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Well I did thought of that point. After all, the Boutique's thang is to be able to customise your Pokémon in whatever way you want, and a few have asked to be able to do it. However, as you mentioned, it definitely will make it difficult with the process, but not just in terms of checking, but also (on the admittedly rare occasions) of tracking those changes later.

Part of me wants to ponder more on that point, but on another, people really, really want the Boutique to finally be implemented. So here's what I can do:
  • Height and weight can be changed independently within the x0.33 and x2 limits.
  • Any size change (height and/or weight) has to be done through multipliers (ex.: x0.33, x0.5, x1.5, x2...) to facilitate comparaison/calculations.
  • As per coloring (and old sizing rules), I have the right of denying a change if I find it too ridiculous.
  • The height/weight independence thing is a test run. If I find it too complicated to manage, I will revert to the height/weight proportional changes.

I'll edit that in that post now.

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