picnicking or the occasional game of Frisbee. The garden always had a pleasant scent and drew in all kinds of native Pokemon. Today, observers of the event had set up folding chairs to comfortably watch each team’s efforts. Short, flowering trees, offered some shade to small Pokemon and children alike. While waiting for the Scavenger Hunt to officially start, Team Cool’s attention is drawn to a waving cameraman. He points a heavy looking DSLR in their direction, snapping candid and posed photos of each participant and their Pokemon. Rangers were easy to spot in this section, handing out informational brochures with details about the Rose Garden. It was recommended that newcomers start with Roserade’s garden, not only for its easy to understand layout, but for its beauty as well.

Beyond this section lay organized rows of several kinds of plants. Poppy enjoyed using these fields to grow all kinds of vegetables, which he often donated to Galea Town or interested trainers. “I reckon my Hondew crop was as big as your head, this year!” Poppy laughs as he engages with a young guest of the War of the Roses. A state-of-the-art irrigation system provided fresh spring water straight from the peaks of Mt. Zephyria. At least, that's what the signs in the garden indicated. These fields also held plenty of beautiful blooms, and it was known around the world that the Rose Garden was home to thousands of rare hybrids. Among the normal pansies, tulips, cosmos, and roses were striking, multicolored flowers growing strong. Each section of the fields was labeled, giving information on the types of flowers, where they hailed from, and a price for interested buyers. The gem of Roserade’s garden was of course her Red and Blue roses, matching the ones she proudly grew on her hands. These primary-colored flowers created a border around her section of the garden, and eventually lead to the Queen’s throne room. For those who had an appearance with the Queen, they would take a long, rose-petal lined path. The Queen’s court of Roselia stood posed, showing off their brilliant colors. Rumor had it that a uniquely colored Roselia had made its ranks among Roserade’s favorites. Roserade herself enjoyed sunbathing on her throne, Ingraining sturdy roots into the soil, making sure she was always at peak performance. Each day, her subjects offer up the most beautiful flowers for her to place in her crown. Today, she wore light pink and orange flowers, mixed in with sprigs of rosemary.

Poppy leads Team Cool to the foot of Roserade’s throne, and the Queen acknowledges you silently. Poppy instructs each of you to sit in decorated lawn chairs, one for you and one for

“Alright kiddos!” Poppy addresses you jovially. “Great job in the last round, I hope you all had fun. Now you’ll have a Scavenger Hunt.” He produces three envelopes with your name printed in a neat font. “Take your time looking around Roserade’s domain, and don’t leave any stones unturned! I typed up these riddles for you all, which will be your first clue.” Together, you open your envelopes and pull out a small slip of paper.

Seiko’s paper reads: What flowers grow on faces?
Sypher’s paper reads: What has rivers but no water, forests but no trees, and cities but no buildings?
Drew’s paper reads: The sharp slim blade, that cuts the wind.

“Although this old brain is as sharp as ever, I’m not allowed to give you any hints, so good luck out there!” Poppy laughs heartily and slaps his knee. He wishes you well as each of you start solving your riddles and identifying the corresponding clue in Roserade’s garden.

Please post your reply by August 12th. Please choose one Pokemon to bring with you for this event. After coming up with an answer to the riddle, state the answer in your response and which area you plan to explore.
Seiko remained seated in the speckled lawn chair for a few seconds longer than her teammates, her focus trained on the slip between her fingers. Growing up she was often scolded for her carelessness, so she felt it in her best interest to study the prompt several times before proceeding with the actual search. She could have sworn she heard this particular riddle before; alas, it was not as though deja vu would do her any good in figuring out what Poppy was asking her to find.

Well, I'm being asked to locate a flower, that's for certain. Seiko's eyes scanned the kept, groomed hedges and pens of flowers, as every bit magnificent as they were innumerable. Seiko looked nervously at the Roserade queen, shaking her head and cupping her cheeks in her hands. Okay, what grows on a face? Roses definitely don't, so I suppose I can count the namesake of this place out.

Seiko grumbled, irritated. She jammed her hand into her waist pouch, withdrew a Pokeball and threw it at her feet. "Go, Aiolia!" In an instant, the Litleo materialized, blinking once before jumping into her arms, unheeded.

"Do you think you can help me, buddy? I need the nose and botanical know-how of one who grew up around flowers. Got any ideas what a flower that "grows on faces" might be?"

The Litleo's expression turned stern as he covered his trainer's lips with his paws, silencing her. She tore free, incredulous. "Aiolia, what's gotten into you? I like a hands-on approach, yes, but I need my lips---"

Seiko paused. Tulips!

"Tulips!" the young woman exclaimed as she excitedly nuzzled the Little Cub. "Great thinking, Aiolia! Quick, to the flower fields!"
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