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1: Anyone who wants to RP in here has an open invitation to do so. Your character doesn't even have to have met mine before, though do make sure to introduce yourself if that be the case. And don't be afraid to drop in at any time, don't worry about intruding on any storylines. The more the merrier, I say. Obviously, no big excuse is needed to at least access the Pokémon Center- you're just passing through and want to heal your tired Pokémon, that much will more than suffice.

2: If you wish to start a storyline in my base independent to an ongoing storyline, feel free to do so. Just work it out with me beforehand, so we can work out a way to differentiate those posts from the main storyline, be it posting in a certain color, or using a certain font, or titling the posts, or whatever.

3: This property is one of those exceptions to the six Pokemon rule. Bring as many as you like. Only six at a time in the healing machines, though.

4: Assume that the ceiling in here is high enough to accommodate anything up to 15 feet in height. Serpentine Pokémon are an exception to this, considering their particular body shapes. The hallways, doorways, and stairways should be considered wide enough to accommodate most Pokémon that do not exceed the height limit, though it's best to err on the side of caution when it comes to the elevators.

5: The fish tank can comfortably accommodate any aquatic Pokemon smaller than four feet. Anything between four and five feet can still fit, but it'll be a pretty tight squeeze, but five feet is the limit (except for Dratini and Ekans, given their particular body shapes). The indoor pool can comfortably accommodate anything that's ten feet or smaller (except the likes of Arbok, Dragonair, Gyarados and Milotic, given their particular body shapes). Obviously, anything too large for those is more than welcome to swim in the sea nearby.

6: You are strongly urged to not bring any Zangoose, Red-Striped Basculin, or Durant into the Poisonous Palace. Nothing against any of them, this is strictly for safety purposes.

7: Keith's bedroom, the second floor of the Toxic Lighthouse, and the captain's cabin on the Banette's Revenge, are all off-limits to visitors by default, but permission to enter any of them may be granted as circumstances warrant.

8: Pokémon battles may be waged either in the Battle Room or at the outdoor battlefield in front of the Poisonous Palace.

9: Do not use Strength to move the truck.

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