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This is awesome to hear

Now here's what I hope will be the final version! Please don't be afraid to speak up if you find the prices I've put there unfair
And now to wait for the mods to put their seal of approval

Mew ŕ la Mode Boutique

In a suburb town near Fizzytopolis, in a busy shopping district, lies a gargantuan yet quaint-looking shop. Its design is definitely taken from Kalosian architecture, complete with the stylish light pink wooden sign hanging on the wall with "Mew ŕ la Mode Boutique" carved in, and the white and blue-striped awnings shading over the front. As you pull open the door, it hits the cute bell hanging from the ceiling, announcing your arrival over the sound of the soft, smooth jazz music playing through the facility's speakers. When you walk inside, the boutique's impressive capacity is more understood, as it is adapted to welcome Pokémon of any size so they can freely shop through the aisles of clothing, dyes, changing rooms, trimming stations and other specialized departments.

“Bonjour!” a young woman greets you with a warm smile while subtly sliding her 3DS behind her counter. “Bienvenue to Mew ŕ la Mode Boutique, where uniqueness and style truly shines! whether it is through accessories, dyes, or some other little je-ne-sais-quoi, we guarantee to transform your Pokémon just as one-of-a-kind on the outside than they already are on the inside! We also offer special services, including, item customization to fit them with your own personal touch, and spriting to capture your Pokémon's or your items' new look!

“Oh 'scuse-moi,” she chuckled to herself softly while offering her hand to shake, “I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Mélina Loiseau, owner of this boutique! Now, where shall we begin our tour?”

Pokémon-Related Services

Special Characteristics Registration

We all know that all our Pokémon are unique, whenever in obvious, subtle or unusual ways. As the bread and butter of our shop, we are able to officially keep on record some physical aspects your partners may have!

Some aspects of Pokémon can different from the usual: coloring, birthmarks, scars, physical deformities and handicaps, and alternative height and size... all should be registered here!

General Special Characteristic Rules:
(Applies to all Special Characteristics)
  • All special characteristics requires a justification/origin related to it. No need of an essay – just a short summary will do! It's not just a paperwork thing - we love to hear their stories!
  • You can put as many characteristics as you want at any time (ex.: Add one scar then add a different one later), as long as it does not overwrite an already registered characteristic (ex.: After setting an altered height/size, you cannot set a new one after; after choosing colors, you cannot set new colors)
    • If you want to replace a characteristic, you need to use a Natural Spray to remove the old one before adding the new one. (See information on the Natural Spray below for details.)
  • By default, none of the special characteristics, including weight/height, does not give any advantage or disadvantage to the Pokémon. (All moves and actions are considered as if done by an unmodified Pokémon.)
    • That said, it is at the updator's discretion to choose otherwise, but this should be considered as the exception and not the norm.
  • Trading does not get rid of any of the special characteristics.
    • Note however that when an altered Pokémon is given for adoption, it loses all of its special characteristics. As unusual Pokémon are more difficult to be adopted, we have the pleasure to help the Adoption Center by sending them constant donations of Natural Sprays!
  • If, for any reason, your Special Characteristic request has been denied, you will not be charged.

Available Special Characteristics and related rules:
Coloring ($100): Color(s) of the fur, skin, scales, feathers, etc. that varies from the normal colors. We are the only place in the world able to register this particular trait, so it's no surprise it is the most popular characteristic to register!
  • Colored Pokémon that looks too similar to their shiny form are not allowed, therefore any request to register such a coloring will be denied.
    • As colors and whatnot can be subjective, the decision of denying or accepting colors in terms of the shiny coloring can be reversed, if the original judgment/decision has been proven incorrect.

Birthmarks ($50): Includes freckles, spots, and stripes.

Scars ($50): Includes scratches, burns and other lasting marks made by injuries. Life as a Pokémon can be really rough. It is no surprise to see a scar here and there.

Physical deformities and handicaps ($50): Anything goes, as long as the deformity/handicap:
  1. exists naturally in the real world;
  2. is not exaggerated or extremely exceptional; and
  3. does not cause physical pain to the Pokémon. We're a boutique, not a Pokémon Center!

