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The classic question given to every Eevee that has evolved: why choose the evolution? As Happy reflected on it, he had to let a little embarrassment show on his cheeks. "Well, I didn't exactly choose what I evolved into," he explained. "I was trying to show another Eevee a Fire Stone we had, so I was trying to get it out of my trainer's backpack, but I got stuck when I tried to pull it out. Then I did pull myself out, but I pulled out too hard and fell on my back. Next thing I knew, the Fire Stone was out of its case and on my belly, and I just let it evolve me. I really like what I am now, though, 'cuz it means I get to do stuff like this!" Happy then walks over to the edge of the pool, making sure none of the Eevee are about to jump back in it, then exhales a large breath of hot air, the Heat Wave traveling across the cool water and creating a cloud of steam towards the corner of the room as the temperatures conflicted with each other. "So what do you think? Pretty cool, huh? Or...well, hot."

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