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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – Deciding that you may as well let the mothers rude comment go since she isn’t paying attention anyway, you continue to watch as the battle with her Furfrou continues. It didn’t take long to realize that Axel had become rather smitten with Duchess but thankfully he still came to your rescue in your time of need despite his feelings. After successfully capturing Minccino and thanking Axel for the good job he did, you decide it will be best to swap out which Pokemon are battling since he is clearly having a hard time with it right now.

Finally, Meredith’s mother looks up and sees the state that Duchess is in, with her slightly singed cheek and drooping fur hat with water dripping off of it. “What have you done to my Duchess!?! Do you even realize that she has an impeccable pedigree and has consistently won best in show for the past 3 years!? She is the embodiment of a perfect Furfrou in every way and you were so jealous that you ruined her beautifully styled fur!?” She is clearly furious now as she reaches into her coat and pulls out a fancy napkin. She then proceeds to open up the napkin and uses it to cover her hand in a way that will protect her fingers from touching the next thing she goes to touch. Now, with her napkin covered hand, she reaches into a large pocket on the front right side of her coat and pulls out a Full Restore. She holds it in the napkin with an uncomfortable look as if she feels it’s too dirty for her hands and then passes it to Meredith. ”I didn’t want to resort to this but go ahead and use this on Duchess, dear.”

Her mother tried to hand it to her with the napkin but Meredith didn’t care about germs so she gladly just took the Full Restore in her hands without it. Then she trotted up to Duchess and sprayed her with the healing item a few times. “I hope you feel better, Duchess!” She says as she pats the Furfrou on her sopping wet head before going back over to her mother. It's clear that Duchess is feeling just as pumped as she was at the start of the battle, her fur is still in quite a mess but that doesn’t seem to bother her spirit. “Don’t you worry Duchess, we will have you groomed immediately after we get back home. Right now, take out that… THING!” The mother says while pointing a long flawlessly manicured finger at Peaches.

The delay that was caused by them deciding to use a healing item gave Peaches a bit of a time advantage and so, she got to go in for a Volt Tackle before Duchess had time to do anything else. While covered in electricity she slams into Duchess who manages to brace herself a bit but it’s still clear she definitely felt that, the attack didn't manage to paralyze her though. She’s not the only one who felt it though, since Peaches also seems to be a bit injured from it as well, Peaches is beginning to look a bit worn down as she stands tall, breathing heavily. Duchess begins to kick a Sand Attack into Peaches eyes and Peaches proceeds to shoot off a Thunder Shock with her eyes closed as she rubs at the sand. The attack still manages to hit Duchess and it hurt but she still seems to have plenty of fight left. Duchess was watching Peaches closely this entire time and decides that her ability may be useful so she uses Role Play in order to copy it. Duchess’ ability has now changed to Static and she now waits and watches carefully for Peaches next move.

At the same time as all of that has been going down, you’ve also been trying to solve the Wishiwashi situation. You bend down and talk to Simon in a sweet voice as the teacher watches with fascination. Simon listens and looks hesitant while he thinks over what you said. He is very happy with his “catch” and doesn’t want to just let it go but in the end, he decides to listen and gently places the Wishiwashi back onto the ground. The second he completely lets go, the Wishiwashi begins to flop and bounce away to the best of its ability. Seems it might be trying to go back home, it’s probably so done with this day at this point. “Hey, wait!” Simon begins to chase after the fish. “W-wait! Simon don’t wander off!” The teacher yells at him and chases after him leaving you alone with the rest of her 29 students and an annoying mother.
"Yeah. Jealous. Yeah. All my Pokemon are prettier and raised better than yours, but alright. You don't even care enough to pay attention or conduct your side of a battle right." Alice complained in the most sarcastic monotone possible. She let the teacher run off after her student with a sigh, deciding that if they drowned or got devoured it wasn't her problem. What she did look forward to was extorting someone for a huge amount of money because of the unfolding scandal. Between this irresponsible parent, her thieving child and the dumbarse of a teacher, Alice was probably set for life. TMs for days.

"A full restore? Really? Tacky." The blonde complained. Still, she complimented Peach for a decent dent in the Furfrou's health and withdrew her again, making an exchange for a vibrantly coloured Lotad. It might have seemed an odd exchange given that the normal-type now had static for an ability, but Alice had her own set of items tucked away to sort out that issue, and Lorin's moves didn't require him to touch his opponent.

"Okay, little dude, time to let loose! Icy wind, seed bomb and giga drain, let's go!" That was another thing. Lorin had enough healing capabilities to make this Furfrou's life a nightmare. She was getting tired of the battling now, but wasting that Furfrou and upsetting the mother was probably worth enduring for. Not to mention, Alice was now the most responsible adult left around all of these kids... Arceus wept.

Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Tsareena’s garden was indeed a Unique experience for the Fizzby native. Nowhere else in the region could you see such exotic flora and fauna. The entire area had an Alolan flair, even down to the weather. A series of humidifiers and tropical plants, Persimmon’s own design, simulated the humid, rainforest-like climate Tsareena and her subjects were accustomed to. The members of Team Unique can already feel themselves sweating as they enter the lush jungle of a garden. Densely planted trees provide a thick canopy for Pokemon to hide and live in, and plenty of shade on the garden’s floor.

