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Down but not out, Meowth wasted no time getting back onto his feet. The Combee’s Endeavor was incredibly strong, as she had definitely taken a huge hit from the Ancient Power from earlier. In fact, it almost seemed like she had let it happen…

Meowth waved his paw through the air, drawing a current of water out of the swamp. He swung his paws through the air in a circular motion, turning the stream of water into a circular shape and thrusting forward to attack the ringleader full force with a Water Pulse. The water sloshed through the air, hitting the Combee at full force. She tumbled backward through the air, from the attack, quickly drying off her wings by flapping them furiously through the wind. The Combee was as angry as ever, launching herself through the tall grass like a missile and directly into the Meowth, biting his tail with a vicious Bug Bite. Meowth recoiled by shaking the bee Pokemon off, sending her flying through the air toward a tree.

She beat her wings ferociously once more, keeping herself upright and preventing a potentially dangerous impact. She was tired, and it was beginning to show - her reaction time was beginning to slow. Meowth once more lifted his paws into the air, drawing more water from the pond behind him. This time, however, it lifted up as dozens of tiny water droplets, crystallizing into ice. Meowth lunged his paws forward, and a wicked breeze swept in, carrying the Icy Wind toward his enemy and striking the Pokemon for an immense amount of damage. She fell to the ground, breathing heavily. She fluttered her wings a bit, lifting herself out of the grass, but she looked tired.

Meanwhile, Colin was growing tired as well, having battled the group of the female’s goons with multiple Bug Buzzes and Air Slashes, finding it difficult to face the whole group six on one. It didn’t help that the Yanmega hadn’t had much battle experience, and being at such a low level, it made it difficult to take on so many enemies at once. They say that power comes in numbers, and despite each Combee being fairly weak on an individual basis, as a group, they were giving Colin a fairly difficult time in their back and forth battle. Finally, two of the Combee fell onto lily pads in the pond, knocked out from two Air Slashes hitting them head on.

The female Combee facing Meowth wasn’t about to give up, despite having taken such a beating. You were so engrossed by the two battles going on at once that you hadn’t even noticed the Melitologist standing next to you when she spoke up. “Astonishing,” she said with a Kalosian accent, “it’s almost like this female has something to prove. Any normal Combee would have fainted already, but this one… she keeps fighting no matter what the odds are. She is no ordinary Combee, that is for sure.” Almost as if on cue, the female beat her wings, pounding them hard against the air and blowing forth a Gust of wind in retaliation to your Meowth’s previous attack. The slicing wind was a little painful for the talking cat Pokemon, but he was able to withstand it nonetheless.

Meowth began to focus and the charm on his forehead started glowing. Bursts of static electricity engulfed the amulet as he prepared to finish off his enemy with a Thunderbolt. Colin, tired and distracted by attack after attack from the four remaining Combee minions, didn’t notice when one of them slipped by, darting over Meowth from behind. It seemed dead set on doing whatever it could to aid its leader. As a result, things didn’t go quite as it had expected. Meowth discharged the electricity from his charm, sending the lightning flying through the air toward the female leader. The minion Combee flew out of nowhere, ramming into its leader head on, knocking her out of the way, immediately becoming electrocuted by the attack and falling to the ground unmoving. Upon seeing this, one of the Combee minions Colin was fighting cried out in anger, distracted, eating a direct hit from an Air Slash as a result, knocking it out. The remaining two Combee, both extremely tired and beat up, zoomed off over the swamp, retreating from the battle and cowardly abandoning their leader. The Melitologist stared at the battles, fascinated by everything that was happening. Suddenly, the female jolted forth, crying out, whipping through the air and smacking into Meowth once more with another Endeavor. The cat Pokemon cried out as it somersaulted backwards and into the swamp, severely damaged by the attack, but not knocked out. The female was breathing extremely heavily, panting and barely keeping herself from falling to the ground. “Buzzeee…” she cried in a desperate tone. “This is incredible,” the Melitologist said under her breath. “How is she even still able to move?”
"Meowth! Water Pulse!" Keith commanded.

