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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

As it turns out, the decision to fight a comrade comes surprisingly easily both to Spiritus and Tengu. It is certainly an unusual sight to see – two Pokemon belonging to the same Trainer having no wualms about hurting one another, especially on behalf of strangers, but then again, the coercion here is undeniable. Tengu seems the most realist of the two, as well as the most level-headed, whereas Spiritus seems to regard the whole thing more like a game than an actual fight.

Spiritus begins by letting loose a cloud of venomous smog, obstructing the field of view, before summoning a spiral of flames to surround his Grass-Type friend, who opts not to mount an offensive of his own right now, allowing the embers to burn him away. Clearly amused at the sight of two companions fighting solely for their entertainment, the Oranguru and Shiftry watch the conflict with great interest and finally decide to up the ante.

“The promise of reward is stronger than your sense of friendship, I see,” says the Psychic-Type Lord. “Let us make things even more interesting, in that case.”

“The Seedot will be my Champion, and the Litwick will be yours,” Shiftry proposes to Oranguru, who nods with visible joy. “Listen closely you two! The one to knock out his foe will be the only one to earn his Lord’s reward!”

“So you better work hard for it, you hear? Put your soul into it,” concludes Oranguru.

Cerno, the judge in this contest and protector of the younger two, keeps watching the battle in silent apprehension. Will the two combatants do as they’re told?


Tengu turned to the lords at those words, "how dare insensitive." his eyeless sockets seemed to pull in the light around him. The sound drained from the world as his rage built. The soul-less acorn opened his mouth and a barrage of bullet-like seeds fired at the lords.
Immediately Cerno flew in front of the grass/dark type "Tengu! what are you doing? They are way too powerful for us!" he held up both arms to try and block the Seedot from offending the powerful monkey pokemon.
Spiritus sensed trouble and glared at the monkeys as if daring them, he had the advantage and could set the whole forest on fire if he wanted to. He didn't want to but he could. Sure, he enjoyed battling but only as a game and he did not enjoy besmirching someone’s honor for one’s own benefit. Therefore, he straitened himself up and used his loudest voice “How dare you besmirch my companion’s name by that insult. He has no soul to fight with and feels the weight of it and how it effects his team every moment of his life. It has made his trainer cry more than once, that leaves damage on a pokemon that cannot be erased. It has been said that he caused a revolution by just existing, you will show him the respect he disserves.” The Litwick’s pink flame glowed brightly in warning and anger. He world cause all the damage that these insensitive things, he didn’t dare to call them pokemon, disserved.

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