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Sandaa: [Update Music] + Atmosphere
The wind seemed to have calmed, and the rain had turned into a somewhat tranquil drizzle. Thunder rumbled gently in the distance, but was quieter than normal, perhaps a sign that the storm was finally beginning to pass. For the first time in hours, sunlight pierced the clouds, and a narrow beam of light shined directly onto the bag like something out of a fairy tale. For that brief moment, you became filled with a sense of warmth and optimism unlike one you had felt since you had first arrived in the black marsh, and the sea seemed to react in kind as well, the waves slowly beginning to mellow out in sync with the piercing rays of the sunlight.

Aero, the trusty manta ray Pokemon, sprung forth from the Pokeball, gliding across the surface of the water. You snapped on a pair of goggles and slid onto your Pokemon’s back, holding on tightly. With each roll of the ocean’s tide, the bag drifted further and further from the shore. The Mantine dove through the surface of the sea with great force, cutting through the water like a hot knife through butter. The sea was a dark teal and bubbly, making it difficult to see too far ahead of you. After a few moments, Aero dashed forward, slicing through the water effortlessly and turning its aim upward. As the Mantine re-surfaced, the bag appeared just out of reach, but in just a matter of moments, in an almost supernatural turn of events, the atmosphere had become completely different.

The sky had become incredibly dark. Blankets of rain began to fall from the pitch-black clouds, each droplet striking the now turbulent ocean with great force. The wind had become incredibly blustery, bellowing over the ocean with considerable impetus. The waves became larger and heavier, smashing against the now distant rocky coast harder than ever, briny seafoam exploding over the shoreline with every crash of the angry sea. Despite this, you had one objective in mind: Retrieve the bag at all costs. Fighting the undertow, Aero skipped across the waves, giving you just enough of a gap to reach your arm forward and snatch the strap of the bag with as strong of a grip as you could muster.

Chain lightning cracked tore through the clouds above, and thunder cracked like a tree snapping in two.


A swirling gust of wind enveloped you as a woman’s voice echoed through your head.

“I have so much left to do… I didn’t even get to say goodbye…”

The voice was sobbing in agony, and the rain whipped across the sea harder and harder as you began to lift the bag out of the water.

“Why did it have to turn out like this… why? Why? WHY!?”

Lightning began to pulse through the clouds consistently, almost like a heartbeat, occasionally striking the water in the distance, or a mangrove on the coast behind you. As the weather became almost hurricane-like, and the voice captivating your full attention, you hadn’t noticed the sea below you turn a dark hue. Slowly but surely, you began to rise upward out of the ocean - something underneath of you had lifted you into the air, and showed no signs of stopping.

“It isn’t fair… my heart… I had so much to give… so much to do… IT ISN’T FAIR!”

The creature beneath you roared ferociously. Analyzing the situation, Aero took charge and leapt into the air, sliding down the side of the sea monster and launching off of a fin and into the sea below.

The darkness made it difficult to make out its figure, though small orange glows seemed to radiate from it, peppering its entire being and giving it a somewhat fish-like shape. The wind curled around the rain above the monster, forming an odd shape in the air - it appeared to be a girl, curled up into a fetal position. The sound of sobbing filled your head. After a moment, she lifted her face from what appeared to be her knees, and screamed into the air in sync with another booming roar from the sea creature before her image disappeared into a swirl of water.

Lighting cracked, illuminating the monster’s face as it continued to grow in size.

Spoiler: show

What sat before you, roaring once more in what sounded like violent agony, was a Wishiwashi - but it was much larger than any schooling Wishiwashi you had ever heard of, and it only continued to grow, more and more of the fish Pokemon leaping out of the sea and merging into the giant monster. But this Wishiwashi was not only unusual due to its enormous, continually growing size, no - its color seemed to be different than what you had remembered as well, being a darker blue than normal, and its illuminated appendages being colored orange as opposed to white.

And then, the creature seemed to stop growing. The wind tore the rain through the air with intense power, each droplet beginning to slightly sting as it connected with your face. The creature turned its gaze to you, and roared once more. It was so intimidating, so incredibly large - it must have at least been the size of a small building. At least! It slowly turned toward you, appearing to have full control of the ocean around it as it swung its immense body with ease, drawing you into focus. The rain was falling so hard now and in such large quantities that it became difficult to see anything more than the behemoth’s outline through the wall of water.

“I had so much left to accomplish… so much left to do… it wasn’t supposed to end for me this way… why did the world do this to me? Why did this have to happen? Why did I have to die? Why? I want to live again… I want to live…. I want to live… please… this has to be a nightmare… let me wake up… Daddy, please… help me…” The voice was softer, gently whipping through the wind as you gripped tighter onto Aero’s back. It was otherworldly - a mix of a young girl’s voice with an older woman’s, and a deep demonic-sounding angst accompanying it as well.