"Comin' right up!" Meowth grinned, drawing water from the nearby swamp to form his attack. He sent the blast of water at Combee, landing a direct hit, but by no means deterring the Bug/Flying-type. Indeed, her retaliation was swift as she landed a Bug Bite on Meowth's tail. "EEEOWWCH!" Meowth exclaimed, frantically shaking off the Tiny Bee Pokémon. This sent her hurtling towards a tree, but most impressively, some very timely wing flapping helped her to avoid impact. Even so, though, Keith could see that the battle was beginning to wear on the determined insect, dulling her reaction time.

The advantage seemed to belong to them, or if it didn't, it soon would. Either way, Keith was unwilling to let up at this point. "Now! Use Icy Wind!" he ordered.

"Youse needs ta chill out!" Meowth quipped, sending a frigid gust of wind Combee's way. This actually got the Bug/Flying-type tumbling to the ground, though she still got back up. And as this happened, Keith turned to check on Colin.

"Keep it up, Colin!" Keith called encouragingly, for at that moment, two Combee had fallen, courtesy of the Yanmega's Air Slash. "You're doing great!"

"Yan... ya..." panted Colin, tired but determined. Not unlike the female Combee Keith was facing, in fact, a train of thought which got his attention right back on the battle.

Keith jumped a bit- the melitologist from before? She was now right next to Keith, remarking with great interest on the Combee's resolve and determination. Keith nodded his agreement. "Yeah... it's not often I see a Pokémon so full of fighting spirit," he agreed. Had Meowth looked back at his Trainer, he might have groaned audibly, considering the all-too-familiar gleam in Keith's eye at that moment. But he didn't- Combee was now using Gust, and Meowth couldn't afford to divert his attention from the fight for so much as a second. "Come on, Meowth!" Keith called encouragingly. "Fight back with Thunderbolt!"

Meowth grinned, his charm sparking like a Pikachu's cheeks. But as he fired off a sizzling Thunderbolt attack, one of the males pushed the female out of the way, bravely intercepting the electric attack, and immediately fainting as a result. This coincided with Colin knocking out another Combee, which in turn was followed by the remaining males hauling stinger as far away from the Yanmega as their wings could carry them.

Keith eyed the one remaining Combee who was still conscious. The female. The one who suddenly charged at Meowth, lashing out with yet another Endeavor. "Meowth!" Keith exclaimed, for this seemed to hit him very hard.

"Gah..." Meowth panted, shakily climbing back to his feet. "How's dat... Combee... still conscious?!" he demanded. The melitologist seemed to be wondering the same thing, and Keith was pretty curious as well. But mostly he was impressed. The Combee had taken great damage. By all rights, enough damage to knock out an ordinary Combee. But this, as the melitologist so keenly observed, was clearly no ordinary Combee.

"You did good, Meowth," Keith stated, as he dug his right hand into his backpack. "But I'll take over now."

"Eh?" Meowth said, turning to look at Keith. "...Oh, no. No, no, no, youse can't be serious-"

"That Combee is something special," Keith stated, grinning as Meowth reacted to the gleam in his eye. "I know I'd love working with a determined Pokémon like that."

"Oy..." Meowth groaned, far too tired to seriously contemplate talking Keith out of this course of action.

With his left hand, Keith turned his hat backwards, while he finally drew his right hand out of his backpack, only now it was clutching a turquoise-and-white ball, with a crisscrossed black pattern on the turquoise half- the first of the two he'd won at that new shop that opened recently. "Alright!" he declared, pressing the button to bring the Net Ball to its full size, before bringing his right arm back. "Go, Net Ball!" And with these words, he heaved the sphere directly at the severely weakened Combee.

*Keith used Net Ball!*

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