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KamenAeons (2/3) ~last update

CyberBlastoise (2/3) ~please post in lightslategray
After mulling it over, you decide to go for it. Damn all of the pointy spikes, Megas was more than capable of handling them. The rocky spears may be many and sharp but were lacking in girth and stability. Megas threw the first, gentle, punch and easily cracked one of the spikes clean off the floor, throwing it into another stalagmite. The stony tower crumbled underneath the force and a pile of rubble was all that remained. Many spikes still lingered though, and if Megas was going to hold back out of fear of cave-ins it might end up taking a while. Oh well…

(For what felt like fifteen days later):
Megas was having none of it any more. The tunnel’s fangs had practically become an insult to his power. If he wanted to, (and if you want him to), he could merely flick one of his fingers against the last of few needles with a tap, cracking the base and sending pieces of it ricocheting against the remaining few. What remained around you was but a wasteland of rubble that you and Megas had caused. Oh who knows how long it might have taken nature to shape an elegant portrait as the stalagmite trap inside the cave - it was an effort in vain if it could not withstand you and your Pokémon’s prowess in a single day.
Never mind that, your prize was within reach. The growth attaching itself to one of the more sturdier stalagmites of the cave gave off an eerie light that glowed at regular intervals like a heartbeat in rest. You make your first touch on the egg’s shell, when the grey incandescent light starts beating faster, the heart within racing in anticipation. You and Megas keep a safe distance for a while as the egg wobbles and breaks the stalagmite’s pike clean off the base, toppling the pair of them to the floor where the hard eggshell cracked underneath the force. The cracks grew as the egg wobbled, an inner earthquake shredding the foundation of its womb. Two dark grey hands emerged from within a crack and took a hold from the outside, pulling open the crack even further like a man gruffly exercising at a gym. And like the man at the gym, the Pokémon within celebrated his victory with a tumultuous roar as the egg shell parted and a pewter boulder emerged. All around you, fragements of the stalagmite Megas broke trembled between their dormant siblings before magnetically lifting themselves off the floor and instantly zipping to the angry-looking Pokémon’s bald scalp. With his new hairdo and thick eyebrows, the Alolan Geodude looked up at you and extended a hand as if in greeting, before closing it into a thumbs-up.

After the proper greetings had been made, you and your group head for the exit, the sun now dipping into the ocean’s horizon, and find a cool breeze wafting over you. A red-and-white checkered blanket is lifted by the wind, revealing to you a gift basket of delicious treats and tokens dedicated to you and your new partner Pokémon.

You obtained:
- Lv.1 Male Alolan Geodude
- 1 Rockium Z or Electrium Z
- 1 TM Aurora Veil
- 3 Springtide Chocolate Rare Candies
- 1 Bunny Suit (Held Item) – This suit allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%

Congratulations on finishing your Springtide Event campaign! After replying to this post you may claim your reward.

As Megas was finishing cleaning up this room of all the spikes around, Bill was able to make it to the egg no problem. After carefully removing the egg from its holster, he examined it closely. It has some sort of static running on its shell, probably throughout it. No doubt about it, this egg is definitely magnetized. He thanked the gods that the only electronic on his person right now was his Pokedex, and it was pretty much Poke-proof.

After what seemed like an eternity, the egg finally hatched. Megas didn't bother just standing around, that was boring. It pretty much cleared the rest of the stalagmites surrounding because it was less boring than doing nothing at all. Bill on the other hand contemplated what kind of Pokemon was sleeping within the shell. Two arms emerged, followed by the rest of a gruff-looking body of some sort of Geodude. Though it looked...different from any other Geodude he had ever seen before.

He held up his Pokedex to the Pokemon before it sprang up and said
Geodude, the Rock Pokemon
Its body is a magnetic stone. Iron sand attaches firmly to the portions of its body that are particularly magnetic.
"Huh," Bill muttered to himself. "Must be an effect of the island." A Pokemon being magnetic wasn't the weirdest thing he had heard, after all, there was that one island where all the Pokemon were pink.

The Geodude squinted towards the trainer, giving what appeared to be a steely gaze, before it approached the trainer and hit him head-on.

The attack caused Bill to stumble back onto the remaining stalagmite. The Geodude tried the same tactic again, its arms appearing to look like it was about to strangle the trainer. He quickly dodged to the side, the geodude's momentum though caused it to slam into the rock formation, causing it to fall and reveal a small crystal. The Geodude shook off the blow and looked at the crystal, before looking back up at Bill...then back down to the crystal. It eyeballed the crystal closely before smashing it into little pieces. It then picked up the biggest two pieces it could find and held it up to its eyes.

"What the?" this had legitimately confused the trainer. He was used to random acts of violence from Megas, but...this was strange even for Bill. It then gave a smile as it looked through the crystal before Bill clued in. The Geodude wasn't attacking the trainer at all, it seemed to have poor eyesight and it was trying to feel its way around. Whatever that crystal's curvature was, it seemed to help. was magnetic...that means that metal could stick to the Geodude. He fished out two small metal clips from his belongings before grabbing the crystal out of the Geodude's hand, the latter of which was none too pleased about it.

Bill then latched the crystal pieces onto each of the clips and stuck them onto the Geodude's eyebrows. The crystals seemed to hold enough into place, even with the weaker magnetic field there.

"That should do until we get you some eyeglasses at the boutique," Bill stated to his new Pokemon. Maybe he could special order some that would just magnetically attach to the Geodude, since it lacked the ears or nose that normally would hold up glasses. The Geodude gave a thumbs-up.

"Okay, let's head out of here. Megas and um...hmmmm...what's a good name for you? ......oh! I got it. Trono."

Picking up:
Trono, the male Geodude (ability: Galvanize)
1 Electrium Z
1 TM Aurora Veil
3 Springtide Rare Candies
1 Bunny Suit

Fizzy Bubbles

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