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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Kawaii - While your Pokemon and Jeremy are running as fast as they can to get to you, you are left on your own with the Ducklett. You have a lot of faith that this little one has what it takes to be a hero and give her a kiss before placing her down on the ground. This is her chance to redeem herself for her failure earlier. She knew that she needed to concentrate or else she would make the same mistake all over again. With her determination strong, she takes a deep breath, and releases a Water Gun on the burning building. This time, she manages to keep it under control but the flames are just too much for the little duck. Her water hits a small fire at the base of the building and at first, appears to be putting it out, but it’s not long before that area is taken over by even larger flames. It looks like the flames are too much for one little Ducklett to handle. She begins to feel a bit discouraged but is happy to know she at least had control over her attack this time.

Suddenly, Frieghya arrives on the scene and is finally back at your side along with your other Pokemon that were riding her back. She is so happy to see that nothing bad has happened to you in her absence. Jeremy wasn’t too far behind and it looks like he was followed by several other volunteers! Luck is finally on your side now. “Kawaii! I’m glad to see you’re alright.” Once Jeremy arrives, he acknowledges that you’re safe and then he begins to direct the volunteers that followed him to the scene toward the water bucket pulley system, putting them to work. Since they are all new volunteers he is instructing all of them on how to operate the system efficiently. That is when a person yells out. “What about that lady who ran inside of the building!?” When Jeremy hears that there is a person in there his face goes pale, little does he know, that person is Samantha. The first thing he thinks to do is run inside of the building himself to rescue this person so he runs to the door. When he looks inside he sees that Samantha and Mathilda are huddled in a corner with a fire closing them in. “Samantha! Mathilda!” He runs inside and that’s when he realizes that he doesn’t have any water on him. He didn’t bring any water Pokemon and currently the buckets are being used outside but even so, he would only be able to carry one and only one bucket isn’t going to be enough. You worry when Jeremy doesn’t come back out and peek inside, seeing the dangerous situation Samantha and Mathilda are in. What will you do?

Kawaii immediately turned to her two water types, Ducklette still watching her carefully, The pinkette addressed them with pure seriousness, “We need to focus our efforts on getting those three people out of the burning building.” She flushed, embarrassed that she couldn’t remember names, it had always been an issue for her. No manner of mnemonics helped her, she just had to repeat the name over and over in her head when talking to that person. Even then if she didn’t see that person in a while the female trainer would forget. Not that any of this mattered in her current situation. She shook her head to clear it then thought of something. Sure the Ducklette was property of the fire station, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t feed it. Kawaii crouched down in front of the little bird, “hey there little girl, do you want to be stronger. I can feed you 13 candies and then you can learn water pulse.” She held out her hands containing exactly 13 candies.
Meanwhile, Frieghya was sending psychic wavelengths to the people inside the burning building, especially that little girl. The Espeon was releasing calming energy, tying to keep them from being too scared. She had grown quite close to the little girl and didn’t want her to panic and do something irrational that would get her in trouble or worse.
The two water types owned by Kawaii were eagerly doing their best to help out and quench the flames. Thet knewhat it would be a hard fought battle.

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