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The psithurism of the forest canopy - the sound of the leaves brushing against each other as the wind ran through them rhythmically - was one of the most freeing and relaxing sounds in the world. The sound at its core was pure comfort, peace, and harmony. It is a sound that, somehow, can give one feelings of protection and shelter. It can leave one totally vulnerable to nature while at the same time allowing one to be completely surrounded by it. That comfort was all you had focused on as you lay spread on the forest floor, trying to leave behind any concerns about whether or not Chachi and Mina would ever accept each other as teammates.

That sound was all that you needed, for the time being. This was truly the most peaceful feeling in the world… and then the psithurism stopped. That’s odd… why did it stop?

You opened your eyes.

The sky was dark. The leaves were gone. The trees were rotted away, and the grassy forest floor was nothing but scorched Earth. The swamp was dried up, and your Pokemon were nowhere in sight. There was nothing but death and decay, and it was everywhere.

You blinked again, and everything was as it had been. Mina and Chachi stared at you with concerned looks, and the sound of the wind brushing through the treetops once more enveloped your being. Looking around, it was like nothing had changed. What was that? What had you just seen? It must have just been a dream… you must have drifted off. Yes, that was the most likely answer. Occam’s Razor, and whatnot. It was almost certainly just a nightmare.

You looked up at the canopy once more. The trees gently swayed in the wind, moving back and forth, their branches brushing against each other. You closed your eyes for a moment, and then reopened them again. Everything was still normal… everything except the white, canid-like creature perched on the tree branch at the bottom of your vision. Its eyes were wide and blood red, and it felt as though it was staring into your very soul. Becoming extremely unsettled, you closed your eyes and opened them once more; the Pokemon was gone, but you noticed a fresh set of paw prints in the dirt near you, trailing off the main pathway and into the darker depths of the forest…

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The sound of leaves rustling fades out all of a sudden. Latte opens her eyes, thinking maybe the wind stopped blowing for a bit. The canopy is gone. She now beholds a dark sky above her, and tree branches, as if the leaves wilted and were blown away.

Latte quickly sits up and looks around. In front of her, the swamp is dry, like it was never there. Around her, the trees look withered, and she is only seated on a grassless earth, scorched and lifeless. Also, Mina isn’t there by the tree she was just meditating at. Even Chachi, who was making a futile attempt to drag the Meditite in his wanderings, isn’t present.

Latte’s heart races in panic. She gets up and turns away from the now-dry swamp. “Chachi? Mina? Guys?” she calls out, fruitlessly. When she blinks, the scene returns to what it was. Confused, Latte looks around again: the greenery is back and the swamp is there again. Her eyes are fixated on the swamp. What just happened? Maybe it was a nightmare? But the swift transition was crystal clear, and she was standing there. Then again, she must have drifted off. It’s just a bad dream. Just a bad dream. A bad dream. A bad dream. A bad dream...

“Piplup!” Chachi calls out from behind her, Mina’s hand grabbing his fin. Latte comes to, and turns to her Pokemon, relieved that they were back, but nonetheless bothered by the scene moments ago. Her Pokemon’s faces are etched with worry. “Y-you guys…” she whispers. “You seem out of sorts, Latte,” Mina says, concerned. “Are you alright?”

“I…” Latte breathes in before closing her eyes for a bit, to see if this is all real. She focuses on the psithurism, waiting for it to fade. When it doesn’t, she opens her eyes. To her relief, nothing has changed.

But in the corner of her eye, she sees something white perched on a tree. She turns to look at it, and gasps: it’s white and fox-like. What bothers her is its eyes, wide and red as blood, and Latte freezes in place, feeling as if the creature is staring right into her soul. She shuts her eyes abruptly, and the fox-like creature is gone.

What’s going on?

“Latte!” Mina shouts; she normally doesn’t, but there’s something off about her trainer, who’s usually alert. Latte gasps again, looking at the Meditite. “I-I’m sorry,” she stammers. “T-There was something and I--”

“Piplup!” Chachi exclaims, pointing to paw prints on the ground. Latte bends down to observe them. They look fresh; whatever it was, was just there. Her eyes follow those footprints to the trees. “Guys…” she says, standing up. “Stay close to me. You know, just so you’re safe.” She says it nonchalantly, but the slight tremble in her voice can’t be missed.

“Adventure?” Chachi’s eyes light up as he looks at the footprints. Mina lightly slaps him on his shoulder. “Hey! We’re here to look after Latte. This forest is no good. We need to find out what’s going on.” Chachi, remembering Latte’s weird behavior, sighs, then shrugs. “Still an adventure.” However, he goes up to Latte and reaches his fin to her hand. Latte looks to Chachi, still looking worried. “Thanks Chachi.” She then turns to Mina. “Thank you too Mina.” Mina nods in response, and moves to Latte’s side opposite Chachi.

With Latte following the direction of the footprints, and Chachi and Mina constantly looking around for anything that might transpire, the trio cautiously walk toward the trees, their environment increasingly darkening the farther they get from the swamp.


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