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To put it quite bluntly, Kai was not impressed with the story. It didn't exactly demonstrate the sort of intelligence she hoped to pass onto her children, or the situational awareness, or, well... much of anything, really.

Watching Happy perform his little trick, however, she considered another aspect: he was, well... happy. She had been terrified, for a time, of evolving, despite being so certain of what she wanted to be. What if becoming a Vaporeon hadn't been everything she had hoped for? The fear had paralyzed her, and almost prevented her from living her dreams. In his reckless, silly abandon, Happy was perfectly content with himself and who he was, and wasn't that sort of self assurance the sort of thing she wanted to bestow upon her children,
above all?

"I'm not looking for a mate, really," she blurted, a bit suddenly; she wasn't always the most tactful. She paused, and tried to better arrange her thoughts."I mean- this isn't about matchmaking. I just... want children. If you were chosen to be their father -- if -- you'd be welcome to be a part of their lives. Or not. That's... really up to you. You seem nice enough, I guess."
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