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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post

Radiant Rainforest - Nestled in between the southern and eastern docks is a lush jungle, filled with tall trees, fanning ferns, verdant vines and rambling routes between them. Grass and Bug Pokémon live in harmony in the canopy and brush alike. The climate is a bit humid but never too hot, and a constant rain falls over the forest, but the sun will shine through, casting rainbows over the foliage at nearly every moment! Please use mediumspringgreen.

A vacation was just what he needed. At least, that's what the Timburr felt like what he needed anyways. It was annoying to him that the rest of his teammates couldn't respect his sense of personal space, and was worse when they tried to shout at him. Tried. Being deaf had its benefits, at least. Why he had to drag along the Pansage, he had no damn clue. This island was supposedly for treasure hunting? That didn't sound particularly enjoyable to Terrance. Making sentences for those who couldn't sign was already a treasure hunt in itself. He might need a new log soon, but, he couldn't bare to part from the old, brittle thing. It was a part of him, very much as Timburr's log is to any self-respecting one. He couldn't just get rid of it.

Though the real annoyance for him was being dragged around the damned island. The Pansage... Bracken was it? Wanted to perform some sort of... rock concert? Why the deaf one had to go with the musician, Terrance didn't know. Was it some cruel twist of fate? Eh, most likely not. At least the Pansage was a chilled out dude. The Timburr never really interacted with him back at the base. It wasn't really a fitting combination, one who lived for music, while the other couldn't even hear a sound. Maybe that's why their trainer had them go together? Who honestly knows.

The rain forest was also the last place that Terrance had in mind. Weren't concerts usually held in like, desolate valleys or beaches? Why would the grass type want to hold one here...? Wait, grass-type. He answered his own damn question. Terrance sighed, looking at the trees around him. The beach would've been better. At least he could've slept on the beach, maybe watched the waves while the Pansage did his own thing. Speaking of the Pansage, where was he? Terrance looked around, and soon saw his fellow teammate emerge from the foliage in front of him. He couldn't care less what he was doing, but at least Bracken checked up on him. That's... nice? Who knows. With an awkward nod, the fighting-type curled up on the ground, ready to sleep. He could see the Pansage practicing with his guitar, but besides that he knew nothing of what was going on. At least nothing was bothering them, that was certainly a relief.


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