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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Undeterred by the ominous roar, the trio proceeds into the cave - then again,
it's not like they had a choice. Mio seems to be, as usual, the more motivated of the group, and takes the lead with her mind made up, unlike her two...
less-than-reliable companions.

The large opening on the wall gives way to a tunnel that stretches deep into the bowels of the earth. As the group progresses, they notice the wide corridor is surprisingly well-lit... but the method is a terrifying sight: trapped in cages sculpted into the rock itself, several weak, malnourished Volbeat are forced to continuously emit light; however, some of these cages do not contain Volbeat anymore, but rather slumbering Litwick with a faint flame... is that what the Bug-Types turn into when they die in captivity?...

The tunnel goes on, eventually begin to bend downwards and widening even more as you keep walking, eventually ending in an opening even larger than the one you came in from; however, you don't wind up back outside, but rather find yourselves in a huge circular chamber deep within the mountain's entrails. And lying on the ground at the very center is the one the Mandibuzz called "Ancient", staring straight at you with amusement and malice in its eyes.

"Welcome to my humble quarters," it growls ominously. "Make yourselves at home."

Slowly, the colossal beast rises, deciding it'd had enough rest. Such is its massive height that its head almost scrapes the chamber's ceiling; its body is covered in rock-like scales, and the most frightening aspect of the titan is its gigantic jaw. The Tyrantrum's roar is deafening, echoing across the chamber,
but the group can't shake off the feeling that it was a mere chuckle. And if so, how terrifying would its actual Roar be?...

"Treasure hunters, I assume," it speaks in a grave, raspy tone charged with patronizing sarcasm. "Off to please your precious human Trainer, no doubt. Tell me, adventurers: which of you is that human's favourite? Dare I say... the strongest?"

The beast smirks as it concludes, leaving the trio with an unexpected question; what could its purpose be? If the party is indeed invading its territory, why does it seem more inclined to talk than to devour the thieves?
As they walk down the path it’s impossible to not notice the extremely depressing situation the caged Volbeat are in. Kei is staying silent but has tears streaming down his face as he slowly walks down the path. His heart is hurting for the poor Pokemon and he wishes there was something he could do for them but also feared for his own wellbeing if he were to step in. Mio on the other hand was getting more and more furious the deeper into the tunnel they go. “What kind of monster is this “Ancient” anyway!? Look at this!” She says to the others as she points at one of the cages with a malnourished Volbeat doing its best to emit light to help brighten up the corridor. Kei just begins to sniffle and Momo looks at the Volbeat with indifference. “It’s not all that bad. Once they turn into one of those, their job will be a lot easier. Heck, these things are still managing to light this place up even while their sleeping.” Momo replies while nonchalantly nudging his head in the direction of one of the Litwick’s. Mio smacks Momo’s head and continues to angrily stomp deeper into the tunnel. Momo rolls his eyes and continues to follow along with the crying Kei following closely behind.

After a long walk, they finally find themselves in a huge circular chamber where a gigantic Tyrantrum is laying. Kei’s eyes dry right up as he forgets what he was even sad about because now he is overcome with fear as he watches the Ancient stand up and hears the menacing Roar from its laughter. Mio’s confidence momentarily wavers for the first time all day, the large Pokemon has a very demanding presence that not even she could ignore. She does her best to swallow that small moment of fear and continues to stand tall in the Ancient’s presence. Momo on the other hand, is just standing there imagining what it would be like to ride on top of the Tyrantrum’s head.

“Off to please your precious human Trainer, no doubt. Tell me, adventurers: which of you is that human's favourite?” Momo knows that this is his moment to take over the lead since the favorite has always very clearly been him. He licks his paw and uses it to wipe the fur back on top of his head then puffs out his chest and begins to step forward. “Why of course, that would be-”

“Dare I say... the strongest?” Before Momo gets to finish his sentence, the beast adds an extra little qualification to his question.

“Kei. That would be Kei.” He knows that if this guy is looking for the “strongest” then that means whatever he plans on having the one who is chosen do, must involve work and that is not something Momo has any interest in. “WhAt!?” Kei lets out a loud high-pitched squeak of a word in response. “M-m-m-m-eEE??” Kei is struggling to speak words at this point as he does his best to avoid making eye contact with the Tyrantrum. Mio just rolls her eyes, she has a lot that she wants to get off her chest but knows that right now it would be best to see what this “Ancient” has planned before she really speaks her mind. For now, she decides it’s best to be truthful with him since it looks like he would see through any deception. “Our trainer doesn’t have a favorite, she has a very unique personality and she seems to love everyone in her life equally. However, if you’re asking for the strongest, although I really hate to admit it, that would be Momo.” She explains. Momo gives Mio a look of pure shock before turning back to the Ancient. “No! No way! I have such a delicate body I’m not built for manual labor!” He is now starting to regret begging Patches to leave him in Daycare. All he wanted was to have other people and Pokemon carry him around for a little while, he didn’t care about the level gains. “I’ll admit it, I am our trainers favorite but Kei is really the better choice when it comes to strength!” After Momo finishes his statement Kei just gasps in response.

Ignoring Momo’s comment about being the favorite, Mio decides to speak again since it’s clear the other two aren’t helping at all. “What I said is true, Momo is the strongest, at least physically. So, if that is what you want then there you have it. However, as I’m sure you have already observed, I am the one with the strongest spirit while Kei is the one with the strongest heart. With that in mind, you should be able to determine which one of us is the “strongest” for whatever you have planned for us next.” Mio is doing her best to suppress her inner rage as she speaks respectfully to the Ancient. She knows she needs to wait for the proper timing before she acts.

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