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Regarding Bond implementation, I think some aspects need clarification on the post of reference. Here are my doubts/suggestions:

- If I transfer a Pokemon to a Friend Ball now, is the bond increment retroactive (as in +2 per post since April), or only counting from the moment of transfer?

- Can any Pokemon learn any Advanced Move, like Snorlax learning Frenzy Plant? What Advanced Moves are available? Can non-Dragons learn Draco Meteor via Bond? Can any Pokemon learn Dragon Ascent or Relic Song via Bond?

- Can non-Shadows learn Shadow Moves at 40 Bond?

- What is the "move relearner", what does it do? Nothing is mentioned in the Move Tutor regarding that feature.

- Do I have to always link to Bond when teaching unnatural TMs from here on out, or is it trust-based like Levels and other stats?

- Shouldn't Friend and Luxury Ball prices be revised? Atm there is no reason to have Pokemon inside any other kind of Ball given how powerful these two are.

- Custom moves (Terrain, Gummi Bomb, Shield) should have official definitions on the Bond thread - what they do, how long Guardian Terrain lasts, what happens if the Terrain summoner leaves battle, etc. It helps new players as well as updaters for future reference.

I'm sorry if some of these are already explained on the post and I missed it!
Even if some of these have been addressed on Discord, info gets easily lost there. I'd prefer to see these written down on the forum, if you agree! Cheers
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