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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
kawaiiconcept: As torn as you are at Erin's disappearance, something seems to click together for you. Turning to Annalise, you exclaim that you know where Parker might have gone, if of course they weren't in the van you hope Newt will track. Surprised at your sudden outburst, a look of tentative hope enters Annalise's eyes, along with a stronger look of confusion. "Really?" she asks. "Where could you think she'd be?"

With your Pokémon, Frieghya takes full advantage of this lull to slump to the ground, centering her mind and taking a short rest to regain some energy. Time will tell if she's successful. At the same moment, Cassie comes out of her Poke ball. Brought down onto her forelegs by the poison rippling through her veins, Cassie feels a warmth spread through her body. As a pale line of a shooting star arcs across the sky, she sees a vision of her love approach her. Soothe her. Reassure her of her own inner strength. A phantom tongue nudges her nose and a wave of otherworldly feeling washes over Cassie. Despite her poison, she feels herself gain a second wind, her superficial injuries numbing to nothing. Still, even the power of a Wish can't outright cure poison, just delay its effects.

Inspired by the words of her mate, Cassie refocuses, sniffing through the air in another attempt to catch Parker's scent. She trudges forward, away from the group, but for a long moment all she can smell is the mingled mess of scents from the impromptu battle. She starts to pick up a hint of what she remembers as Parker's scent, but following it leads right back to where she was earlier; she picked up the same scent trail as before.

What will you do?

(Declared 4/6: Espeon, Aron, Herdier, Woobat)

Kawaii pondered her situation for a moment before replying, "well the trail goes dead here so I think she might be in that van. I sent my Woobat after it." The pinkette stretched her arms and pet her poor poisoned Herdier before tapping her on the nose with her pokeball, calling the normal-type back.
Frieghya took the lull in the action to center herself. She focused her psychic energy for anyone or anything needing help. She prodded at the energies of those around her. She could sense the energy of a Woobat, which made her heart skip a beat. Unfortunately she recognized the signature of her teammate and her heart sunk. The Espeon had thought for maybe a moment it was that nice Woobat that had come by her base that one time. She shook her head lightly to clear it, she was letting her emotions getting in the way. The psychic type refocused her efforts on finding that Zorua.
Before he teleported away Arin was quite proud of himself, he had out done his own standards and fought this battle without retaining much damage. The little Aron was quite proud of himself. He hadn’t battled much but he knew that a move like harden was not very well respected among pokemon or trainers. Yet in this case it had worked quite well. The steel type was happy that his first battle had gone well. He was glad to finally be getting some attention as well, he had lain dormant for a long time and didn’t know that he could contribute his freedom to the great reform of fizzytopia. His thoughts were interupted by the Abra teleporting him away.

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