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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Fumbling through her inventory on what could be a useful item to help Kei in his battle, Patches ultimately settled on a TM for Brick Break and gave it to her Charmander. As Kei intently studied the contents of the disc somehow, Patches and Mio sat down on a makeshift bench made out of a fallen log. The audience portion of the challengers’ side of the ring now consisted of the two of them while Stufful stood quietly by Kei’s corner of the ring. Timburr and the other Mankey watched from the opposite side as the Mankey in the ring threw some warm up punches.

Now that Kei was ready to go, Timburr whacked the bell with his plank once again, the ding signifying the start of the match. Kei immediately began to Dance about, a pinkish-red aura of Dragon energy enveloping him to pump himself up. As he did so, Mankey had no intentions of letting the Charmander buff himself up, and charged forward to slide tackle Kei with a Low Kick. Kei lost his footing and hit the floor of the boxing ring with a thud, letting out an angry Growl in the process. Not to be deterred, Mankey defiantly Leered down at the Charmander below him.

Kei quickly got back to his feet, still raring and ready to go. The two Pokemon squared off, getting into a fighting stance where both of their hands showed they were ready to chop at the opponent. Kei and Mankey both sprung forward, their attacks each making their mark as Kei chopped Mankey with a Brick Break and Mankey retaliated with a Karate Chop. It was still early in the match, but the two Pokemon had each exchanged a few decent hits with each other. Kei looked like he was still pumped up and ready to go as he contemplated his next move.
After sitting down on the log, Patches watched at the opposing Mankey threw warm up punches and she began to mimic the Pokemon by throwing little punches into the air. The movement of her body causes Ciri to decide that sitting on her head isn’t very comfortable anymore so she hops off and floats down to perch herself on the log next to her trainer. “That’s my Kei!! Show him what you’re made of! Go go go!!” Patches cheers on her Charmander as she continues to awkwardly throw punches at nothing while she sits there.

After the bell, the Pokemon finally face off and Kei is pretty happy that he managed to get a hit in but was upset that the Mankey interrupted his dance. Knowing that the Mankey is clearly keeping its eye on him he knows he needs to think fast. Maybe if he manages to block the Mankey’s vision, it will help him avoid its attacks while he dances to pump himself up. With that in mind, Kei decides that for his next move he’s going to let off a Smokescreen and follow that up with another Dragon Dance in hopes that with this attempt, the smoke will buy him enough time to finish his dance. After that, knowing that he is going to have to get a couple good hits off, Kei decides that following up his dance with two Fire Punches to the face should show that Mankey that he means business. He is determined to defend that Stufful’s honor so he takes a deep breath and begins to put his plan into action.
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