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Kai gave this some thought; she'd heard of these 'teams' in passing -- groups of do-wells who helped Pokemon in need. A member of one these, assuming he were successful and good at his job, would surely be fit, healthy, and capable; adequate sire material. She paused, only briefly, to wonder if it were cruel to diminish this Pokemon to his role as a sire, when he was an individual, but then swept the idea away; he knew what he was getting into when he came here, presumably, and if he didn't, he would very well learn.

"My teammates have gone there," she said, a bit distractedly, lost in her thoughts for a moment in time, before shaking them away. No point in complicating the issue. She wasn't much for small talk, or rather, she wasn't very good at it, but she made an effort. "Tell me, why Flareon? When all the possibilities of the world lay at our feet, why was it that you choose that one?"

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