The large shiny fish Pokemon smashed its fins into the water, kicking up a giant explosion of waves that began to roll toward you with intense energy. For a moment, you were almost sure that the Pokemon had a Tearful Look in its eyes, and your heart briefly tugged with a pang of deep sorrow for it. It roared viciously once again, and water began pooling inside of its hollow mouth as it opened up wide, swallowing up the sea around it, looking as though it was ready to unleash a vicious attack at its target: you.
You're the best, deo! Lmao

As he climbed onto his Mantine’s back and lowered his goggles over his eyes, Gary took a quick glance at the horizon. The rain had finally let up and the sea was relatively still. It was the kind of serene and tranquil silence that one would expect of the perfect calm before the storm. As a beam of light from the setting sun pierced through a small gap in the grayish-orange clouds, it shone down on the ocean like a picturesque spotlight from above. One might have argued that it was a sign of good things to come, but little did Gary know that it couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

With his goggles now in place, Gary took a deep breath and patted Aero on the head. Holding on to his Mantine’s long wing-like fins right at the joint behind the head as tight as he could, Gary pressed his chest up against Aero’s back in order to optimize balance and remain streamlined. Aero ducked under the surface of the waves, and Gary looked around in search for the bag. As he had suspected, the passing storm had churned up a lot of sediment in the water, making visibility very low. This would be a daunting task, but Gary was prepared to search high and low in order to return the man’s bag to him.

Gary and Aero seemed to play cat-and-mouse with the bag, as it seemed to reappear right in front of them and then disappear in a tantalizing fashion as Gary’s outstretched hand reached for it. As the two surfaced for Gary to catch his breath, Gary was shocked to find that the weather had taken a drastic turn in the moments that the pair was underwater. The sky was pitch black with clouds, and a fierce wind had blown the waves into a choppy chaos. The rain had resumed in full force, possibly even stronger than it had when Gary and Kratos were battling the Carnivine earlier.

As lightning cracked across the sky above, followed by an equally loud thunder, Gary made one last push to grab the bag. Sliding his arm through the bag’s strap, Gary let out a sigh of relief. “Great job, Aero,” he said, glancing towards the shore, which they had strayed quite a distance from. Before he could even ask for his Mantine to take him to shore, ever hair on Gary’s body stood on edge. ”Why…? I have so much left to do… I didn’t even get to say goodbye…” a ghostly voice of a woman echoed across the waves.

Aero flapped his fins nervously and Gary immediately knew something was off. “It couldn’t have been the wind, could it?” he asked rhetorically, trying to rationalize what he just experienced. “Why did it have to turn out like this… why? Why? WHY!?” the ghostly voice continued to wail, and Gary could no longer try to hide his suspension of disbelief. What is this ghostly voice? he wondered, thinking back to the man’s words of his deceased daughter. Does her spirit have some kind of regret that continues to tether her to the Earthly plane?

“It isn’t fair… my heart… I had so much to give… so much to do… IT ISN’T FAIR!” the voice wailed one more time as Gary and Aero began to rise above the water. Looking down, Gary nearly pissed himself as he noticed a gigantic dark shadow underneath them. Something massive was rising from the depths of the ocean, something big enough to displace enough water to lift them this high into the air. Fearing his own life, Aero leapt into action, sliding down the fin of the creature as it broke the surface and into the water below.

Gary frantically looked up and down the creature to try and identify it to no avail. The water and the sky were too dark, but an unusual orange almost bioluminescence supplied Gary’s only clue to its identity. A chill ran down his spine as Gary looked up to spot a ghostly form of a girl in a fetal position in the sky above. She continued to cry and moan, but with a sudden scream, the giant creature let out a roar and disappeared back into the ocean momentarily. Upon reappearing, the creature grew larger and larger as it neared Gary and Aero, allowing him to get a better look.

While he had never seen a creature like this before, Gary knew it well. This was a fish that he had longed to research for quite some time; a Wishiwashi. It was a Pokemon that employed the natural defense mechanism of what is known as a bait ball and weaponized it into a huge offensive threat. However, as the adrenaline coursing through his bloodstream prevented him from getting too excited about his discovery, Gary noticed that several things were off about this Wishiwashi. For starters, it was much larger than any school of Wishiwashi had ever been recorded to grow. Secondly, the coloration was quite different from what he had read and seen in pictures. Without his encyclopedic resources to confirm, Gary suspected that this specimen could in fact be a rare shiny form.

The ghostly girl or woman began to wail once more, causing Gary to snap out of his analysis of the gigantic cluster of fish. As Gary suspected, the ghostly voice bemoaned her lasting regrets about the loss of her life. Upon mention of her father, Gary couldn’t take it anymore and found himself responding to the specter. “Your father is here!” he yelled, hoping his voice would reach the ghost, “But he needs help! He’s come to grant your final wishes, but he’s hurt. I’m here to help retrieve his belongings so he can properly see you off!”

However, the gigantic Wishiwashi began to act, and Gary knew he must devote his full attention to it or else face the consequences. If he was going to make it back to shore alive, he would need to deal with this monster first. The behemoth shot Gary and Aero a Tearful Look, chilling them once again, before preparing to launch some kind of assault on them. “We need to move!” Gary yelled to Aero, who nodded. “Use your Agility to get to a safer distance away from this thing!” Gary held on tight to Aero in hopes that they could make a getaway.

Gary then pulled out a Lure Ball and held it out in his hand to release the Pokemon inside before securing it back. “Devine! I need you!” In a flash of light, a Kingdra appeared before Gary. While she did appear surprised to find herself in the midst of their current situation, the sea dragon seemed much more comfortable in the tumultuous weather than Aero did. “Devi, it’s preparing for something big. Use your Agility to dodge whatever it’s about to launch and hit it back with a Toxic! I want you to then Focus your Energy! Aero, when you get a chance, whip up a Tailwind to provide support to Devi! If you think you won’t be able to get out of that thing’s way, use your Mirror Coat to send its attack right back!” Gary was quite nervous about battling a creature this big and powerful, but in the same vein, he had been preparing his Pokemon for something like this for a long time. For now, he felt the best strategy would be to play it safe and see what this monster is capable of.
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