Size ($100): Changing the size (height and/or weight) of the Pokémon compared to the average height and weight stated in the Pokédex. I mean, Pokémon comes in all shapes and sizes between species, but also within the same species!
  • All new sizes must be registered as a multiplier or a percentage comparing to the Pokédex sizes. (No feet/inches, no meters, no kilograms, no pounds, etc.)
  • A size of a Pokémon can be reduced, at its lowest, to a third (0.33x or 33%) of its average Pokédex size.
  • A size of a Pokémon can be increased, at most, to double (2x or 200%) of its average Pokédex size.
  • If a sizing is judged to be too exaggerated, unbelievable or unhealthy for the Pokémon's species, the resize request can be denied.
    • If the decision of the acceptance or denial of the resizing is later deemed unfair or incorrect, it can be reversed.

Auras (Unavailable): A special glow that surrounds a Pokémon.
As the accessibility and purpose of auras are still in discussion, it is currently only available when your Pokémon have a maximum Bond.

Furfrou Hair Trimming

The Poodle Pokémon's hair is so thick and fluffy. It's no wonder it is the number 1 Pokémon for fashionistas, celebrities, and even royalty!

Own a Furfrou and tired of its natural fur coat? With $100, we can fix that by trimming its fur into one of the magnificent styles that are all the rage! Best of all, our groomers are so talented, their trims can withstand the test of time – it stays there permanently!

Here's the available trims:
La Reine
Want your pooch to have its casual, natural coat back? No problem! For $50, we can undo its special trim.

Natural Spray

Tired of the recolor your Pokémon got a while ago? Your Pokémon's emotional scars have healed and wants its physical scars to heal along with them? Or perhaps you received a coveted Pokémon but came out of the trading machine... not quite in the way you expected to have it? Why should we be forced of keeping a certain style, when we have the technology to change it?

For just $150, you can purchase and use our Natural Spray, which removes any (of your choice) or all recoloring and special characteristics on a single Pokémon, in which you can then replace the removed modifications with new ones afterwards.

Just make sure you use it here so we can take note of your Pokémon's changes. (We also want to make sure you use the Natural Spray correctly, so you don't hurt your Pokémon by accident!)

Item-Related Services

Non-Official Accessories

I know Pokémon doesn't really need to be dressed or anything, but you they look great with clothing and accessories – just ask Starlette, my Cosplay Pikachu! We pride ourselves to have the widest choice of all the region – from signature pieces of top brands to the unique designs from a local Sewaddle tailor – we have everything you want... or didn't even know you wanted! And if somehow we actually don't have it, we'll order it for you!

If you want to dress up your Pokémon just for fun, this is the right place! Pretty much any piece of clothing or accessory of any design of your choice can be purchased:
  • Headgear (Hats, Helmets, Headbands, Bandanas, Ribbons, Wigs, etc)
  • Trousers
  • Shorts
  • Dresses
  • Robes
  • Shirts
  • Skirts
  • Coats (Coats, Jackets, Vests, etc)
  • Footwear (Socks, Shoes, Flippers, etc)
  • Scarves
  • Capes
  • Pipes
  • Gloves
  • Eye Wear (Glasses, Eye Patches, Snorkels, Goggles, Monocles, etc)
  • Belts
  • Plastic Weapons (Swords, Guns, Bow & Arrow, etc)
  • Jewellery
  • Badges
  • Toys (Balloons, Tricycles, Marbles, Kites, etc - No Dolls or Plushies)

Let your imagination and inner fashion designer go wild!
  • Non-official accessories are $50 apiece.
  • All non-official accessories can be made in any way (color, design) you wish!
  • All non-official accessories cannot be used as an advantage in adventures, battles or contests; they should be for decorative purposes only.

Official Contest Accessories

Due to the Contests being closed, we currently aren't selling any official contest accessories. When Contests will be reopened though, we'll make sure to stock up and have official contest accessories for sale!

Custom-Designed Pokédex

Ah, the good ol' Pokédex: The passport of every Pokémon Trainer in the world. In the past, the only differences between different Pokédex were the model depending on the region you're from and, on rare occasions, a different color depending on your gender. But we're able to change all that!

For $25, we can transfer the data of your current Pokédex into a brand new, basic red Pokédex from any region (including regions from spin-off games) of your choice!

