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Keith walked into the Hatchery, and as he did so, the first thing he did was discard an empty plastic water bottle, but judging by the red drops dripping from the small hole that was stabbed into the side of said bottle, it had very recently contained something decidedly different than water. And through the doors, just behind Keith, there flew a pair of insects. One of them was the usual coloration for his kind, while the other was decidedly different in appearance. It was the Shiny of the two who was casting sharp glances all around, as though daring any of these unfamiliar people to come closer, though whenever her gaze fell on that of the bug flying alongside her, said gaze softened ever so slightly. And why shouldn't it? Considering what the two of them had agreed to, what they were about to do together... Fatale would have given the faintest trace of a smile had she the mouth for it. Her sadistic nature, her appetite for blood, her disturbing interest in death and suffering, none of that turned Severus off in the slightest.

Severus, on the other hand, was most certainly able to smile, and was currently making full use of this capability as he gazed at Fatale. Beneath the aggressive, brutal demeanor, hidden among the sadistic tendencies and the disturbing interests, there was a heart every bit as beautiful as her outer appearance. He not only put up with Fatale's more disturbing qualities, he embraced them as part of what made her the Beautifly he loved with all his heart. Moreover, he was smiling because the two of them were about to do something together which, in years long past, Severus had once fantasized about doing with Lily, way back when he didn't give a Raticate's ass that she didn't like him that way, way back when he saw James as only an obstacle... days he hadn't so much as given thought to in many years now, least of all since meeting Fatale.

Keith approached the same man he'd seen last time he was here, hopefully with his hand in much better condition this time around. "Dr. Grossman, hi," he grinned. "So yeah, I'll be leaving these two lovebugs here," he said with a small smile, gesturing to his Dustox and Shiny Beautifly. "And, uh... fair warning," he added, lowering his voice somewhat so that the pair of Bug-types did not overhear. "If you thought getting Cyanide away from her Egg was a dangerous task... see my Beautifly there? Before I caught her, locals knew her as the Vampire of Cadaver Forest. You ever hear those Pokédex entries that paint Beautifly as this aggressive, brutal, bloodthirsty predator? I'm convinced that when they wrote those entries, it was with Fatale in mind specifically. If you absolutely have to take the Egg from her, my advice is to take as many- no, to take more precautions than you think are necessary to keep yourself safe." He both looked and sounded dead serious as he spoke, hoping to convey to Dr. Grossman just how much he really wasn't kidding with all this. Cyanide had a bad temperament, sure, but she at least wasn't responsible for an entire forest getting named after a synonym for "dead body". And Fatale was quite a bit more docile than she used to be in this day and age, but by no means did Keith make the fatal mistake of misconstruing this as a total shift in her personality. Indeed, once he was done giving Dr. Grossman advance warning of how big a risk he'd be taking by separating Fatale from her Egg, he signed any and all necessary paperwork, and before leaving, told Fatale to not bleed anybody dry, in a tone which suggested this was an order he gave rather frequently.

OOC: Dropping off my male Dustox and my female Shiny Beautifly so that the world may be subjected to the spawn of the Vampire of Cadaver Forest. Stats are as follows:

Species: Dustox ()
Gender: Male
Level: 42
Type: Bug/Poison
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden, Confusion, Gust, Protect, Moonlight, Psybeam, Whirlwind, Light Screen, Fire Shield, Perish Song, Bug Bite, Mimic, Pay Day, Blizzard, Flash, Psychic, Ominous Wind, Defog, Silver Wind, Venoshock, Twister, Electroweb, Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power (Ground), Toxic, Bug Buzz, Poison Powder, Shadow Ball, Air Cutter, Giga Drain, Quiver Dance, Swift, Hyper Beam, Struggle Bug, Signal Beam, Infestation.
Evolution: >Egg House Hatching>>Lv. 7>>Lv. 10>
Nature: Mild
Ability: Shield Dust
Happiness Points: 10
Cute stat: 40
Beauty stat: 40
Tough stat: 40
Smart stat: 40
Cool stat: 40
IQ: 7
Obtained: Egg House (reobtained in Cable Club)
Birthday: March 3rd
Keith trained Severus up from a Wurmple many years ago- naturally, he evolved extremely quickly, and due to his feeling right at home on a team full of Poison-types, elected to evolve into Cascoon rather than Silcoon. Initially, Severus was in love with Lily, which would often put him at odds with James. Eventually, the two were able to settle their differences, and are now friends. Severus still harbors feelings for Lily, but is coming to terms with the fact that nothing can ever actually come of them. His experiences have left him wise in the ways of love, and is always willing to impart his advice to anyone who is in the same boat as he once was, anyone who has suffered the heartache of unrequited love. He gets along fairly well with his teammates (particularly Six, who looks up to him as an uncle), and is so loyal to Keith that he will become depressed if on anyone else's team.

Species: Beautifly (Shiny; )
Gender: Female
Level: 20
Type: Bug/Flying
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden, Absorb, Signal Beam, Bug Bite, Gust, Toxic, Flash, Venoshock, Infestation, Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace, Attract, Psychic, Hidden Power (Dark), Thief, Struggle Bug, Hyper Beam, Defog, Ominous Wind, Electroweb, Twister, Double-Edge, Stun Spore, Energy Ball, Acrobatics, Confide, U-turn, Roost, Air Cutter, Giga Drain, Captivate.
Next attack learned: Mega Drain (lv. 22)
Nature: Rash
Ability: Swarm
Happiness Points: 10
Cute stat: 10
Beauty stat: 10
Tough stat: 10
Smart stat: 10
Cool stat: 10
IQ: 2
Obtained: Cadaver Forest (Cable Club)
Birthday: March 3rd
Keith's journey one day took him through Cadaver Forest, so named for the fates of most travelers to trek through it, allegedly due to a vicious, bloodthirsty vampire said to roam the forest. Fatale is that vampire- not actually a vampire, but bloodthirsty enough to be mistaken for one. She is brutal and aggressive, and will not hesitate to go for potential prey if the opportunity presents itself. Keith is working on training her to not go for Trainer-owned Pokémon, but it's still an ongoing process. She does listen to Keith, but isn't completely comfortable taking orders with him just yet, she's still deciding how she feels about having a Trainer. In terms of personality, she speaks her mind for the most part. If she has an issue with someone else, she will interrupt them to tell them exactly what those issues are. If she is argued with, she will argue back- she can be quite hotheaded, and sometimes tempers will flare to the point where she deems drinking someone's blood an acceptable option for shutting them up. She isn't an especially social Pokémon, though is notably not adverse to Severus's presence... Oh, and her favorite subjects are the more morbid ones, like death and drinking blood and stuff, which makes her come off as particularly disturbing to some. OK, to most.
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