CAUTION. FALLING BERRIES CAN CAUSE INJURY, CONCUSSION, AND EVEN FATALITIES. WATCH YOUR HEAD. Reads a metal, rather menacing sign. It is splattered with a rainbow of juices of several berries that this sign has fallen victim to. The ground is littered with decomposing leaves and berries, which several bug Pokemon have taken to snacking on. The many berry trees are drooping with ripened Maranga and Kee berries from Alola. Thick vines curl themselves around the trunks of trees, some looking more dangerous than others. Persimmon points out a species of island rose that he has been cultivating, and warns you not to touch it, citing ‘disastrous consequences’. Individually, you wonder why there isn’t a sign telling other guests the same thing.

The center of Tsareena’s kingdom can be best described as an oasis. A shallow pool of sparkling water lies in a ring of soft sand. Tall trees and ferns thrive around the pool, bright yellow and orange berries hanging from their boughs. By peering into the water, one can see stones laid out in the shape of the deities of the Sun and Moon. A nearby stand offers fresh smoothies made from the fruit in the area. Today they are offering a “War of the Roses Special”, which advertises a mixture of Razz and Bluk berries with fresh Moo Moo milk yogurt. The stand also claims it is the only place in Fizzby where one can get a certain whipped frozen treat made out of Mago berries. There is a long line at this stand already, as visitors to the Garden prepare for the next round of the event. Some are even dressed the part, wearing sunglasses and Alolan button-up shirts. Patches of bright flowers such as hibiscus are protected with low fences made of dried bamboo. Several torches also line the area, though they are unlit during daylight hours.

Stone steps lead from the oasis to Queen Tsareena’s throne room. The long-legged queen sits atop a woven chair, two Steenee servants at her side. With large palm fronds, they fan their queen in unison. The room is decorated with hollowed out shells of berries and nuts, painted in the likeness of the queen. The Queen has an eclectic taste, and some of these paintings were a bit more abstract than others.

Persimmon leads you up the steps and instructs you to gather around Queen Tsareena. Her legs are crossed, and she is looking at each of you expectantly.

“Hi folks,” Persimmon starts, adjusting the lopsided glasses on his face. “We’re in last place at the moment, but uh…. No need to fret, really. You look like a smart bunch…Let’s do this!” He lets out a nasally laugh, though you aren’t quite sure what is so funny. “Right so uh…what’s next is a hunt…” After some shuffling and quiet cursing, Persimmon retrieves three rather crumpled pieces of paper from the pocket of his lab coat.
“Uh, Scavenger Hunt I mean. So… there’s riddles here and uh… just solve them and you should figure out what to do next.” He says passes out the papers to each of you. As you receive them, you realize the name on the paper isn’t yours. Persimmon doesn’t seem to notice as the three of you exchange the papers amongst yourselves. With the correct paper in hand, you unfold them and read the riddle printed in a messy scrawl.

Elka’s paper reads: What kind of tree fits in your hand?
Dichromatia’s paper reads: Warriors amongst the flower, they have a thrusting sword. Able and ready to use, to guard their golden hoard.
Alice’s paper reads: I’m sometimes cut into rings, but I’m not a tree.

“All the answers are somewhere here in Tsareena’s domain…. uh…I mean that’s how I planned it. So don’t go anywhere else… Oh yeah and if you smell a kind of jasmine-lavender combo that means the Brugmansia has bloomed…and that would be just awful for this season...” He trails off into a conversation with himself about poisonous flowers as each of you head off to solve your riddles.

Please post your reply by August 12th. Please choose one Pokemon to bring with you for this event. After coming up with an answer to the riddle, state the answer in your response and which area you plan to explore.
Alice was never one for this level of heat, and so the fact that it's sweltering so is driving her a little bit barmy. She fans herself with a manicured hand, wishing she had one of those mini electronic fans so that she could at least cool her face. Hair that was previously loose she tied back, deciding to forgo shading her neck for just a bit more fresh air. Behind sunglasses, the young woman enjoyed the scenery, feeling nostalgic for summer holidays abroad and amazement for all the sights that this world had to offer. Alice felt like she was on the right team for sure. Tsareena had really made something of her garden, and although there needed to be better safety signs around, Alice was looking forward to taking a wander.

The reminder of their placement stung, and she felt particularly guilty. Eridian the dragon was in a foul mood now, his pride bruised, hiding in his pink Love Ball to be sour for the rest of the tournament. Sure, they got one point, which had been better than some; but the blonde was aware of their queen's eyes on the bunch of them. She didn't want to disappoint the Pokemon they represented or let the team down. Far more than last place, Alice was determined to win, and she wished the gardener had more spirit than his stammering and barely relevant ramble. The trainer disguised her struggles behind an amicable smile.

Honestly, luck wasn't on her side. Alice hated riddles, and she voiced as such to the bright pink Pineco that sat in her arms as she left the throne room. He was a pretty chill Pokemon, and one who enjoyed their current territory very much, taking in the mixture of smells and colours with joy. It was obvious the contender didn't know where to go at first, her steps slow and aimless as she bounced ideas back and forth with her buggy companion. Rings? Cut into rings? Well, Alice doubted that Hoopa or Mega/Z-Rings had to do with anything. Rings, but not a tree. She thought back to the precious stones of the throne room, and of how those kinds of things were usually shaped into rings, but more than that, the idea of 'berry' embedded itself firmly into Alice's brain. Rings. Something onion like? Or maybe pineapples-- pinap berry?

The pinkan duo decided to run with those ideas, and see what they could find.

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