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Patches- While the situation you are stuck in would have most trainers panicking and pondering their demise, you retain your positive happy-go-lucky mindset. Rika was likely just playing around, trying to cheer you up because she knew that this town was starting to get you down. She was even nice enough to make puzzles for you! You release Mio from her Pokeball, however the Pikachu reacts quite differently from you. Her ears twitch around, she can sense something is seriously off balance. Climbing up to a better vantage point, Mio reads over the riddle that has been scratched into the glass. As you suggest that she gives it a Thunderbolt to test it out, she shoots you a concerned yet judging look, what the hell were you thinking? No, the Pikachu knew better than to mess around with this, they had to tread with caution. Instead Mio elects to search through your bag, eventually finding what she was looking for. She presses the button on the front of the Pokeball, a red flash soon fades to reveal Kei the Charmander. Mio either wanted a friend to play with or she had a hunch, however the Charmander isn't exactly excited. He shakes in fear, this place, the energy was shaking his very soul. He tries to wrestle his Pokeball from Mio's hands but the Pikachu quickly scampers atop your head. The two seem to have a quick discussion, with Kei finally realizing why the Pikachu had called on his aid.

Kei begins to surround himself in flames, you give him a little space to avoid being seared. He then charges straight into the glass, bouncing straight back off it to land on his rump. For a moment it looks like Mio and Kei's plan was a failure, but then you notice the flames have ignited the glass. The flames suddenly change to a deep purple and spread around the entire case, to your surprise the flames aren't hot. In a matter of moments the entire case is disintegrated, leaving a fine, shimmering powder on the ground. You were now free from the case but Rika was nowhere to be seen, why would she run off by herself?

Kei gained 1 level
Patches watches as Kei charges into the glass and bounces off of it landing on his bum. She does her best to suppress giggling at how adorable Kei looked and then notices the glass is now ignited in flames. Before she knows it, the entire case is engulfed in flames and they change color to a deep purple which Patches finds very beautiful. She doesn’t even think about how odd it is that the flames aren’t even hot because she is too awed by the sight surrounding her. As soon as she blinks the flames are gone and now all that is left is a fine shimmering power on the ground around them. “Char charrrrr!!” Kei is feeling a bit stronger for facing his fears but that doesn't stop him from looking up at Mio pleadingly. The Pikachu then nods and pressed the button on Kei’s pokeball, returning him to his safe place since that was apparently the deal they made if he helped them out of there.

“Oh my goodness! Look at this Mio!” Patches is kneeling down and scoops up the fine shimmering powder on the ground and watches as it slowly sifts through her fingers and gasps. “GLITTER!!! Kei made glitter! Are you seeing this right now, Mio!?” She pulls a pack of gum out of her bag and dumps the sticks of gum that were filling it straight into her bag, then she begins stuffing the 'glitter' into the now empty gum pack. “I’m saving this for Kei’s memory box at home, he is just so talented!” She says to Mio who she thought was next to her but is actually now at the doorway that leads back into the hallway. “Pikaaaa!!!” Mio knows that the situation is serious and does her best to get Patches back on track. “Oh right, we need to see what kind of game Rika has in store for us next!” After she is satisfied with how full the gum pack is, she closes it and pulls out some tape to seal it shut before putting it safely inside her bag. “Alright Mio, let’s go!” She stands up and excitedly runs out of the room in search of Rika. Mio matches her pace and runs beside her trainer while remaining alert to any dangers that might be ahead.

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