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The Harbor District

Fishing Cove: At the junction between the harbor and beach lies a small out of the way cove. The locals and visitors alike swear that this might just be the holy grail of fishing sites, leading to its name: Fishing Cove. If you want a calm area to just fish and relax, this is the place for you. And don’t forget to record your catches! The fish hut nestled back in the cove is always giving out prizes for the biggest or best catch of the day.

Melody had decided to come to New Fizz City initially to go and do some shopping, retail therapy as it was. But while she was buying a very nice, and insanely sparkly, diamante embedded evening gown Melody heard about the Fishing Cove. At first she had just filtered it into the back of her mind, but over her shopping trip the name kept popping back into the forefront of her thoughts. It was almost a little eerie just how she ended up really wanting to go, and you know what? Melody would be more than happy to fish herself up a new teammate.

And that was the end of that story. After making sure that her purchases were very nice and safe, Melody did end up spending more money that she probably should have and didn't wanna let any of that ended up getting damaged, she let out Princess and Silk, and off she went.

"Let's go guys," said Melody, very lightly jogging in front of her pokemon, the Stufful and Spinarak closely following.
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