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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Sandaa- Trapped in a tight spot, you quickly piece together a plan, although whether it would work was a whole other kettle of fish. You whisper into a Pokeball, briefing Buru the Smeargle on her orders. Praying to Arceus that your plan works, you toss the Pokeball out to meet the four approaching enemies, it bursts open and Buru appears in the alley, quickly sparking the attention of the grunts and their Pokemon.

The Murkrow squawks at the random appearance of the Pokemon painter, flapping its wings wildly. "What the fuck?!" Shouts the Murkrow's trainer, "where the hell did that thing come from?" Before any of them can attack, Buru grabs her tail and begins to paint a dark trail of energy in the air. The energy quickly washes over the group, darkness seeps into their bodies and the Scraggy and its trainer promptly collapse to the ground. "Holy shit, you little fucking pest, I will rip you apart! Murkrow, Wing Attack!" The Murkrow surges off its trainer's shoulder, closing the gap between the two in an instant. It slams its wing into Buru's chest, sending her tumbling back towards you. As the Murkrow skirts back around its eyes lock with yours, your position was blown. The Murkrow changes direction to quickly circle above your head, kawing to its trainer to signal its discovery.

"Ah so we have an intruder do we Murkrow? Why don't you come out and show yourself?" As the grunt issues his challenge, Buru continues her orders, directing her tail towards the slumbering grunt and his Scraggy. The two begin to kick out violently as they are consumed by a nightmare, just what they are dreaming of can only be imagined.

With your position now blown, it seemed as though you had no other option than to confront this grunt in battle and hope that his friend would stay sleeping long enough, or perhaps there was another option?
Gary watched on pins and needles as Buru materialized from her ball as she ambushed the two grunts and their Pokemon. Swishing her paint-tipped tail around, the Smeargle produced some balls of dark energy that enveloped one of the grunts and his Scraggy, putting them to sleep in the Dark Void. Unfortunately, Buru’s attack only hit half of her targets, and the remaining conscious grunt scowled angrily and ordered his Murkrow to retaliate.

As Buru took a Wing Attack to the chest, the grunt angrily called out Gary and Chad as their cover had been blown. With little choice, Gary prepared to reveal himself. At this point he would need to support Buru in battle. With a nod to Chad in hopes that his ally would supply him with cover in case things went south, Gary stepped out from his hiding and faced the grunt and his Murkrow.

Gary stared down his opponent as Buru finished casting a menacing Nightmare upon the two sleeping foes. Looking at the sleeping Scraggy and the Murkrow before him, Gary thanked his luck that the more challenging opponent was the one put to sleep. A dark and fighting type would prove problematic to the normal-typed Buru and her moveset, but against this Murkrow Gary knew he could come up with something. “Alright Buru, good work,” he stated, keeping up a brave front so his timid Pokemon didn’t lose her edge. “Let’s try to take these guys out as quickly as possible, okay? Start things off by setting up a Reflect to shield you from its physical attacks. Then I want you to Calm your Mind and hone your powers to strike it with a Shock Wave!” Taking in Gary’s orders, Buru quietly nodded, holding her tail in front of her.
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