We can also custom design your Pokédex, for a fee of $50. Just say what color/design you want, and we'll take care of the rest!

Need of a second Pokédex for some reason? No problem! You can buy a second one for $100. It includes both the choice of Pokédex type and the custom design, so make it in any way you like! As for copying your first Pokédex's data into your new one, that'll be at your discretion.

Custom-Designed Mega and Z Accessories

Obviously, most trainers want their Pokémon to be the very best like no Pokémon ever was, and items that triggers Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves are ways to go. They need to be easily and quickly accessible by both trainers and Pokémon. What better way to do so by turning them into a wonderful and fashionable accessories?

For $250, we can set a Key Stone or Mega Stone to any kind of accessory, or modify your Z-Ring into a completely different Z-accessory!

Spriting: General Rules

Whether you change your Pokémon's appearance or get new accessories, we can commemorate the moment with a portrait! What's the use of changing your appearance when you can't show it off?

When changing a Pokémon's appearance, buying a non-official accessory or customizing an item, you can request us to create a small sprite of them, just for you! However, due to the unusual nature and work needed of this service, special rules are applied:
  • Each sprite request has a fee of $100 (in addition to the price of the characteristic/item/accessory).
  • Sprites have to be requested; Not requesting a sprite will not get you one. Seems obvious, but our lawyers ask us to remind you, just in case!
  • A member can only request 4 sprites every 30 days. Art takes time! You cannot rush art!
  • Due to various reasons (time constraints, changes not visible on sprites, sprite too complex, etc) it is possible a sprite cannot be created. Whenever it is the case, you will be notified as such in your confirmation, and you will not be charged for the (nonexistent) sprite.
    • After such “no sprite” notification, feel free to ask someone else to do the spriting!
    • There may be cases where only a partial sprite can be created. (For example, when a sprite of a Pokémon with special characteristics can be made, but their accessory(ies) couldn't make it into the sprite.) Whenever it is the case, you will be contacted (via PM/VM/Discord/Skype) to warn you about it and to let you decide if you want to proceed with your sprite request or not.
  • Due to time restraints, creating and giving the sprite may be delayed. Again, if it's the case, we will tell you in your confirmation, and we will let you know (via PM/VM/Discord/Skype) when those sprites will be made and edited in the confirmation post!
    • Please, do not request someone else do the sprite when its creation is delayed.

Note: All created sprites will be uploaded here.


My Pokémon is really, really special-looking. I have a hard time what would fit in which special characteristics so I got the prices right. Is there a trick?
Wow, your Pokémon must be quite the unique fellow if you don't know which detail would fit in which characteristic! Well you can simply contact me through your favorite contact thingy (not through posting in the thread) and describe me what you want to do, and I'll help you out to get an estimate!

My Pokémon has freckles/spots/stripes. Do I have to pay for each freckle/spot/stripe?
Aw, no! That would be totally unfair to you, especially if your Pokémon has a gazillion of them. Just pay once for each kind of birthmark (once for freckles, again for stripes, etc.) If you registered, say, freckles on one part of your Pokémon's body and later (ie another post) add more freckles on a different part of the body though, well unfortunately you'll have to pay the characteristics registration fees again.

I'm a bit confused about the sizing. What is the "size"?
Size is a catch-all term representing the height and/or the weight of a Pokémon.

Can I change only the height or the weight of my Pokémon? Can they be both changed in different multipliers (even if one goes bigger and the other goes smaller)?
Yes and yes! Although be careful when changing them too drastically in opposite directions, as that will likely make the size of your Pokémon very out of proportion, and you'll likely will have the sizing denied.

I already have a custom Pokédex, but the style doesn't really fit me anymore. Can I customize it again!
Of course! You'll have to pay for the Pokédex customization fee again, unfortunately.

I want a custom accessory that holds both my Key Stone and my Z-Crystals! What shall I do?
Well, since the Z-Ring in the games already can hold both Z-Crystals and a Key Stone, just buy a modification of your Z-Ring, and you're good to go!

I changed my mind, I want two different accessories; one for holding my Key Stone and another to hold my Z-Crystals. What now?
Simply buy a Key Stone accessory and a custom Z-Ring.

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